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  2. Boat is starting to crank really slow and batteries are new. I was looking at db electronics marine starters, but got lost with so many options. These cw or ccw rotation? Anyone got the right part number for a drop in replacement?
  3. No enhancements. Straight from my wife’s iPhone.😎 Sometimes you just have to wait out the rain 🌧
  4. Eagleboy99

    Help with final price negotiations of 2019 AXIS A22

    Boats are non-fungible.
  5. Elkinsa

    Water Temps

    51 in central Minnesota. Coldest I can remember for Memorial Day Weekend. Need some heat!
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  7. Hey guys happy Memorial Weekend! Looked at my kit for the install tonight. Pretty darn straight forward except two questions. The exhaust outlet from the transom has an angle to it and it's very easy to tell which way it's supposed to go, however, you can only get 3 of the 4 screws back into the transom. Is that normal? I'm assuming this is completely fine as it will be supported on the cross mount for the exhaust pipe itself. Just wanted to check. Two different lengths of rubber hose. After placing all the parts together and doing a "dry run" it appears as though the longer rubber hose should connect the transom outlet to the intermediate pipe and the short piece would connect from the intermediate pipe to the main exhaust assembly. Correct? Thanks everyone! Ryan
  8. bbattiste247

    Help with final price negotiations of 2019 AXIS A22

    I would be very nice and agreeable, but I would shoot for 80k as well. If they won't take that, walk away and possibly look for something else. Give it about a week and then come back and see where they are at. The dealership might have to start paying flooring charges at the end of May, so they should want to move it. But the roughly 11% discount you are getting now should be a little better.
  9. ahopkinsVTX

    2015 23 LSV Stereo Unresponsive

    Have you checked the connections to the screen and black box?
  10. Eagleboy99

    Help with final price negotiations of 2019 AXIS A22

    At the end of the day, as long as you and the dealer are OK with the final deal, who cares about the opinions of others? If you try to screw them over, good luck with service. It is not like cars where you have many dealers competing for your business for the same car. "Vote with your wallet" like Dad used to say!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Hey guys, Thanks for your responses. I did replace the connectors at the control end - they looked a lot like those in your pictures, formulaben. We were out for the day again, and the entire time I would have to feather into forward or reverse to prevent revs going too high before the hydraulic pump in the trans kicked in. I’m used to the shift into gear being pretty instantaneous, but I can hear my setup whining as the pump starts and clutches catch, it sounds slow; almost as if the control cable is only JUST barely opening the valve in the transmission for fluid to flow. When it was slightly off from “just right” yesterday, a friend manually shifted for me and there were no issues.
  13. Tippy

    2019 Axis Sound Pack Specs

    Any one know how to balance the stereo with zones. Also I have a map 35 with no actual make. What kind of reciever is this. Is there a web page to go to to program my stereo. Please help
  14. Hyperryd

