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    • sChamblee


      We have 2%.... love it

    • hethj7


      Correct you are.  I hadn’t known this until tonight.  Interesting they do that vs standardizing on a single output and tranny. 

    • RyanB

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      3 hours ago, hethj7 said:

      The Cummins has a base and an upgraded option now in the HD.  

      There have been multiple output options in the Cummins for YEARS.

      From 2004 - 2018 the manual was the lowest output.

      2013 - current, 68RFE transmission is behind the "standard output" engine.

      2013 - curren, the Aisin is behind the high output.

      FCA is discontinuing the manual in the 2020.

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    • gdmatson


      9 hours ago, Slurpee said:

      @longlake, I think above I said about 3 for two coats on the whole boat. And I have about half a bottle left over. 

      As stated earlier, I also used Marine Nano Shop. The owner was helpful for supplies, but do your research for prep. You still have a significant amount of prep even on a new boat. It took me 2 12 hours days of prep. I used all of 2 bottles.

    • jrvs23


      I like the smoke as well. To throw a wrench in your plan, new cover before you put a tower on it?