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  3. LifeOnTheRidge

    2022 malibu 21LX Trash Bin

    thanks kindly gregg
  4. CBray4

    Summer 2024 Pricing Trends

    Shoot here’s a great one a friend of mine is selling in Texas. https://www.facebook.com/share/ptFapJznMtEZsUzB/?mibextid=79PoIi
  5. What analogue gauges are you fitting? When my MMDC failed I removed it and the gauges then fitted a TRD kit. Easy as. Sold the removed gauges. The TRD kit gave me everything back except depth/air/water temp so fitted a Hawkeye 2BZ on left side of dash to regain depth/air/water. Then sold the old depth module & transducer for more than Hawkeye cost. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X8nEqv_Eildlj4zfBdSiRZmQBqrGKoK9/view?usp=sharing
  6. I don't doubt it. Just used it to make the overall point. It would be great to find out the actual numbers.
  7. dwc032

    Wet Sounds Tech Q&A

    Just picked up my 2023 m220. This will be my last boat with Wetsounds stereo. I will do stereo delete on all the rest of my Malibu boats. The digital tuning on these amps is hot garbage. Don’t even get me started on Malibus stupid plastic boxes. The sub rattles so bad when the bass hits my wife thought something was going to explode on the boat. I should have known nothing has gotten better with the garbage tuning and box I had in my 2020 Malibu. I know Wetsounds is good stuff, but you’d think Wetsounds wouldn’t want their name on this stuff and let it leave the factory like this. There is no way a Wetsounds tech would listen to this stereo in my $200+ boat and say yeah good to go. Send it out. So fricken frustrating!!!! I will post pics of the box I took out. It had so many gaps and missing screws it was embarrassing. The speaker mounted in the box had literally 4 screws into it and the sub is a shallow mount sub. WTF would they put in a shallow mount sub? Makes zero sense.
  8. Yesterday
  9. DFW

    Tommys vs Malibu

    Tommy's Used Boat Liquidation DFW replied to Ronnie's topic in General Discussion Area I’d be curious to know how Tommy’s financed their massive expansion over the past few years. 🤔 November 2, 2022 70 replies
  10. skurfer

    Tommys vs Malibu

    Yep, all over again.
  11. I’ll post here for same issue. HELP! I’ve recently got a 2016 23 LSV, same issue. Only breaker trips as soon as batteries are turned on. Doesn’t matter if battery 1 or 2. I’ve disconnected the backup camera and blower and issue is the same. Grrr, literally out to use it first time and dead on the ramp. by the way, I’ve had it on and bumped ignition in driveway for 2 seconds to fire and shut down. any ideas?
  12. Is there a reason why this is an issue or a fix to it?
  13. The Hulk

    Tommys vs Malibu

    Haha Nobody cared when you were getting paid to borrow $.. for the past 4yrs cash was trash. You got paid to borrow... Now cash is king again! Basically companies across the board their margins are getting slaughtered in about all sectors. Price hikes coming, along with reduced consumer demand. Energy /input cost are going to continue to rise.. On shoring efforts and deglobalization are highly inflationary. Bailouts for banks and others on the horizon mean printing more $ for yee but not thee.. governments have NO choice but to increase taxes as the merre thought of reduced spending is worse than a major conflict.. We have no choice but to PRINT/Inflate the debt away. Commodities will continue to rise, wages will continue to stagnate or be reduced from layoffs.. Simple term.. stagflation For this Tommys thing Malibu I assume was paid by the bank up front, so the risk to Malibu is a fire sale by the bank which puts all other at least surrounding dealerships at risk of being undercut? I'd be curious to see how Tommys would have a case they would need pretty hard evidence of Malibu forcing inventory in them instead of them or threat's of pulling their dealership rights? Sadly one thing we're all forgetting is the same situation here is what's happening to the banks.. basically I’m guessing a huge amount of this inventory was committed to started coming in as interest rates started to skyrocket. At the same time demand dropped off a cliff and Tommy’s probably thought it might get better come boat show season and it didn't so interest rates chewed through all available margin and they robbed Peter to pay Paul hoping it would turn around..
  14. granddaddy55

    2023 Malibu Prices

    action in dfw sells volume. at march boat show they sold 7 stock units and took 12 orders and had delivered countless stock and ordered boats before and immediately after the show and late late 23 was their entrance to supreme and he cleared those 3 units from another dealer who lost his franchise very quickly because of that pricing!!!
  15. granddaddy55

    Tommys vs Malibu

    so was this a ponzi scheme in essence where tommy’s used money that should have gone to floor plan lender and used it to finance expansion?????. havent read all four pages of posts but as an accountant it seems like one to me. first thing i educate my clients on is quit using the governments sales tax, withholding, payroll tax as financing the day to day business and then borrowing from LOC to cover
  16. granddaddy55

    2023 Malibu Prices

    not that stripped, has my champ audio, yes only one screen like the pre 23 FI’s, only missing bow bags and transom sacks that add 2500 to “surf ready” price, it will out surf that m with those two additions
  17. dalt1

    Trailer backup camera

    Works great on back of truck to hook trailer. From back of boat, it looses wifi and locks up easily. May work better if you could mount it up higher and signal had more clear path.
  18. Brendonwitmer

    2004 malibu response 380 hammerhead

    Also can I run valveline atf +4 trans oil in the transmission which is a zf 45c
  19. DAI

    Tommys vs Malibu

    Simple way to explain is a large group of countries got together and are trying to set global tax policy. Any company that has overseas operations are being subject to a new tax regime that eliminate the benefits a low tax country provided them. It’s basically a couple of mechanisms for a “top off tax”. That country over there did not tax you enough, so I’m going to tax you more here to make sure you pay a minimum level. P2 is “Pillar 2” of the group of countries called OECD for their tax plan aspects are in play now and more will come. Less likely to be impactful for the 2 companies being discussed here directly, but more on their suppliers, which will try to offset with component price increases. But the TCJA expiration will likely bite them. For the TCJA, big 2 items that are set (and will likely be let to expire) is the level of deductibility of interest expense and depreciation. I’m sure there is more, but those are the 2 I’m acutely aware of at the moment.
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  21. Nick55

    Tommys vs Malibu

    Multinational Corporations Tax Cuts and Jobs Act https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/OECD
  22. Steve B.

    Tommys vs Malibu

    I'm not gonna get it even in English!
  23. spikew919

    Tommys vs Malibu

    Where’s the Popcorn? Karma coming for those, dealers and manufacturers who raped the consumer and We the people taking in ppp money. And it’s not just this industry.
  24. justgary

    Tommys vs Malibu

    Por favor explíquelo en inglés. Εξηγήστε το στα αγγλικά. 請用英語解釋一下。 Please explain that in English.
  25. Hi everyone, my MMDC is dead in my 2005 23LSV. I'm currently in the process of changing the gauges out and I'm wondering for anyone who has converted to analog gauges what did you do for fuel level, depth/air/water temp sensors? Is there any gauges that can reutilize the existing sensors?
  26. DAI

    Tommys vs Malibu

    No. MNCs have OECD P2 changes right now to manage/plan, but TCJA will follow right on the heals of that.
  27. Well, on closed and semi closed cooled engines the heater is typically part of the closed loop so if the OP has a closed loop, he needs to verify where the heater hooks up at. If it is part of the raw open system, yes it will fill with water but if it is part of the closed portion they will need to purge the air and add coolant.
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