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    • we have it where i live too - it's more expensive that premium where I live and my boat requires premium with my particular motor.  I have a friend who runs it in his surf boat all the time though so as long your boat doesn't require premium i would say it's fine.

    • Ethanol free gas is a big deal if you have a small engine (lawnmower, snowblower) or an older boat / PWC with a carbureted engine.  Ethanol gums up the carbs making them hard to start and/or run smoothly.  It also can destroy rubber parts (fuel lines, seals, orings, etc..).  That said, modern cars/trucks/boats do not have issues with Ethanol gas b/c they are fuel injected and have been designed with Ethanol in mind.

      I have a SCAG mower and SCAG did a test and found that non-ethanol seemed to lower engine temperatures which could prolong the life of an air cooled engine but doesn't really apply to a liquid/thermostat controlled car or boat. 

    • I recently discovered  Clear Gas Ethanol Free gas as an option at a Maverick gas station in Lake Havasu, Arizona.  Does anyone have experience using it in their boats?  I'm curious as it is now available for me.  

    • I suspect those used #s will continue to rise during the hard times ahead.

      the question is how bad and long lasting the recession will be. .. guess that also depends how we rewrite the definition to fit the narrative. 

      Gray area = recessions.. 

      Jobs are lagging data we'll see what happens when that blue line goes below the black (probably already has) but won't reflect for a few months.

      All indicators show fed has it all wrong, they will overcorrect. 

      If there is any possible silver linings, one might consider the past several years have been swinging like a pendulum in (roughly) 1yr increments like below. Perhaps that gives us some insight? 

      * Initial recession ie 2wks to slow the curve. turned into faaar longer. Closures , layoffs, we're all gonna die. Massive Order cancellations in china, nobody will have $ world is ending 

      * 800 LB gorilla responded pumping the money press at light speed.  China economy booming with orders at this time. US not so much yet. Production/ PPI, raw materials and prices rising sharply. Assets surging. Huge producer cost increases, consumers not much yet. 

      *China starts shipping all that stuff, bottlenecks, Supply chain Backloggs, ports ,truck congestions, massive cost increases of anything being transported, to many goods not enough capacity.. labor shortage, wage increases, massive inflation hits employers + consumers highest on record (if calculated correctly)

      * 800 LB gorilla responds again, raises rates faster than ever and starts vacuuming up all that money, credit tightening, higher rates , stricter lending, assets take a hit. Higher energy prices, Kill all demand at all costs! China orders crashed overnight. US gets inventory hang over +30-40% overages. Price slashing on overages starting. FEDEX barometer falls off cliff, grounding planes. Trucking and port backlogs cleared and drying up. Amazon laying off during holiday surge 

       ***Now enter at least a year of mass layoffs, order cuts, cap X elimination, recession, closures,  (18 months and counting) of consumer wage decreases compared to inflation. Disposable income vanishes. Credit card debt all time high, over paid for used and new Vehicle loan defaults. MUCH POORER & BROKE CONSUMER. (The official recession) 

      ******TBD...Late 2023 - early 2024 Fed goes back to zero, but takes 2-3 yrs more to get back to normal? 







    • Also, our yellow RCA plug was loose too but that has nothing to do with the screen going dim to my knowledge.

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