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  2. wilster


    don't forget the 800+ lbs of fuel ballast. 103 gallons!!
  3. MLA


    With the Dual Circuit Plus switch and ACR, if you removed the house battery, then no, the helm will not have have voltage.
  4. COOP


    I watch a walk through on youtube. Pretty nice looking. The cool thing is that they integrated the rear thruster into the steering, the more you turn the wheel the stronger the thruster works, and it has two settings and still lets you run the thrusters manually if you want. Pretty slick setup.
  5. The Hulk


    So the noticed larger cables are on batter 2, and village is on batter 1 with smaller power cables than batter 2. I took bat 2 out it was dead, but when on batter 1 switch I get No voltage on dash unless move switch to combine If I switch to combine I get voltage reading on dash (without bat 2 in) So am I correct dealer wired 1 / combined swithc backwards? Larger cables should be batter 1 and accessories and village are on backup 2?
  6. formerathlete

    Prices Paid for 2018 T22?

    In 2019, the PW3 came as a package with Surf Pipe. You couldn't separate those. I'd imagine it's the same in 2020. Seedealercost.com may not know that (I haven't looked in a quite a while).
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  8. Chappy


    Any additional intel on the new Nautique Surf boat?
  9. Chappy


    I have to agree the new X26 is a suhweet looking boat. Love the interior layout and it has to have a massive wave.
  10. I just thought he meant that she was in the medium range of being attractive. That is a huge wave, regardless!
  11. Always a good idea with a direct drive. I even do it with a v-drive.
  12. On the back left of the engine there will be two hoses 3/4" just below the ECM. One of the hoses probably has a couple inch hose that PCM/Crusader uses close the loop at their factory and on boats without heaters. You disconnect these to hoses and blow air through the hoses to drain the hole heater look. You need to blow are through it so the water in the core of the heater gets out, otherwise it will crack the heater core. Here is a picture of the short hose that PCM uses. There will be two hoses here instead of the short one looped back.
  13. carguy79ta

    Payload capacity question

    Yeaahhh just get a HD diesel 4 door.
  14. carguy79ta


    Yeah the X26 is massive at 6900 lbs, but 4100 lbs ballast is underwhelming. Hard pass for me. Interested to see what the Nautique surf monster will be. Like to see that the boat brands are finally getting the formula right. Dry wt + ballast wt = wave. Size does matter. The bigger and heavier the better.
  15. Five Cent Worth

    Seat riser

    Just to add to the above - wish our '19 would have had the power seat option....
  16. rsutton1223

    7 Year Old Wakeboarding After Wake Camp

    Same can be said for wives...
  17. justgary

    No spark

    This is from memory, but I think the sensor is normally closed. Literally ground the wire at the oil pressure sensor that goes to the ecm. If the fuel pump is priming, skip this.
  18. I assume that 5/10 means the rider is half because otherwise that wave would be HUGE!!!
  19. I am going to be winterizing my 2017 Axis (PCM 6.0) for the first time myself this year. I downloaded the PCM online manuals and have the 7 drain locations for draining the block, transmission, etc. which seems pretty straight forward. I am not quite as clear however on how or where to drain the heater, can someone help me out with that?
  20. Dang!!!!!!!! i just put my wave pic away as I am to embarrassed to show it now. lol!
  21. Not sure why I didn't get notified of the replies but I am just now seeing this. Thanks for the re-assurance, The notes about fuel stabilizer and oil changes, those were already completed, and I was confident in that aspect. My worries were with the draining procedure, especially after last winter's debacle. This site is a great resource for keeping these older boats running their best. I have another question regarding the choke/choke adjustments on the Weber 4 barrel that's on this boat, I will start a new thread for that.
  22. 2008 VLX 900 LR 700RR 400 locker 800 nose. Wedge down + 2 clicks up. swell suck gate. Rider: 5/10 - Lake: Pine Flat, CA. - Prop: 2315
  23. ajive

    Anyone bored at work?

    Nice. Graphite tower and it's a pretty good look!
  24. Finally got this fixed - took to another dealer and they replaced the 02 sensors once again, said the manifolds are fine, so far its working the last two weekends....................
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