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  3. The pick up on this engine makes me thing compression isn’t a factor. Also I’ll add the ignition wires look good if not recently new. I’ll be spending tomorrow checking through my list of potential root causes just wanted to seek additional advice here first
  4. Uggghhhhh. Did you at least test the compression before you bought it? It could be injectors, but it could also be a long list of other issues. The low hanging fruit is a complete tune up first (including wires), plus the throttle body clean up. Your best bet would be on building a MEFI cable and reading engine data yourself. That way you don't just throw a bucket of parts at it.
  5. SoonerLSV

    Show off your kids!!

    My 8 year old’s first time on the surfboard and she’s already better than me!
  6. The other thing I would add/correct is in the high idle state I can engage throttle enough to move forward (at a very high idle which makes a no wake speed nonexistent) but anything beyond that stalls the engine.
  7. bretcole

    Craigslist Finds

  8. I know they’re not the cheapest, but once you use these you’ll never look at another adjustable. That said, your $30 adjustable is a lot more useful than the aluminum thing I bought (but I have a direct drive). https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005EXNT2Y/
  9. TallRedRider

    Bu loosing Tower Wars?

    What Ahop said below. I think I had the CS. Difficult tiny little D rings to hold the support bar in place. I always feel that if I needed tower speakers for the cabin folk, then something is wrong with the interior speakers. Centurion offers a Wetsounds option, so I went with that and have been pleased. Keen observation. The Centurion Dropzone tower is similar to the G3 in terms of speaker placement. I have the Maximus tower that puts them more rearward. Oddly enough, the Dropzone is considered the premium tower. How people put up with tower speakers blasting the in
  10. Separating into two posts on my new boat to keep responses separate: my wedge “locks” into the down position but I can pull it back up so that tells me the spring loaded plungers are not locking in the frame or at least providing enough resistance to remain locked. Think some WD-40 would unlock the spring enough otherwise are those replaceable? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello All, Let me start with saying I have read at least 10 different threads on here for similar issues as mine but it seemed like none matched up perfectly so here I am. I also just bought my boat up today and wanted some insight before troubleshooting and/or taking to my mechanic. My issue: I start the boat, after about 10 seconds my idle will go from ~800 up to 1500. Now there are two scenarios: 1) if I engage throttle when still in the 800 rpm idle, I have no stalling issues but I can’t get above 4,000 rpm. I also think there is a lot of vibration / excess motor nois
  12. Zippymbr

    2007 23LSV Wakeshaper recomendations

    I ran the Mission Delta with ok results on my 07 LSV. My advice is if surfing is your thing buy a GSA this winter and have an awesome season next year. Yes its worth it.
  13. I've got the same boat. Did you ever get an answer on this?
  14. jjackkrash

    Duramax (LM2) Escalade (and yukon/tahoe)

    Coinflip improved to almost a certainty. @gregtayI am really curious if you like (or love or whatever) the Super Cruise?
  15. I just use a big channel locks and one of these Proferred Plumbing Adjustable... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016OK8QNM?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  16. formulaben

    Packing nut temp?

    In my configuration, there is the v-drive right above the packing, and 2 ballast pumps on either side...it's pretty tight. It's not impossible, but I think they're almost required for v-drives. One day you'll save someone's bacon if they need one.
  17. Yesterday
  18. I had the same thing happen when we did the packing on my in-laws lxi. Got hot, no drips no matter how loose I made it. We ran it hard, let it cool down, repeat a few times and then it finally started dripping
  19. Put two hours on it, today. Temp down to 85 after some break-in. Still no drips. I’m calling it a success! For anyone who stumbles upon this thread, here’s a tip: those $30 aluminum wrenches are completely unnecessary if you have the right tools. I regret buying one because my Knipex plier wrenches worked perfectly (and better - I did try the special wrench since I paid for it). Well, I guess the special one is good to keep on board for emergencies. I’m sure as heck not keeping my Knipex set on board!
  20. New member here. Long time boater (outboard, I/0, twin jet, inboard), but first time Malibu owner. I know I'm going to have questions on maintenance and mods - glad to find a fairly active forum dedicated to the brand. Picked up a 2013 VTX, so far we absolutely love it.
  21. vanamp


    I just saw the T250 with the registration numbers off the back of the logo. It does not look bad so that is the route we are going with our T220 but will likley upgrade to dommed numbers or similar.
  22. Patronalarie

    2015 wakesetter screen issue

    I changed the cat 6 that goes from the 7” to the big screen but didn’t blow in it. I’ll try that. Thanks
  23. I can’t believe this response didn’t come up sooner. They are a great resources and very knowledgeable. Yo the OP, friendly reminder to just make sure you are only using the auto parts store for parts that you don’t need the marine version for. (Don’t buy a non marine starter or alternator).
  24. SurfNAZ

    help me find a part

    The Ace Hardware by my house has these. Looks like it is what you are looking for. They had a couple of bins with different sizes. Not sure what thread size is needed.
  25. justgary

    06 Response running ROUGH cold

    Plugs and wires first. If that doesn't do it, come back and we'll look at the temperature sender next.
  26. justgary

    bilge pump effluent

    A search for "bilge pump hose" shows that it is a fairly ubiquitous commodity. Buy it at your favorite marine store.
  27. where is a good place to order parts on-line? My 2011 Malibu Wakesetter 23LSV has a crack in the corrugated plastic pipe that connects the bilge pump to the exterior so that much of the water pumped falls right back into the bilge. Where can I get some of this pipe on-line?
  28. My 2006 Malibu LX Response(Indimar engine)has been running very rough the last month right after start-up, but runs well after I push through it and get her warmed up north of 150 degrees. I just changed the cap and rotor, but that didn’t seem to help. I was thinking of changing the plugs and wires next, but figured I would ask other experienced owners if they have any other advice. Any suggestions I’m missing? Ken McLouth
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