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  2. Sounds like it might be a fuel pump/ oil pressure safety switch. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/atx-os75?seid=srese1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqZ6ClaW84wIVCNbACh0_KQCQEAQYBiABEgLhAPD_BwE
  3. 100% agree, I love being out on the water and taking folks along. If later on they want to buy a beer or something, its certainly appreciated, but not expected at all. Some people just get weird about it, they want to make sure that everything is equitable, usually the same people who want to figure out exactly how much each person owes if a check gets split. Relax, it isn't critical!
  4. ahopkinsVTX

    Wake Surf Question

    Even with an aftermarket surf device, you are going to have to add additional weight. I’d suggest looking into adding the wakemakers piggy back system.
  5. Brad B

    Rear Ballast bag size

    Footprint of the 1100 is 4 in wider and 4 in taller. Made more sense to me to go max and then just fill as needed.
  6. 1998 Malibu response lx 5.7 Chevy 350 carb. Had oil pouring out of oil pressure sending unit or pressure switch. It is next to distributor cap. screws into blockage the top where oil was leaking has three male end wire clips going into three female wires purple , orange and red. Bakes didn’t seem to have this model. Any idea where to look or what I’m looking for?
  7. @truckjunky87$1250 for a new throttle assembly installed... should be on the water early next week. Less than 300 Hours, awesome... My wife was super happy.
  8. @dalt1 Love that, nice work getting the extra pieces done. I am going to take some paper along with me when I head to the lake this weekend and start templating out some additional pieces @ajive If you wouldnt mind sharing the templates when you get them, that would be awesome, no need to reinvent the wheel.
  9. MustGoFast

    Axis 2018 T23 - Need feedback

    Wish I could help in detail - as a T22 owner I can say I love my surf wave and I am led to believe the T23 would be even better. I did just see @Safety3rd recently acquired a T23 so maybe they can weigh in a bit more for you.
  10. MustGoFast

    Rear Ballast bag size

    Just to add to it I have the 550's in the rear and am extremely happy. They fill fully, I still have a little room on top w/ the rear deck closed to lay a few things on the top and I love my wave (T22 but you get the idea)...
  11. Got a couple awesome shots of mine and my buddies Wakesetters and a couple others.
  12. snowmanwithahat

    New Tow Rig

    Congrats on the truck, everyone's right, it'll do just fine if you are careful. The tow rating is like 8,000 lbs with the soft factory suspension and quite frankly there's nothing else holding it back but the suspension. Air bags (if you think you need them) would be absolutely all you need to bring that up to the proper capability for towing. To the guys surprised about towing at 80mph. It's easy... It's actually not very difficult to slow down from those speeds either. The only thing that's truly terrifying about that is that the speed rating on most trailer tires are not up to snuff to be towed at that speed
  13. Tractorkid1

    2004 VLX 21 Cover

    If anyone has a cover they are willing to sell I would be more than interested in taking it off of their hands. Recently bought this boat without a cover and would like to keep the interior nice. It has an illusion tower so the cover would need the cut outs for it.
  14. a few of us are using air hose quick connects on the drain hose and our extractor pumps. then you can just snap the two pieces together and be assured of a solid connection. works like a champ! This kit from home depot had everything I needed for my pcm engine: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-4-Piece-Quick-Connect-Kit-HDA20100AV/100003130?keyword=417564&semanticToken=20330000011_20190717111046427851_8nkv+20330000011+>++cnn%3A{9%3A0}+cnr%3A{7%3A0}+cnb%3A{0%3A0}+st%3A{417564}%3Ast+oos%3A{0%3A1}+dln%3A{572375}+qu%3A{417564}%3Aqu
  15. yes, if the sending unit is leaking replace it. leak can also occur at the "T" that allows the second oil sending unit.
  16. Rednucleus

    Starter Issue

    Seems like starters are crap compared to years ago. I'll bet your last replacement was re manufactured, not new?? Maybe better off to find a good shop & have this one properly rebuilt and see if it lasts longer.
  17. MalibuRyan

    Wake Surf Question

    I just have the factory sacs in the boat, I believe it's around 1,500?(All 4) I didn't get any pics I'll see if my sister did. Thanks for the input, didn't think it would be this much of an issue. I will try that suction surf gate and see what it does.
  18. granddaddy55

    Wake Surf Question

    With no gate in operation , you would have to old school and list it almost uncomfortably for passengers to create a surfable wave you have your suction device, use it snd play with its placement snd then mod your ballast to perform the gate
  19. The boats never touched so we were good but I have looked into replacing my ten inch fenders with a bumper ball style. Just haven’t yet.
  20. kerpluxal

    Wake Surf Question

    Just factory or do you have any additional sacs in boat. if so how much. Did you list the boat with no surf device attached? Example (my 2010) Before GSA and listed all factory tanks full 900 in rear surf side. 750 floor in rear cabin towards surf side. 1100 on top of the 750 and seat. 800 bow center (I did not have a bow tank) and 400 surf side bow. Wedge to set length/height of wave. With GSA all factory tanks full. 900 in rear lockers, 300 under surf side seat up to 1100 in bow. Wedge to set length/height of wave. Do you have any pics
  21. Today
  22. thanks so much for your help.
  23. snowmanwithahat

    New Member - LSV 23 :)

    lol the even funnier part is that my old wakeboard. A Liquid Force Rhythm from like 1999 also coincidentally matches the boat.
  24. granddaddy55

    Surf wave setup for SurfGate Equipped boats

    I’m gonna give this a shot cause setup and driving would be much much easier than setting up my list Haven’t really run more than 900-950 in both sacs listing cause only one side is full, other is mostly empty you should see the wakeboard wake with both not quite full, full MLS, 400 lead and driver in cabin and arrow bag full plus 300 lead in bow plus wedge, I haven’t found the courage to ride it yet, maybe one day ! this experiment will be video’d, so there will be evidence and proof of the pudding
  25. cgsmakaveli

    Rebuilt Carb - Lost 1-2mph

    I am told the back barrels shouldn't open until 4,000 rpm. Would this isolate the issue to the front barrels then? Something else?
  26. I have a 2012 Wakesetter with the LSA. Used one of the factory/presets for wake surfing. The wake was very rough and not the best for wake surfing. Setting was both rear and center ballasts were filled and wedge was all the way down. What are you all using for this set up? I don't have the surf gate on my boat, but have one that suctions outside the boat, but I didn't use it this time.
  27. 23LSVOwner

    XTI with stuck ski pylon

    When you get it removed put some tef gel inside the sleeve where it goes in and the bottom of the base where it stuck. Will most likely never be a problem again.
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