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Pulling a Tube from Ski Pylon


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Hello everyone, 

Had our new-to-me boat out for the 3-4th time this last weekend and we are starting to get the hang of it we think and sort out everything. 

Our kiddos are still at the age that they like to tube. We have a fairly large tube that holds 3-4 teenage sized kids or 3 brave adults. I 100% know not to ever pull a tube from the tower, but what about the pop-up ski pylon? Is that too much weight for the pylon and should we stick to using the rear tow point on the transom?

We originally hooked the tube to the transom tow point, but the rope wouldn't stay out of the water. 




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I have a 2006 boat as well.  FWIW, I would never tow multiple peeps on a tube from the tower, or even from the ski pylon.  Neither was designed for those kind of forces.

Transom tow point would be better.  D-ring would be the strongest.  YMMV.


Two different older threads on the subject, here  :https://www.themalibucrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/64476-3-towing-connections-purpose-of-each/

and here:  https://www.themalibucrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/4122-inflatable-tow-from-which-tow-point/


So, there are lots of varying opinions on this subject.

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You need this, otherwise may crack your fiberglass or break something else: 


You need this to keep the line out of the water at the lower tow point:


sorry for the Amazon links I am sure there is a more reputable smaller shop that can hook you up

UPDATE - that tow strap you will likely need to loop the hook through or just add stainless carabiners from Ace or Lowe’s. The ones that come with it are small. Just FYI

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4 hours ago, BCJohnsontx said:

the rope wouldn't stay out of the water. 

You clearly aren't going fast enough, then.  Heh heh heh.  :crazy:

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I have always pulled tubes from the pop-up pylon and have not had any issues. Even Big Bertha with three full size adults.

In my opinion a hard cut on a slalom ski is putting more force on the pylon than a tube skimming across the water but I was known to be wrong once.

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I've never had issues towing tubes from my Fly High pylon.  It's over the ski pylon and aircraft cable to the bow.  BUT... it's typically an adult and a kid or just little kids.  Really no issues with the rope in the water, when attached to the transom except for some extra spray and the tube wanting to nose dive at slow speeds.

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I sent Malibu a question on this for our 2015 Axis T23

here is the response I received:

Hello Steve,

The optional rear pylon sticks up about 3", this is sufficient to pull 2 tubes behind the boat.
The 'D' rings on the back of the boat are sufficient to pull a tube, 1 on each side, or use a 'sling' to join the 2 ropes together after the D ring connections.
I do not suggest using the rear grab handle for towing more than 1 person.
The tower can be used if desired as well, however you must check to see if the rope will rub on the Bimini if you have one installed, this type of damage will not be covered under warranty.

I hope I have answered your question, please contact me if needed.

Thank you,

Dan Moorman
Technical & Warranty Advisor, TN Plant                                                                                     
Malibu Boats LLC
(865) 458-7224 [email protected]

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I tow a big triangular 3 person tube with 3 people of all sizes all the time from the ski pylon and never had any issues - other than them getting a face full of spray when the line dips into the water, which could be solved by one of the products posted earlier.

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