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    • gdmatson


      9 hours ago, Slurpee said:

      @longlake, I think above I said about 3 for two coats on the whole boat. And I have about half a bottle left over. 

      As stated earlier, I also used Marine Nano Shop. The owner was helpful for supplies, but do your research for prep. You still have a significant amount of prep even on a new boat. It took me 2 12 hours days of prep. I used all of 2 bottles.

    • I like the smoke as well. To throw a wrench in your plan, new cover before you put a tower on it?

    • wdr

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      Solenoid is separate. Check a local rebuild place if you have one. They can rebuild the starter if it needs it and they will replace the solenoid if it is bad a lot cheaper than ordering new.

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    • svnfightsvn


      These guys may have the correct transducer puck. Let me know if they do...my depth gauge is out and although it’s not as important to me, I think I’d eventually like to get it fixed


    • jjackkrash

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      2 hours ago, RyanB said:

      So how do you go up in engine size when you already have a HD diesel?  If you have a Ford or Chevy, I guess they would tell you its time to upgrade to a Cummins.....  :)

      Word I heard from a few tuner friends is that the Alison tranny is finally the weak link in the Chevy and that they can tune the 2017s or later into monsters without much trouble, but the tranny can't handle much more torque without seriously compromising longevity.  I suspect they are going to really beef up the new 10 speed tranny for this reason.    I am looking forward to the Chicago show to see what Chevy has in store for the new truck.  

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