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About TheMalibuCrew.com

Where everybody knows your name.

And now for a TMC history lesson.

In early 2005, Malibudude, Ronnie and WakeGirl were moderators for an online community called MalibuBoatOwners.com, a site that was owned by a fourth person, who went by the user name of skicrave. Early that year, skicrave informed the other three of his intent to transform MBO into a site that was to be named WakeSideRides.com. While this article will not go into details over the differences between MBO and what it was about to become, suffice it to say that WSR was going to be a very different experience for the members of the MBO community.

While none of the three could fault the decision to take MBO in a new direction, they felt that a significant, if not greater, part of the community that they had worked so hard to help build would be lost. It is human nature to like what we know and know what we like, and the greater the change the greater the resistance will normally be to that change. Additionally, it was important not just to keep the community intact, but for it to also retain the autonomy that it had always enjoyed and which appeared to be in jeopardy. And so the three embarked on an ambitious project: to build a place to land for the community members that could not or did not want to adapt to WSR.

To help the original three, there were three others that were instrumental in the construction of TMC: administrator WakeAndSnow, and moderators CarveItUp and chathamsolutions. Unfortunately those three have moved on to other endeavours in their lives and no longer participate on TMC at those same levels. Their work and efforts were invaluable, but moreover their humor, good nature, and wisdom are greatly missed. D-GOOSE was promoted to "Swag King" in the spring of 2008 and Murphy8166 in 2019, in recognition of their hard work with discounts and group buys. MalibuNation and martinarcher joined the moderation team in October of 2011, along with Ahopkins22LSV in 2019 and formulaben in 2021, bringing a great attitude and exuberance to the community that is infectious and appreciated by all. And so as it currently stands, the complete team is comprised of the following people: Ronnie, WakeGirl, MalibuNation, martinarcher, Ahopkins22LSV, Murphy816 and formulaben, with Ronnie running the show.

TMC was a huge success even from the launch in April of 2005, but the intent was always to exist alongside of WSR. The two sites were so completely different that most agreed that there was no reason that they could not exist alongside each other. One member put it best in his thread titled The PUB vs. The LIBRARY.

On April 17, 2005 at 5:32 AM, doughickey said:

TMC is like my local Pub. It's where I hang out with my pals. It's the first place I want to go. It's where I make great friends. We laugh, and squabble and bicker and tell horror stories and share neat ideas and help each other out. I know the owners. They are my friends as well. They own the Pub, but they come out to our tables and talk with us. Feels like family. I just hope my buddies can afford to keep the Pub running.


So.... me thinks now that most of my pals have found the new "Pub".... I think I'll find my favorite chair (just like Norm in Cheers), and have a round with the guys and gals at TMC.

And THAT, guys and gals, is the very essence of TheMalibuCrew. Some here can say with deep conviction that they have met some of their very best friends, people that they consider to be family as a direct result of this community. And note the use of the word community. Not site, website, forum, or board. When you strip away all of the DIY articles, discounts and resource material.... at its core, community is what this place is all about.

Queue the Cheers theme music, "Where everybody knows your name."

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