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  2. Need for a trailer depends on location. At our lake in Georgia, virtually no one has trailers. Trailers are viewed as a huge negative, because you have to pay to store them while your boat is on a lift all year, or in the marina for storage. If you need a trailer here, very easy to get the dealership to loan you one.
  3. I'm a little taller than most and generally look over the windshield to drive. Mine was mounted directly in my line of sight. It lasted about 7 minutes into my maiden voyage. Hasn't been re-installed since. Wish they installed it on the port window. I might be able to use it if it were there. I do have these cool little brackets on the window frame now that do nothing now but cover up the holes that they drilled to install them in the first place.
  4. wakebrdr94

    Warranty hours limit

    Back then, PCM was three years, Malibu covered the additional 2 years to make it a 5 year
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  6. wakebrdr94

    Warranty hours limit

    indmar and PCM both had 500 hour limits since 2015 when the warranty went to 5 years 500 hours or 5 years is for both motor AND boat 300 if you have a Salt edition
  7. Correct. And if items were sent to Malibu that needed addressed are you sure the transfer was completed? They wont always process if theres something big on the inspection. Also note that the gel coat is only one year, so if youre wondering about small cracks they may not fix it.
  8. What are the issues you are having? Scheduling? Getting parts replaced? What are you looking to get done? Also, there is a difference between wear and warranty. Typically warranty transfer paper work does not come with a list of items that "need warranty" it is an inspection sent to Malibu, not a punch list for the next owner. Depending on the issues, I have some customers who have been waiting 6+ months for certain items. It's not that we do not want to help, we are just like the rest of the world waiting for supply chain to ease and get back on track. It is improvin
  9. BlindSquirrel

    Interior Replacement

    Yeah, 5k is a safe buffer I’d say.
  10. csleaver

    2018 Axis A22 water intake hose size

    1-1/4 inch ID is the standard size for sea water cooling inlet hoses that I have seen on any Malibu or Axis.
  11. The best advice I can give you is to be very careful who you take advice from on boating forums, or really any forum. If you are comfortable trying to strong arm the dealer by using social media posts, government agencies, or legal avenues (as some may have suggested), then I wish you the best of luck. If you actually want to get your boat fixed I think a little civility and understanding will get you much better results. It usually does. What kind of small stuff needs to be repaired? Some warranty repairs require pre-authorization from Malibu before they can be done and other things
  12. yes you’re right... I really try to find the best and everyone else who will have the problem will solve... I’m septic on the 24lb...septic also for the 19lb... but the good compromise I think would be the 21lb because let’s not forget that the ECM indmar cefi has a tendency to Open injector longer than a mercruiser program for example that also uses 24lb...with a tolerence and injectors quality ca can pass.. we will be fixed also when I will have the return of mine.. in a few days... have a good day to you soon
  13. Haha, that thread resulted in his best tow vehicle to date. Disclaimer....I may or may not still be rocking the same rig with a 6 speed manual.
  14. @Charlotte2, I'm sorry you are having so much trouble finding the correct injectors. I see 19244617 available for about $88 each in the US.
  15. I believe that one. It brings us back to this post, which says use GM 19244617 or AC Delco 217-313....
  16. Riser gaskets are four bolts for each side. Gaskets are about $10 each. Seems like a thirty minute job to me.
  17. alcoprop

    Interior Replacement

    Perfect thank you! I am very familiar with boats and working on them. This is going to be a winter project/rehab boat and then sell it in the summer. I was hoping to be able to get it done for $5k or less.
  18. BlindSquirrel

    Interior Replacement

    Tough to say these days, but I did the same thing 3 years ago and paid ~$2500 cash to a small local interior shop here. It's not too hard to take all the interior out yourself. Some hard to reach bolts, but nothing crazy. It also gives you a good chance to really get to know your boat. If you pull the trigger, I'm happy to help with any questions.
  19. I have the chance to buy a nice 99 sunsetter VLX. It has a lot of rips and tears in the interior. Does anyone have an idea on what a full replacement would cost. I can pull everything out and take it somewhere. Just trying to make sure the deal is still good. I would be selling it in the spring time is the goal.
  20. Yesterday
  21. The next time you have a cold start, key up several times (turn key to ON for 3 seconds, then OFF, then back to ON) before you start and see if it behaves differently.
  22. new answer other person indmar...
  23. 2007 was the first year that Malibu switched to an in-tank fuel pump. I don't know why you would need to cut a hole in the floor. 2008 malibu 23 LSV floor removal (no pics, and little information here, but your 2007 should be essentially the same process) Bakes has the replacement pump (Gen3 replaces Gen2). I found this "how-to" on wakegarage.com: Gen2 to Gen3 Fuel Pump Replacement
  24. I just bought a 2018 Axis A22 and I want to install a perko flush system. The boat is being shipped to me and I won't have it for a couple of weeks but I want to get the part here. Does anyone know what size hose it is. Perko offers a 5/8, 1 inch, and 1 1/4 inch so I assume it's one of those. Thanks!
  25. I also have a 2007 Malibu vtx. My boat is in the shop and they are telling me my fuel pump is putting out to much pressure and the pump needs to be replaced. I talked with Bakes and they said there is a new model fuel pump that does not have a pressure regulator. The dealership wants 995.00 to replace. Just wondering if anyone has done this repair. They also want 595.00 to replace the riser manifold gaskets that are leaking. Can anyone give any kind of input please.
  26. Hello. My fuel pump on my 2007 Maibu VTX has failed and needs replacement. I am being told the original fuel pump has been discontinued and that the replacement fuel pump (new design) will not fit without cutting a hole in the floor. I am also told, they will need to custom build a "cup holder" like feature that will hide the hole. Has anyone had this issue? If so, can you advise on what you have done? Maybe share a picture of the completed install and materials used? My dealer is a good group of folks for sure, but it would be a great help to hear (and see pics) what others ha
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