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  2. I had thought it was 3 yrs.
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  4. Pnwrider

    Help me find the right tonneau cover for me

    Call Luke at truck alterations. I posted the link earlier in this thread. He’s always done better than 15% off anyway.
  5. Ingineer66


    Look at a 21 VLX if you are not hard core skiing. Ours throws a decent ski wake and a good surf wake with the plug n play bags.
  6. Ingineer66

    Help!! VTX or VLX

    My comment was referring to the 21 VLX vs the VTX.
  7. Guppydriver

    23LSV - solid interior?

    Not a Bu' but I remember looking at these when I was looking at some MasterCrafts
  8. I use a fluid extractor (vacuum pump) very similar to the ones linked in your original post. Works very well for me. Seems you are using proper methods to me. Warming the oil is the key factor in improving flow rate. Thirty minutes of run time should be more than enough to get your oil nice and warm.
  9. Isn’t this really the same system that I already have, just in a different, smaller package? I don’t see much different with this option.
  10. Boulderboats

    2017 Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ

    Low hour boat in excellent condition. Monsoon 6.2L. Only 191 hours. For complete details click this link: 2017 Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ
  11. 2019 was the first year of the current 25 LSV design. Design cycles have typically been 4 years but Malibu pulled in a number of models this year during their Covid break with an early 23 LSV redesign and MXZ line update.
  12. williemon

    1999 Sunsetter VLX

    Glad to be of help even though I didn’t post to this topic. 😁 That said, I also decided to look at that advice closer and decided that yes, would be better to do it right The first time. Go larger so when you want it you have the ballast. It prompted me to change where I will store items so I can have the room to add the larger ballast. My wave currently is no where close to what it could be and I can’t surf it but my kids can.
  13. oldjeep

    Fault codes

    O2 sensor fault. Open/lazy
  14. The re-design on the 23lsv looks pretty sharp but I’m not a fan of it for the LSV line in general. I like how LSV’s look like boats, not robots Anybody know anything about where 25LSV is in its design cycle? Thinking about upgrading from a 22’ but wouldn’t want to if a 2022 model is a new design
  15. justgary

    Fault codes

    Please don't double post your issues....
  16. justgary

    Fault Codes?

    I just used a popular search engine to find that your code means that you have a slow O2 sensor. I would make sure that you have a fully charged battery before you go off and start diagnosing or changing parts.
  17. Yesterday
  18. JJski

    Help!! VTX or VLX

    Thanks for the input. What about a 21 vlx? I am having trouble finding any used VTX’s. Or maybe I bite the bullet and buy a new Vtx.

    New Beast

    It is indeed. I ordered the strainer, I got an Indmar one. The Malibu Supplier in Perth Western Australia is very helpful. Cheers
  20. bcoppess23

    2021 23 LSV Review

    Is that what you mean by full function then? I know on my '14, I didn't have that capability over BT. And now you shared that, you have me second guessing but I am still 95% confident you have the ability to song skip over BT. I do know via Amazon Music, I was able to song skip with the transom remote.
  21. Eagleboy99

    Help me find the right tonneau cover for me

    Good for you. No one ever asks for a best price. I mean, all they can say is no, right? (I once took a negotiation course from Herbet Cohen - awesome guy and SO FUNNY!) http://www.herbcohenonline.com/
  22. Eagleboy99

    Swim Platform Replacement?

    If I was doing one, I'd have them engrave "NO STEP" on it just to confuse the newbies.
  23. Become a paid member to post or use a third party hosting site like ImgBB, etc. If you mean HDPE/plastic shims, your dealer should have them or Graingers, etc.
  24. I am trying to replace the plastic flat shims that allow the swivel seat base to turn without metal to metal contact. I cannot find them on bakes or even a simple google search. Anyone else replace these. The seat base has a bunch of slop because the plastic shims are worn out. I tried attaching pictures but cannot find the option on the post. Sorry for the vague explanation.
  25. minnmarker

    Oil Drain Line Not Working

    This https://www.amazon.com/America-5060TS-Topsider-Multi-Purpose-Removing/dp/B001445IZ8/ and a trip to Home Depot for a couple fittings and you'll have the oil out in less than a minute - safely - using the drain hose attached to the bottom of the oil pan.
  26. Five Cent Worth

    2021 23 LSV Review

    Not true on my '19. Song skipping and mute doesn't work on Spotify.
  27. Yes, cap is vented (when using both methods). As for the bottoming out, tough to know what it actually looks like down there, but I have certainly tried different "depths" without any noticeable difference.
  28. minnmarker

    Swim Platform Replacement?

    Mine was trashed too. Here's my new one. Got it about 4 years ago. They do custom. Just call and ask SeaDeck.
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