    HyperRyd surf racks

    Check out the TMC Deal Street section for our Memorial Day sale.
  15. More likely a pooched stepper motor. they are apparently fixable but good luck with that.
  16. If you can't fix it, this will replace it with a GPS speedo (note that you might have to swap the trim ring). https://skiboatpartsonline.com/speedometer-faria-5-gps-black.html?search=speedometer
  17. if you are handy it's likely repairable. that brass screw in the pix has a T head that rests on a copper conductor. corrosion builds between the two.
  18. So here is the update . I found a wire under the dash that was not being used. So I unplugged that and plugged in the one that was not in use and ended up with the same results. I then started looking at wires and found some that looked in bad shape going into the speedo up or down and pitot left or right. I jiggled those and the speedo worked after. I am going to rewire those to fix the issue. The good news is that the computer seems to be ok. I still want to get GPS. So to go GPS by Nautic it is about $300 dollars. I found a Faria gauge with GPS($200) that looks clean but the size(hole size 3.3") of the gauge will not fit since the Malibu hole is too big. The Malibu ones are 4.5" as you can see below. Any ideas or pics ppl can share of upgrading the dash? Thanks for all the help so far. https://fariabeede.com/2-pages/prod_display.php?calledGauge=2_speedGPS
  19. For Malibu that is accurate. Axis have less markup so don’t go in expecting 20+% off msrp cuz in most cases it ain’t gonna happen. 10-20% seems to be more realistic but a ton of factors come into play so YMMV.
  20. So anyway, time for me to stop yapping and start building. Stay tuned...
  21. A couple of things I learned from that styrofoam box going through the helm... 1) since the hole is 14.5” wide and my box is only 13” tall, I could go taller and still get through. So I decided to trade off some height for width. More height is better so less woofer is behind the fiberglass lip. Also, less width (even though there’s plenty of floor space for more) would make the box rotation (upward) easier when getting the box into place 2) when I looked at the notch (second to last pic above), I realized there’s room to make the notch only 2” instead of 4”. Making these two adjustments I came up with this FINAL design... Internal volume is a perfect 1.126 (net).
  22. Nope. Old gasket was on the filter. Grabbed a trusty Napa Gold and it spun right on. Must be bad thread job on the Baldwin. Not sure why i strayed from Napa in the first place.
  23. So I decided to try it through the hole under the helm. Flip it sideways and it slid through and rotated into place EASY!
  24. So here’s what I came up with and built out of styrofoam (pic 1 & 2). By my calculations, this design using 3/4 birch (which actually measures out to 11/16” thick) yields a volume of 1.119 cubic feet (net of 0.071 driver). When I first tried to get it through the bow hole it got stuck (pic 3). To go this route I would either need to expand that opening (not ideal) or make the box smaller (not willing to compromise).
  25. Now we start designing the new box! I have to admit, I did some snooping around in there and took some measurements BEFORE taking the grinder to the factory box. I didn’t want to go to all that work only to realize that there was a GOOD reason the factory box is so small. I came to the conclusion that there was room for a slightly bigger box on the floor inside the helm (both in width and depth). The bigger question was could I design something to fit through either of the two openings? And is there enough room in there to rotate it into place? Those questions can’t really be answered until the factory box is gone (or some fool takes the plunge first). So the parameters were... VOLUME: 1.196 (gross) and 1.125 (net) assuming 0.071 (driver displacement). I got these specs from JL Audio for their 12” W3 4ohm woofer. Why JL? Simply put, because I’m bored and want to see why so many people love JL subwoofers. DIMENSIONS: since my plan was to go through the bow access hole and rotate into position, my box couldn’t be any taller than 13” or any deeper than 12”. But there’s a catch! I learned there was indeed a reason Malibu only went 9” deep on their box. There’s actually room to go deeper; the issue is (as always) on the hull side where the floor starts to move inward with the contour of the bow (pic 2). So you can pick up volume with a deeper box, but it can’t be deeper along the entire width of the box (pic 3). Pic 1: New JL sub in the house! As you can see I was also doing some styrofoam modeling (more on that later) Pic 2: View of starboard side of the factory box (from above). The blue line roughly estimates where the floor is no longer flat. Pic 3: View is the back of the factory box (from above). The blue line roughly estimates where the floor is no longer flat. The green line is where you can bump out the back of the box to get more volume.
  26. I live in Henderson and Seattle and bring my boat both places. I highly would not recommend leaving your boat in the parking lot at Southpoint or any other casino parking lot for several reasons. First, would be the possibility of it being prowled. Second, is that very often the parking lots are filled to capacity thus you will have cars/trucks squeezing in tight next to you possibly hitting your trailer or boat. Southpoint is a great place to stay though. I got lucky and have my boat parked in an airplane hangar at Henderson Executive Airport. The recommendation to use 24-7 indoor storage I think is a great one. $75 for peace of mind plus being able to leave early in the morning is well worth it in my opinion. Please share with us how your Lake Powell trip goes and where you stayed.
  27. Here's a Fun Fact - If you want to start your 2012 Malibu (and probably other years), and you only have a single battery, you need to install it in Slot #2; installing it in Slot #1 powers up everything, but the key or the touch screen start do Absolutely Nothing. My problem was, I just got a replacement Malibu Touch Command screen - yes I was one of the lucky winners that had their touch screen delaminate due to a design flaw that typically showed up right after the warranty expired, and Malibu was happy to charge me $1600 for a replacement touch screen from Meridian - no other option to operate any electrical functions on the boat other than the emergency key start and the horn. Am I bitter - Hell Yes! I suspect this part cost them about $500, and given the price of these boats, it's an outrage they're not willing to at least share in the cost of fixing their design flaw, let alone making a profit on it. So I received my replacement screen, but I only had a single battery with me to give it a try as I was getting the boat ready for the summer. I naively installed the battery in Slot #1, and put the selector in position #1 - my normal procedure is to have my StartUp battery in Slot #1, and my Deep Cycle battery in Slot #2. Start up on #1, drive on #1 & #2, operate while floating on #2. As stated above, everything powered up just fine, and everything on the touch screen worked perfectly - except Start Engine. I tried the Emergency Key Start, but it did nothing as well. I started troubleshooting with the excellent Malibu Crew Start Up guide, and so I checked into things like the engine master breaker, and other starter-related things, and making sure I had the battery fully charged. Not having the second battery with me, I figured I'd at least swap the one I have to Slot #2, put the switch on #2 and IT WORKED!. Maybe that's been pointed out elsewhere on the board here, but I sure didn't run across it as I was searching the history looking for something to try. Anyway, I hope this helps someone down the road. It would be a good addition to the posted Start Up Troubleshooting guide. And it would be HUGE if anyone has an Electrical Wiring Diagram that explains how this works - possibly a missing ground relating to the starter if battery #2 isn't installed? Why they won't publish a Wiring Diagram for the owner is beyond me! Happy Boating, Dave
  28. Oh that would be a good idea! Thanks! 👍🏻
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