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      My mom drives a 4Runner, it’s got a really nice ride actually. Not anything overly fancy on the inside but it’s proven and been great. Wouldn’t want to tow anything more than 5000 with it that’s for sure. 

      I don’t know how much you’re willing to spend but the Mercedes GLE, it’ll tow 7200 and I’ve heard nothing about good things about towing. The luxury suv’s have tons of power, better suspension, and wider tires which all pan out to be better for towing. 

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      You gain walk thru windshield and lose 3-500 lbs if nose weight, old design had 950 mushroom sac that filled to app 775-800? I believe new size is 350-400?

      i wouldn’t doubt there was “some” improvement thru hull redesign but I think it’s the mounting placement depth and angle of the surf gates relative to platform that made improvements and fir transfers fir 16 you get the much faster surfgate actuators but also their less dependable and have more issues , the older slower debugged 2013 Malibu actuators used in 14 snd 15 are rock solid and seem to never  have a problem not correctable by surfgate calibration and service modes

      wakeboard Wake with my 1235 prop limitations is very good with or without wedge, can’t wait fir spring to see what 4600 lbs water lead and fuel plus wedge will look like with my 2315 prop I just bought, bet it’s insane!!!

      Gets ridiculously low gph when surfing heavy listed with the 330hp and 1.49/1 drive train , 4-5.5 tops gallons an hour, I bet even better with my new prop

      new tower design a little  ugly but ten times more convenient to lower or raise than the older tower with 4 knobs per side and having to completely remove the support stansion with racks , almost impossible to raise safely with no possibility of damage alone . My 4 Titan fixed racks make them sort of like a weapon with sharp edges on stansions and points on racks that stand ready to damage anything they touch 

      putting down a little easier and I can do it myself with 2 rev 8. I planned to add one 410 in middle but that’s out cause wife said she’s not supporting anything heavier while I install the stansions with racks mounted, it would also complicate me putting it down alone cause I can’t use one support in middle in tranny cover and now need two that go to floor in either side of tranny cover

      and everybody puts their hard side cooler in the ‘16 walk through area and often lose the walkthrough anyway and cooler not as heavy as that stem of mushroom sac that terminated in that area, so you stepped up to walk thru but with cooler you will do same 

      i like my chillax seat right there as well and the front chillax serves as a wind block 

      when chillax seat down in cabin snd no one using it serves as a shelf to throw phone or other on and it just sits there ,

      as usual goofy wave is great , but with more speed we recently dialed the regular wave as well , it’s just not a clean wave but long and pushy , never as good as  the goofy wave

      set up is heavily listed with full mls , 750-800 surf side rear, 150-200 opposite rear , bow sac full (750-800), 335 lead in bow surf side , 3-330 lead surf side cabin, 70-100 non surf side, driver only 

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      1 minute ago, granddaddy55 said:

      since ignition and dash are primarily wired to batt 1

      They should not be as this again, circumvents the switch. Everything but the auto bilge, needs to go through the switch. The switch will allow you to use which ever battery you want, when you want, and isolate the other in reserve, when you want. When you bypass the switch, you lose that control. 

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      "7" ? No Syn-7, but the Syn-6 is not overkill IMO. 

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