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  2. It is crazy deep. Just a beautiful boat. I would have loved to jump up to it, but I just couldn't do it this time around. Great color choices!
  3. 24 MXZ. Storage is awesome. I’m surprised how deep the lockers are. My other impression is how deep the seats are (meaning wider storage underneath).
  4. I have a 25lsv but I am on the other hand. I have never wanted for the power seat. My daughter is also only 5-1 and drives for me and she has never needed any more seat either. In the 25lsv I don't feel it is really necessary. Maybe it is needed in the 23 YMMV
  5. What model is this? How’s the storage? I’m waiting on a 23 lsv. I can’t find many pictures of the storage compartments
  6. There is almost no inventory anywhere. Its a seller's market for sure.
  7. You want oil done at 10, then every 50 hours, but honestly if it had even one oil change somewhere in the middle of those 130 hours its most likely fine. Its not like its a 1000 hour boat. If it passes the smell test I wouldn't be all that concerned.
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  9. jjackkrash

    2021 - F150 PowerBoost vs F250 PowerStroke

    3/4 ton diesel (or one ton) all day if you are on the fence. Just my opinion. I prefer GM truck products, but that's just my preference. Also, I gotta say, if you really want a half ton, my Sister's baby Duramax in her 2021 1500 is the bees knees. Great milage and tows great. Good luck with whatever you pick.
  10. I liked that about the cool touch. I did a monotone tan interior with vapor blue piping and stitching. To break it up we did cool touch on about 2/3 of the interior vinyl.
  11. We bought our 2020 23 MXZ last summer. The wife and I really like the 24 MXZ and the new cooler locker. I have a buddy who wanted to buy mine and I was gonna order a 2021 24 MXZ. With all the slow build times and low inventory, we have decided to not sell the boat and wait till next year. Hopefully I can get one next year...lol We have never been without a boat in 20 years of having them so we didn't want to take the chance of being without. If you want the boat, get it because someone else will jump on it before you know it.
  12. A few observations as I dig into this boat... “Cool touch” vinyl has a pretty strong pebble grain finish... reminds me of the pre-2016 vinyl. Note how the azure is smooth... that’s NOT cool touch (they don’t offer azure in cool touch). Only the black and gray is cool touch. Also, some of the color names are different when you order cool touch. Ebony is still called “Cool Ebony” but Graphite is called “Cool Gunmetal” I also noticed that the rear tubs are black now instead of white
  13. Bradley Thornton

    Adding interior lights

    I used these cheap bright only this I did different is I use ss screws and not the ones that came in the pack. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZQ3CG2Z/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Greg_S

    Shipping a 25LSV on trailer?

    I shipped my 2017 25 LSV from NH to CA and paid a little more to put it on a flatbed. Pretty sure they guy hitched it instead. Went through USHIP and wouldn't recommend doing that. I should have used a more reputable shipping company more in hindsight.
  15. There is very little inventory right now and prices are through the roof in most regions. If you like the boat, jump on it.
  16. I think it is a beautiful boat! I also think that if you can get 25% off in this market, that is now sold out of build slots for months, that you are getting a smoking deal. This time of year good deals are hard to come by and I think you are getting a really good one.
  17. macdaddy

    Adding interior lights

    I added LED lights to mine and I wired them into existing interior switches. No problems at all.
  18. ahopkinsVTX

    Buying New Malibu.....need help

    The build sheet is the photo's. I think we were all initially confused that it was an order question, when it was a stock boat question.
  19. If you go for the 2014, check the lower right screen for any signs of a slightest bubble (delamination - very common with that screen) - looks like a small water drops. If you see anything, ask that the screen be replaced as part of the sale as it will just get worse over time and is an expensive replacement. I currently have a 2014 23LSV with the LS3 engine and has been a great boat outside of the screen issue. Wakemakers makes a custom rear bag for that model and it will throw a great wave.
  20. Taz1988

    Too many wires for tower speaker?

    Thank you MLA!
  21. Bman1

    Shipping a 25LSV on trailer?

    I purchased my first boat in FL. Just lucked into finding a man that delivered campers all over the country. The next time he went to FL, he picked it up for me. Worked out great, just very lucky on my part.
  22. Five Cent Worth

    Buying New Malibu.....need help

    Maybe it is me, I am confused which one you got? The build sheet or the photos?
  23. ahopkinsVTX

    Buying New Malibu.....need help

    Agree with these guys!
  24. IN my 2017 25 LSV I had the same problem when I took boat out of winter storage. It is easy to remove the entire throttle. A set screw with standard direction threads under the cover plate and four philips head screws and wire plug. Nice folks at Lovorsi. I mailed it to them and the put in new board for $150 and shipped it back. I think a new one from Malibu is almost $1,000. Many thanks to previous people who posted about this and save me money.
  25. I would go with the 23. Way less hours and a much larger boat/wave.
  26. The 23LSV will surf better than the 20VTX but the VTX appears better value. I would suggest you talk to your local dealer. I’m in the UK and know quite a few of the boats that change owner don’t make it onto the web page boat stock. As in new boat ordered, so the dealer knows there trade in is coming but it’s not for sale yet! both boats will last, I would say that the 2018 screens and electronics will be more robust, but both have good reliability. (We had a 2013 22MXZ for 5 years up until this year, which never let us down)
  27. After 10 years of dreaming I am ready to bite the bullet. Here in Europe I have two, second hand, options lined up: https://malibu-boats.eu/en/stock-boats/2014-malibu-23-lsv-sa-u-015-14-23lsv-s9280 https://malibu-boats.eu/en/stock-boats/2018-malibu-wakesetter-20-vtx-le-u-004-18-20vtx-f6425 I am looking for a surf boat. And I am looking for a boat that will last. Which boat will fit me best? Or do I wait for something else? (This fits my budget. Not more then 20 Malibu's for sale in Europe @ the moment.) And what should I look out for, when buy
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