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  2. jjackkrash

    Shoutout to Seattle Boat Company.

    It was around the same time, at least for the ski boats. I think some of the mid-year 07s in some of the ski boats got e-control and ZO, but then the recession hit and there was a bit of a hap-hazard transition. At least that is the way I remember it. I know they were pulling AWSA tournaments with ZO in 07.
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  4. jjackkrash

    2021 Tahoe w/ a diesel

    https://www.yanmar.com/us/about/ymedia/product/8lv_engine.html A little bird told me this Yanmar is a $40K upcharge over the standard gasser in a 2020 G23. I think a diesel would be awesome, but man oh man.
  5. No, yes, yes. My opinion. Find a diamond hull boat. Wakesetters occasionally have diamond hulls. Mine does.
  6. Thanks everyone! On a wakesetter-Is it worth getting the attitude plate to improve ability to ski? Or on the other end an after market surf gate? And is a wedge necessary? Appreciate all the input! Paul
  7. Just looked up my coverage, I was wrong. My premium is 607. 1k deductible, 500k liability, freeze coverage.
  8. I have an Umbrella attached to this policy so I'm covered on my Limits. It only requires $300,000 Liability, $1000 deductible, I don't need freeze coverage. Guess I'll take my $399 Premium and be happy with that.
  9. https://www.saobserver.net/news/police-search-for-owner-of-another-icy-sailboat-on-okanagan-lake LOL
  10. Yes, but value isn’t the only contributing factor. Liability limits, deductible, freeze protection, etc will all impact the premium. I have the same boat as @dalt1 and my premium last year was 550. My umbrella policy requires me to have higher coverage limits and for only another $100, I thought the freeze coverage seemed reasonable.
  11. Cole2001

    Sandbags instead of plug-n-play

    A buddy of mine did this in his old direct drive, it worked... Just remember that weight will always be there.
  12. jjackkrash

    Anyone towing with an Audi Q7 3.0

    Nice! Yah, if you want a TDI you need to get one of the call-back vehicles that were retrofitted to comply with EPA regs. I don't think VAG is importing any new vehicles with that TDI engine (at least they weren't a while back). I have the supercharged 3.0L gasser I'm my S5 and think its a fantastic engine.
  13. isellacuras

    Anyone towing with an Audi Q7 3.0

    Done deal. I looked into the diesel but they don’t sell them in California. The 2020’s aren’t in yet. I got a 19 premium plus with A few bells and whistles and the supercharged 3,0. Turbo doesn’t come out til 2020. I think it will work for us. If not, I can always get a truck. They had to dealer trade for it so I will pick it up tomorrow or Friday.
  14. I definitely appreciate everyone contributing to this thread. Makes me feel good about my decision to leave Ski Safe, but does provide feedback that it might make sense to use Ski Safe if you have an newer high dollar boat. 2018 LSV 23 lightly used is a $90,000+ boat. Premium at $400 (or 450 before called in to dispute). 2012 VTX 40, $50,000+ boat. Premium at $350 1993 Malibu Echelon agreed value at $12k. Premium was going to be $350. My boat pricing may be +/- a few grand, but works well to showcase how flat their pricing appears to be.
  15. Cambo5000

    Driver’s Seat Upgrade 2000 VLX

    Nice suggestion. And great pics! Thanks for the help!
  16. jjackkrash

    Anyone towing with an Audi Q7 3.0

    My buddy traded a Tundra for a Q7 TDI (2015 I think) and says it tows what he tows (5k-ish lbs. boat) as well as the Tundra. I'd make sure it has the factory hitch (you don't want to try and add one later to a German SUV) and make sure that the hitch is rated for the tongue weight you want it to carry. The Discos are sexy but I question their general reliability based on the admittedly small sample of friends who have owned them. I am not sure about the 3.0l with the new turbos, but the 3.0l supercharged engine was seriously detuned for reliability. The turbo 3.0L should have plenty of power for occasional towing in any event. And the latest generation Q7 gets generally fantastic reviews. Good luck.
  17. Update, Called back to find my last years premium and the girl checked every possible deduction available to apply to new premium. Last year $359 this year $459 Called back 30 minutes later to ask another question. This time the (Different) agent said oh yes they made a mistake it will be $399 this year. So increase of $40 Instead f $100. Maybe call back tomorrow and get old rate! Boat U.S. was still higher at $548. Met Life who I have everything else with is preparing Quote now. He said Progressive was his best price Apples To Apples. Progressive = $585.
  18. Boulderboats

