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  2. Thanks for all the replies, it seems I need to revisit this, something is amiss, either my figures, tach or prop. The props going in for a refresh next week so can hopefully confirm current pitch, although stamped as 13x12 maybe it was repitched at some point in the past??
  3. bkearney

    Show off your kids!!

    From the summer with the new boat.
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  5. Eagleboy99

    2004 Response prop.

    Yikes! That is way higher than mine. I'm running near 1:1 so that is 3400 RPM. OJ Prop - 4 blade.
  6. @MACC - That boat was originally fitted with the Acme 515 assuming you are running close to sea level (UK) which has the engine turning close to 100 RPM : 1 mph which puts the engine in a good power band area. You can also go to the Acme website and enter your boat data and it tells you what their prop recommendation is: https://acmemarine.com/pages/custom-fit
  7. Way too high, if it’s true. You should see about 3,400 - 3,600 RPMs at 34mp/h. Would explain the crazy holeshot. Per Indmar manual the operating range at WOT for the 310hp carb engine is 4400-4800 rpm! https://indmar.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/2003-to-2005-Indmar-Operators-Manual.pdf
  8. The Hulk

    Show off your kids!!

    Few good ones from this summer
  9. I run the Acme 515 on my response, great prop.
  10. Boulderboats

    2020 Malibu M240

    All-New for 2020! The Alpha. The Unsurpassed. The Unyielding. The Unrivaled. The M240. For complete details click this link: 2020 Malibu M240
  11. Around 4200 I believe (I was behind the boat), but that was the first outing on petrol and fairly brief.
  12. That will have to wait until spring now as we're out of the water. WOT was only showing around 39/40 mph.
  13. Now its back on petrol it shoots to 5K rpm and would seem to quite happily carry on past if I was to let it.
  14. Of course, that would help! 5.7 carb, 310 bhp. ACME 3 blade. Not to sure on RPM as I was skiing, believe around 4200.
  15. What engine do you have? HP? What’s the current prop (model, not size/pitch)? What‘s your RPM @ 34 mp/h?
  16. Michigan boarder

    2004 Response prop.

    Do an experiment with a GPS speed app on your phone. Post the RPM's at 20mph, 25mph, 30mph, 35mph, 40mph, and at wide open throttle and that will help determine what prop you need. I run the 13x13 ACME 425 prop on my boat, but I am close to 400hp, so that would probably not be the right prop for you. But at WOT my RPM's are 4,900 and 49mph speed.
  17. the main thing you want to see if it you are close to the max RPM for your engine. If you are then you have the correct prop. If it hits the rev limiter then you can prop up a little.
  18. That's what I thought too, seemed like a pretty large reach. I expect once I cut into the stereo that it would void the stereo warranty, but that shouldn't impact the rest of the boat
  19. mikeo

    Switch - Unknown??

    You can contact customer service and they can provide build sheets for many boats. I got a limited build sheet for my '02 and have the super-detailed build sheet for my '15.
  20. formerathlete

    2020 A24 engine upgrade to M6Di

    IMO, the M6 is absolutely the way to go with an A24. I wouldn't want the M5 in that boat but that's my personal preference. M6 is so much more powerful and will allow for that A24 to be packed to the gills--you won't regret it. And get the surf pipe. Even with those quieter engines, I'd imagine it would still help the noise a lot. The prior year(s) 409/450 were fairly close in torque/hp, so the 450 probably wasn't worth upgrading to except to get the better transmission ratio (right?). The HP/Torque delta is much bigger between the M5 and M6. https://ww3.arb.ca.gov/msprog/offroad/cert/cert_results.php?order=0
  21. Eagleboy99

    2004 Response prop.

    What are the RPMs at 34 mph?
  22. Hi All, I have a 2004 Response which has been running on LPG, which reduces bhp a bit, with a 13 x 12 prop which seemed to handle most things well. I've now put it back to petrol and seem to have found the lost power, the holeshot will pull your arms off. Skiing at 34 mph the engine feels like its racing a bit and could take a larger pitch. The next step on the ACME website is 13 x 12.65, or possibly 13 x 13. Anyone running the 13 x 13? any disadvantages? Thanks, Mark.
  23. smuurph84

    2020 A24 engine upgrade to M6Di

    nope! sounds like a perfect setup! ( hopefully I am in your shoes this time next year!) I have been reading a ton and everything points to the M6 ( i think if you get power wedge you have to have the surf pipe , either way i would not order a new boat without these options as it may be hard to resale. just my 2 cents. post photos if you pull the trigger!
  24. Your Boat Guy.com

    2020 A24 engine upgrade to M6Di

    I'm interested in ordering A24 with M6Di engine. Anybody want to talk me out of this motor selection? Should it also have the surf pipe? TIA
  25. He's full of horse hockey pucks. The Magnusson Moss Act covers this (and lots of other things like dealer services or factory parts) and worst case is that if the mod wrecks a covered part and can be shown to have caused the failure then the related part would not be warrantied. Like if this blows up your stereo, they could deny coverage with proof. But if your transmission fails? Covered even if you spliced the wires.
  26. ryansgt

    Rebate vs boat show

    No Problem. It can be confusing to buyers and trust me, I don't like turning down business. It is actually a benefit to have the territories because you have to preserve service. If that dealer goes out of business, getting service can be tough. I'm not talking about oil changes, we can all go that, but when the big stuff happens, i don't trust it to just anyone especially as we get more and more specialized.
  27. One other little weird piece, my dealer said that if I cut into my DSP harness, to add RCAs, I could void my boats entire warranty. I don't know if that's true or not, and if it is seems like a terrible policy. Due to that I will be buying exiles adapters, no need to test a bad policy
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