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  2. Gavin17

    Prop Display Stand

    I could make one pretty easily. I'm guessing you just mean for winter? In the summer my spare is in a prop bag in the truck. I'd hate to ding a prop only to realize I left my spare in the office.
  3. Has anyone built one or know where I could buy a prop display stand? I figure if I have 400+ wrapped up in a back up prop I am at least going to have it out in my office to look at!
  4. SpaceSurfer

    Speaker ID for Upgrade

    Ok that's super helpful! So you're saying, no matter what, I'm not getting the most out of the speakers because of the amps. So I can wire the 500/2 to the woofer after making a proper enclosure. Buy the Syn-DX2.3HP to power the towers. Buy the Syn-DX4 for the interior Fosgate speakers. If down the road, I'm not happy with the Icon-8's and upgrade to 4 10" HLCDs, will the Syn-DX2.3 still be enough or will I have to again upgrade that? I know good amps are never a bad buy, thinking of upgrading just the amps first and the sub enclosure and seeing how that works. If it's still lacking, then do the speakers next summer or nexttime another sale rolls around...
  5. Guess it is personal preference. No way i would want that v block that they use under the bow instead of full length bow bunks. Boatmates have prop cage rollers, and a folding tongue. And there is no way i want my spare under the boat instead of on the tongue.
  6. After having Boatmates under our '02 and '03 team boats and an Extreme under my '01, I can 100% say this is bad advice. The Extreme does a much better job of centering the boat, has a folding tongue that takes less garage space, has integrated prop cage rollers, carries the boat lower and between the fenders, has much nicer boat guides, and has a much better method of carrying the spare. That and it looks better. Boatmate makes a fine product, but I couldn't possibly be happier with my Extreme. I'd consider it a plus to have one of those under a boat I was considering. On the Orange, I'm not crazy about it, but I don't hate it either. The FXi is a unicorn, as I'm sure you know based on your boat history. They're neat.
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  8. IXFE

    Hulks dream feature

    I’m pretty sure @The Hulk‘s dream feature is a motion activated snack dispenser... ... like this one, only imagine Cheetos in there instead of ear plugs.
  9. I’d hit it! And FXI is a cool boat.
  10. I like it a lot! Is that the “hot orange”? My 2006 Response had been hot orange with a charcoal stripe and a white hull & deck. Colors went very well together!
  11. coldwater-echelon

    Boat Color: Love It or Hate It???

    Love it! But Ilike orange, the gray accents look good.
  12. Why did they replace the ECM? That’s usually something that is not a maintenance item or something you have to replace.
  13. ^ lol. I'm sure you guys probably already know, but it's a typo. It was meant to say ECM.
  14. CarveAir

    VLX Slalom Storage

    Did you ever solve the ski storage issue? I recently upgraded from 2008 VTX to 2014 VLX and am disappointed with the divider under the passenger seat. Skis all fit in the VTX nicely. Tried removing divider but ran into same issue you listed.
  15. Looks great to me - name that baby Bevo and then hook 'em!
  16. gibbs114

    Used Boards

    Victoria is sold.
  17. I'd have never guessed, looked a lot bigger than that to me. Axles seem pretty far back for a dd. I'd make sure to see what the tongue weight is like and that they didn't stick an fxi on a vtx trailer.
  18. I didn't realize that is an FXi. Being how rare they are I'd say that is a great buy.
  19. I like it! If you are going to do orange, then I think the best color to put with it is grey, which they did. The interior looks great, just enough orange to compiment the exterior. I like the grey trailer too.
  20. Yeah, looks good! If you like it (translated: if wifey likes it) buy it!
  21. carguy79ta

    Hulks dream feature

    The sales guy said "it doesn't need any extra ballast"....riiiiiight.
  22. I’ve added an interior pic above ⬆️
  23. carguy79ta

    Best Half-Ton Truck For 2018 Test

    Is your Bimmer turbocharged? That is where E85 shines. It allows you to run more boost without detonation. If you take a regular motor and just run E85 in it, you will get crappy mpg as stated previously. You will have to do the math to see if there are any savings to running E85. I would think minuscule if any. The refineries have done the math with their pricing models.
  24. MLA

    Speaker ID for Upgrade

    Those are the Malibu Wet Sounds Icon-8. they are an 8" coaxial. If your primary goal is wake boarding, moving to their 8" HLCD would be an upgrade. If your primary focus is surfing or party cove listening, then moving up to the 10" HLCD is the all around best option. At only 125W rms to each pod (and the factory amp tune if its never been addressed), you can make a noticeable improvement by upgrading just the amp. An amp like the Syn-DX2.3HP would get it done. If you build a proper woofer enclosure and re-purpose the 500/2 to the woofer, you can make a huge improvement. The Syn-DX4 would double the in-boat wattage over the 400/4. Or the Syn-DX6 for in-boats and 600W to a 4 ohm woofer.
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