    2020 Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ

    Maximized Space, Luxury and Performance Surf Gate w/Malibu Surf Band. Graphite - Malibu GX Tower. Monsoon 6.2L HO. For complete details click this link: 2020 Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ
  19. If you want to ski, find a boat with the diamond hull. Diamond hulled boats still board and surf extremely well. It's a little harder to make a non diamond hulled boat ski well.
  20. Yesterday
  21. There are three main factors I would look for if I wanted to go from skiing to surfing relatively quickly. Ballast, Wedge and Gates. Ballast - For boats with no factory ballast, you are going to have to add weight to surf. When we started surfing a long, long time ago, we had tupperware tubs from Home Depot that we filled with a Homer Bucket by hand. The next level of automation up is to have bags that you can unfold, put in the compartments or on the seats, and have a pump or two that you connect to power and throw overboard. Probably takes 10 minutes or so per bag, and you have to drag out the pumps and bags (but it's still better than buckets). The next level of automation is to plumb your bags into an automated fill system. This involves accessing or creating one or more thru hull holes in the boat, connecting a pump and plumbing, and then typically having a second set of plumbing to drain the bags (with reversible pumps, you can have one set of plumbing, but there are trade offs). You also typically have to have plumbing that acts as a vent, for overflow and air flow. The third level of automation is to have hard tanks built into the boat. The plumbing is already there, and you fill the tanks by pushing buttons. In my experience, most people who surf regularly consider the hard tanks built into most models of boats to be insufficient to create a satisfactory wave. Thus, most people add "plug and play" bags on top of their hard tank systems, which can be easier than just adding bags to a boat with nothing, but it still often requires plumbing and wiring. The top level of automation in ballast involves having hard tanks and a plug and play system built into the boat. You won't find that from the factory in the years you are looking at, but you might find a used boat where someone has already fully automated the ballast system. Wedge: Malibu's wedge creates downforce as the boat speeds up. It thus acts somewhat like ballast without adding water. It is very valuable for increasing the size of a surf wave, but it is not sufficient to alleviate the need for ballast. There is an automated wedge and a manual wedge. I have never had a manual wedge, so can't speak to how much better the automated version is. I would encourage you to look for boats with a wedge if you want to surf. Gates: Without gates of some kind, you have to tip the boat to one side by loading weight on one side only, in order to create a surf wave. Gates skew the rear of the boat to one side when the boat is in motion, and so you can load the boat with ballast evenly, and apply or open a gate on one side only. Gates still require ballast (in order to sink the back of the boat), but make it much quicker to switch sides. I am a big believer in gates, and liked the wave I got with less weight and gates better than what I got by just placing lots of ballast on one side - but some people disagree. I initially built gates of my own, which attached to the platform with a pin, and I could put the right one on and take the other one off in less than 2 minutes. Now, there are many aftermarket gates. For the money, if it was me, I would invest in an aftermarket gate product, or at the very least try one out, if I wanted to go from skiing to surfing fairly quickly. There are more factors (the hull, the tower, the type of board you want to surf, etc), but if you really want to surf, I would look for a boat where someone has already added some automated ballast, a wedge, and I would add gates. I would probably prioritize the ballast and the gate, since the wedge is probably most useful for tweaking a surf wake, rather than building it.
  22. Jbort

    Sandbags instead of plug-n-play

    def not a fan of that much ballast via lead or sand bags (not to mention space issue via sand). if the boat takes on water or begins to go down, fatsacs go neutral and don't cause submersion-sand or lead will def be take down time but ya do have to fill up. 2 cents.
  23. Eagleboy99

    Sandbags instead of plug-n-play

    Got room for three dozen sand bags? If you get lead you can likely resell it down the road for not too much of a loss. Of course the first choice would let you build sand castles.
  24. Looks like I need another 1500 pounds in my boat to wake surf. Given I'm selling my boat and not all that serious, thinking about just using sandbags for weight, instead of investing in soft ballasts that I'll never use again. Anyone here done that?
  25. TenTwentyOne

    Shoutout to Seattle Boat Company.

    Yes, they are E-control units, which means they are plug and play in almost any brand of newer wake/ski boat. If the boat is older, you’d need new gauges and throttle. Not sure when Bu swapped to E-controls, but MC, CC, and Supra/Moomba switched back in 08-09. Im guessing I’ll find someone with a worn out engine in a wake/ski boat that wants an easy full plug in swap, and or a HP upgrade. Me too. I started out looking for an X80, but I want to travel with this thing, and an X80 wouldn’t be any good for that. I’m only 5 miles from lake Champlain, and I can go anywhere from there.
  26. Eagleboy99

    Shoutout to Seattle Boat Company.

    https://www.tradeonlytoday.com/manufacturers/mastercraft-acquires-nauticstar Will be a whole fleet of fishin' MCs
  27. Kojak

    WTB OEM Swivel Racks

    A big shout out to @Jibby for hooking me up! Thanks
  28. isellacuras

    Anyone towing with an Audi Q7 3.0

    Correct. It will be my wife’s daily driver but will be replacing my truck. I will take over her 18 MDX and eventually replace that with another MDX or a TLX A-Spec AWD. I have to have an Acura because work pays for it but wife is tired of Acura’s since that’s pretty much all we/she has had for the last 18+ years. That along with the fact that she doesn’t like driving my truck makes it hard if not impossible to switch cars for certain occasions. One more thing to complicate things is we have a 100# German Shepard that we have to squeeze in the back seat of the truck with the kids when we take a lake trip or a road trip of any sort with the truck. It just seems to make the most sense. That’s why I narrowed it down to the Q7 and Doscovery. The 7700 and 8200 pound towing capacities and mid size stature make them feasible on paper. We like the discovery a little better but the cost difference between the two makes the Audi a stand out. I have a flat 4 mile tow to my local lake, a 2000ish elevation climb to a half dozen other lakes within an hour and a half drive. I don’t frequent the high elevation lakes around here but have the resources to borrow a truck if need be.
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