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  2. csleaver

    PCM 409hp Monsoon

    I've used MA300 plexus and some similar thin plastic to repair broken belt covers when a replacement wasn't available. It is important to have the cover in place when operating the boat, but especially so on vdrive engines. Its primary function is to prevent the drive belt from flinging bilge water onto the flame arrestor and down the intake manifold which can cause internal engine damage.
  3. You would be surprised how much fiberglass dust, lint, and dog hair I regularly find in the flame arrestors. Since the EFI systems no not have a mass air flow sensor and just use pre-programmed speed density the ECM expects a certain amount of intake air flow. Every time I contacted Indmar about fault codes related to an O2 sensor the first thing they would ask is if the flame arrestor was clean.
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  5. Bubbasboy

    Mystery hose on my LT4

    Thanks for the response, would you happen to know if servicing the hydraulic steering system is difficult?
  6. Doczani

    PCM 409hp Monsoon

    Thanks @csleaver, now I might look to repair at that price.....
  7. Haven't touched mine in 20 years. No dirt or dust kicked up on my lake.
  8. Their "superior" performance comes from their inferior filtering.
  9. @csleaver Thank you. Very helpful.
  10. @oldjeep Not sure where the hate on K&N filters is coming from? I’ve ran them on multiple vehicles and occasionally you do have to clean them. Why in the world would it be any different on a boat that uses them? Actually, NM. The other guy already answered my question, so don’t care.
  11. In general, the best thing to do with a K&n is to toss it in the trash. There is no reason an air filter in a boat should get dirty. Going on 11 years on the stock one in my boat.
  12. As long as the flame arrestor isn't physically damaged, go ahead and use the K&N recharger and cleaning kit instead of replacing it. I have done it to several flame arrestors. They should be cleaned every 100 hours.
  13. So I’m trying to knock out some pre-season maintenance (that also coincides with the 300 hour scheduled maintenance) and have a question around the flame arrestor / K&N filter for the 410 Raptor 6.2L. This is for a 2017 Malibu 23LSV for additional reference. The question: Is it possible to use a K&N air filter re-charge kit instead of replacing the flame arrestor / filter kit? The entire kit on Bakes is ~$140 before tax and shipping, but I’m wondering if I could just clean it with one of the K&N re-charge kits for ~$20 and some elbow grease. I’m just not sure if those kits are meant to be oil like a normal aftermarket cold air intake for a vehicle. Would love to hear from someone who has either done this or researched and ultimately decided to just replace the entire kit. Thanks in advance for any intel! -Clint
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  15. mxmark4

    We did it better ???

    Supra has had that for awhile, nice feature but not one we ever really use. Even when its lunch time it doesnt really get used.
  16. I used a 2014 EcoDiesel GC as an around town (and one 300 mile round trip) tow vehicle for my 23LSV. Now used a 2022 GCL for the same purposes. The Hemi is a good engine, and the GC platform punches above its weight.
  17. csleaver

    PCM 409hp Monsoon

    You can find the belt cover here https://www.nautiqueparts.com/product/cover-belt-6l-ly6/
  18. hethj7

    We did it better ???

    Yep. I remember it at the boat show early on and being impressed. Also, the version on the 26LSV is much improved. Larger table surface and it lies completely flat if you want.
  19. My brother in-law tows a ski nautique with a newer one, works fine. Not a very heavy boat on a single axle.
  20. Steve B.

    Refused servicing

    Revisiting this on a slightly different note. I'm looking at a 14 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the hemi. Low miles. Haven't seen it in person yet. Supposedly has a tow package. My tow's are really short, flat roads, easy ramps. Thanks in advance for any thoughts about these vehicles. Steve B.
  21. Cole2001

    We did it better ???

    Didn’t Supra have that before Malibu did?
  22. They guys at AVC in Buford Ga did it. Amazing quality.
  23. Brandonloos21

    Install of Rev12HD or Rev10HD on Gx Tower?

    Yeah, they will be compatible. The hole dimemsions for the new speakers are same as previous models. You will have to use the swivel-x mount OR the new wet sounds x-hd mount to space them out for flush mounting. If you do 2 pair of 12hd’s you’ll need to use that DXT adapter to space the lower pair 2” further away.
  24. Caboho

    2008 Malibu vlx

    Time Left: 2 months and 30 days

    • BOATS

    Factory 4 tank ballast, fat sacs in rear lockers, perfect pass. Approximately 650 hrs. Will answer any questions.


    Coolidge, Georgia - US

  25. granddaddy55

    Our First New Boat

    you usually deflate the newer big ones but you can mickey mouse ear them on the tower with the lets tie up bungees and lets tie up has great balls and bungies , they actually look cool as mickey ears
  26. granddaddy55

    Our First New Boat

    yea i only bring the learner stuff when i know for sure they are coming
  27. NorCalSurfer

    22 MXZ or 23 MXZ for surfing

    The Malibu logo is badass. Was that factory or aftermarket?
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