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  2. Hyperryd

    2019 Boat Shows

    LA had a nice red 25LSV and a Cali wrap. The rest was all typical.
  3. Hyperryd

    What % Tint?

    I am on boat number six and I have had 20% on five of them. It is great during the day and if we stay out late I just use the bolster. Can't go above 10mph at that point anyways.
  4. Sparky450

    2013 6.2 silverado 1500 crew cab towing

    And my 18 CTD. (IN CALI) With the worst fuel. Just got 16 mpg. loaded with tools at 75+😂. Hand calced
  5. daylorb

    Got my A24 today - thanks for the help!

    Very cool - had not seen those - ordering. I have ordered numbers from them before and will do so. Thanks for the rec on the valve - I think I have them already, but going to check.
  6. daylorb

    Depth finder install on A24?

    I may take you up on that. The plot gets thicker - spec sheet/options show one installed... it is not showing up on the lcd screen as it should, so could be a config issue. Boat is in a slip and the water is 52 so I ain't getting in to physically verify it yet!
  7. Pat502

    Wrong capacity tag

    Yes sir called Malibu directly. I don’t ever see us having more than 7 or 8 but I just like thinks in order. Chatted it up with the guy for a bit and hit him with the questions. He looked it up and said the correct tag should be 13 and would get one heading my way, which I thought was supposed to be 11 but who am I to argue. I was hoping to get a replacement windscreen also since it’s missing but no dice....He also gave me his direct line if I needed anything else. Again, very pleasant experience.
  8. RyanB

    2013 6.2 silverado 1500 crew cab towing

    By far, the cheapest and most effective way to increase your MPG is to slow down. Doesn't matter if I am driving my Yukon XL Denali or my RAM CTD, anything over 65 MPG reduces my MPG dramatically. Above 75 MPH, it drops like a rock.
  9. carguy79ta

    2013 6.2 silverado 1500 crew cab towing

    Dont know if OP @onewake09 I still following this thread or not, but if he is, the 2014 motors with direct injection are more fuel efficient and have more power than the port injection motors.
  10. Steve B.

    Wrong capacity tag

    You went to a dealer or Malibu directly Pat ? 6 peeps is the most so far for me. But I could see dinner cruises with more. Steve B.
  11. G Spot

    What % Tint?

    20% from the inside. You won’t have any issues during the daytime. @eubanks
  12. eubanks

    What % Tint?

    Thanks for all the feedback. The pics are very helpful. It sounds like 20-25% is the sweet spot. We do like to look through the windshield so want something light enough where we can continue to do that during the day.
  13. hawaiianstyln

    2013 6.2 silverado 1500 crew cab towing

    This is good to know because im not sure whetherto get the 6.2 or duramax
  14. The short answer is that the latest model iteration (2008ish?) is based more on the latest Tundra/Sequoia/LX570 platform and the 5.7L engine and will be a much more capable tow vehicles than earlier model years. They basically took the 2007 Tundra frame and shortened it and strengthened by 20% and then beefed up all the running gear, brakes, and suspension.
  15. DUKENO1

    Wrong capacity tag

    Sadly I don't think I have ever had the max number of peeps in my boat.
  16. DUKENO1

    DIY Gel Coat repair?

    Thanks for the heads up !
  17. Yesterday
  18. Boulderboats

    2005 Malibu Wakesetter 23 XTi

    Low hour boat in excellent condition. Monsoon 340. Only 568 hours. Loaded with options. For more photos, specs and pricing click this link: 2005 Malibu Wakesetter 23 XTi
  19. SlingShot

    Hooked on Foil Boarding

    Been working on the Cleawater kit with my son. It is a fair amount of work. The boy is learning to lay up fiberglass though. Life skill! Will post up some pics once I figure out how to do that...
  20. mackie12

    2013 6.2 silverado 1500 crew cab towing

    I have both, a 6.2 Yukon and the Dmax. Our boat is a response, so lighter then most of you guys. the Dmax I get 19-21 Mpg and the Yukon I get 11-13 Mpg. If I didn't have anything heavier then our boat I would buy a new Silverado 6.2 and dump the diesel.....I love the 6.2!
  21. SlingShot

    Add a swim ladder to 2008 SunScape LSV

    kerpluxal: I will PM you. blk93jeepzj: it is fiberglass I have pictures but don't know how to attach them!!!! I wish I was smarter....
  22. TomH


    Nice. I don't want my feet anywhere near course balls at that speed though.
  23. John I.

    Evolution Cover Color?

    I also think the boat's color scheme lends itself to the unity ash sunbrella. Obviously only the gel below the rub rail will be visible with the cover in place so there is a lot of sangria gel between the cover and the secondary stripe below the main color panel. Are you saying that secondary stripe is not the same color as the gel above the rub rail? If not, is it still in the tan / light brown spectrum? Do you have color swatches of sunbrella? If you do plan to add a tower down the line, is your plan to have the cover modified at that time? What would Cory charge for such a mod?
  24. kerpluxal

    Add a swim ladder to 2008 SunScape LSV

    I have a 2010 LSV that had a ladder installed. I removed to add GSA. The ladder boards from the side. PM me if you are interested in it. I can take pictures of how it was mounted and you can compare if the mounting areas are the same.
  25. kerpluxal

    Surf Board Advise for the Wife

    I would buy a used beginner board first. Advanced boards are very sensitive to movement on board. Every beginner I have had behind the boat wanted to ride the advance board and then hated it.. Once they got basics down then they loved the advanced board and hated the beginner board.. Learning fundamentals on an advanced board is tricky as it is sensitive to its inputs.
  26. WhiteWaterWeb

    Surf Board Advise for the Wife

    Both my wife and daughter had a lot of fun, and progressed with ease, using the Hyperlite Broadcast. It is a durable board that can spin, is relatively fast for the right weighted person(s), and is perfect for beginners (guests you may have out on the boat too). For the cost it’s tough to beat. Cheers.
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