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  2. Rattler

    Syn dx2 dsp repurpose

    Has anyone repurposed there factory tower amp to the sub? Is this something I should explorer or just sell the dx2.
  3. Illusion X will not fit on an Illuison XS Tower. I have the same tower. I found some Illusion XS racks and then retro fitted them with a ski bar and then put some surf forks on it. I'm then able to hold two pair of skis on one rack. It's worked great for the past 5 years. I was skeptical at first but I maximized real estate on the rack. This is is your best option IMO. Heres a picture to show you the end result. I may be able to find a better picture if you're interested.
  4. Today
  5. formulaben

    New cover for 1998 Malibu response.

    I'm happy with the one I got at Bald Mike's, but @Eagleboy99 is right, it depends on what you're using it for. Evolution is the best but waiting list might be an issue.
  6. Yeah but haven’t seen any. heres a better question...does the illusion X ski racks fit the XS towers? If so I can get a krypt double ski rack for a reasonable price. I just can’t quite tell from the pictures it it would work. It would be fun to have a Malibu ski rack but if they are hard to come by I’m not going to be picky.
  7. ToddTL1

    Malibu Euro F3 Rear Cupholder

    Check Amazon. I found some stainless replacements from a place called Amarine.
  8. I just picked up a 2009 VLX with the illusion XS tower. It came with two board swivel racks but I need to get a ski rack for it. I’ve looked online without any luck. any assistance letting me know which ski racks fit the tower or if you have one for sale is very appreciated!
  9. Unless they were directly impacted financially such as a small business owner, etc...
  10. There is no limitation on "boating" that I know of. Many ramps are closed as they are part of parks that are closed.. But nothing stopping you from boating if you can get on the water. And I'm not sure they can close federal waterways completely.
  11. Just checked mine before coming in the house with same results , 6-8" at closest point.
  12. Drew5555

    Mux switch help

    On a different topic, but Similar boat, I need to find a replacement for the armrest that houses the throttle. My interior matches your boat exactly. 2008 LXI. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. I am looking for a pair of tower mount Rockford Fosgate speakers, the type Malibu typically included with the stereo package on the G3 tower. I need the speakers and surface mounts that were originally mounted on your G3 tower. Hoping I can find someone who upgraded to better speakers and took these off their tower and stashed them somewhere at home. Let me know, they do need to work, don't need to be pretty.
  14. formulaben

    RPM/Perfect Pass Combo Gauge

    @Loshie1056 I know it's a bitter pill to swallow, but in your case if you upgrade to the Stargazer it is a VERY simple installation even if you're not mechanically inclined. The end result is pretty nice, and it still uses your existing water temp sensor (and paddlewheel for use if needed.) Almost plug & play except for the R&R of the dash gauge cluster, and also a lot cheaper then when I bought 5 years ago. Here are some pictures of my install, don't let the one with ALL the gauges out scare you, I was fixing the dash plastic since it had a crack in it and I reinforced it with epoxy putty as pictured, but still not a big deal. If you do this it's a good time to polish the clear plastic gauge covers and paint the surround if needed...they'll look like new! If you need help or encouragement let me know and I'll walk you through the install process and removing the dash gauges...pretty simple. http://perfectpass.com/?q=upgradeoptions https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tdsgo2fspc7jnjp/AACGtxHoxTpn8XOSksb-sG3Ta?dl=0
  15. Well those people have a new boat sitting in the driveway and that really is never a bad thing:)
  16. Yesterday
  17. braindamage

    New (to me) Response TXi

    this is exactly my OJ Prop. Thanks for the info!
  18. holden

    adding tower to a TXI?

    I have a g3 tower on my 2013 TXi ... from the factory. Not sure if you could still order from Malibu but I really like my TXi / g3 look and function.
  19. SmoothWaterMan

    adding tower to a TXI?

    I had taken an XTP and chopped it to fit a Response LX. As stated above, when XTP bought Monster (or monster bought XTP) all the small line stuff vanished. It was OEM or monster only. Which sucked. Short of a custom build, you have to find an aftermarket tower you like the most, or buy a new Malibu (axis-style) which only fits the TXi.
  20. Do you guys interpret WA's rule as meaning we can't go boating? I go out of Port of Ridgefield and right now on their website it says their boat ramp and paddle boat launch are both still open. I feel like if we practice distancing while at the ramp and only go out with immediate family then hitting the water would count at as the outdoor activities we've been told we're allowed to do (running, biking, etc). It's going to be 70 here on Thursday. I already told my boss I will be taking the day off from the home office to take the family boating.
  21. Chrismoe

    COVID-19 related closures

    Whoops. Oh well, the intention was good. Chris
  22. I had the 2773 on my 2018 T22 as the high torque option from the factory and the RPMs were too high. Switched to the 2247 and it was a lot better. We surf 100% of the time.
  23. formulaben

    steering cable

  24. Thanks smuurph84. I am going to have the current prop repaired and keep as a spare and looking for a recommended prop. The 2249 and 2247 are the two recommendations based on what came on the boat and what WakeMakers is recommending on their site. I have seen some others mentioned in other posts but mostly for older boats with different motors. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  25. gregtay

    Ballast Auto Fills

    There was a thread last year about new 25s listing (but I thought it was to the port side)... Can't remember what the outcome was or if it was just related to the bigger prop. Can't find the thread but maybe someone else will remember.
  26. Jeepman

    Ballast Auto Fills

    I just received my new 2020 25 LSV and the center tank is also auto-filling at wakeboard speeds without the fill pump running. It fills fairly quickly but not as fast as when the fill pump is running. I would guestimate 2% per minute. This boat has 5.3 hours on it so basically new. I mentioned it to the dealer and he says that is definitely not correct and they were happy to take a look at it at the 15 hour post-break-in service. In looking at the system it seems pretty simple and I see no obvious reason why just that tank would be auto-filling. The bow fill pump is six inches away from the center fill pump and it doesn't auto-fill. I'm just posting here in case anyone has seen and corrected this in the past? Another thing that is weird on this boat is it lists to starboard at low speeds for a reason that I cannot figure out. It is very noticeable in the 10-20 mph range. I'm not sure if this is in any way related to the auto-fill issue. It does not list when stopped which indicates to me it is not a loading issue and the boat is empty except my wife and two kids to port and me to starboard plus 75% full fuel tank. Wedge is stowed and surf gates are both retracted. If I fill only the rear port ballast tank 50% it gets it pretty close to level. Again, dealer has been great but we both agreed to delay me bringing it in till the 15 hour service for them to look at it. Maybe this is normal but on a boat without trim tabs it is annoying that I cannot trim out the riding angle of the boat. Any thoughts?
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