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    • RedWakesetterVLX


      On 4/12/2021 at 12:06 AM, Eagleboy99 said:

      Interestingly, Islander Brilliant White was a perfect match to the white vinyl in my 99 RLX - almost 20 years later!

      Yup same for my VLX.  Just had a seat done a month ago and looks great. 

    • The bigger problem with the touchscreen (and the Malivuew for that matter) is delamination.  If I were buying a boat of that vintage I would budget replacing both (speaking from personal experience).  The Maliview screen cost me $2300 and the touchscreen was $1800.

      I have seen other reports similar to what you are experiencing that didn't require replacement.  You might want to change the title of the thread to something more specific to this issue and maybe you will catch someone with that specific experience.

    • I think there is a set of two in the classified section a few weeks ago.  How old are they?  

    • Thank you.  I “think” I’ve been in 12-40’ water at all times, my depth finder is t working.  Also, I haven’t tried without the wedge, I’ll try that. In the meantime, I have to carry it back for some new boat fixes. I’m not sure if the bow bag is full or empty due to pump being messed up on it 

    • @DMG-  a compression test and leak down test can tell you a lot about the health of the engine, in your case I would certainly do both.  Steering on a DD is a similar test, look for little rudder to steering wheel free play and a free steering cable (steering should be a one finger amount of effort).  Check the rudder to bushing play.  Transmission should engage / disengage quietly.  The shaft seal will probably drip, that is normal and it should not be more than slightly warm to the touch after running.  When test driving note the following - the boat should probably pull slightly to the right or take a small amount of left hand down pressure to follow a straight path, that is normal and when you go to reverse, it will back up to the right, normal for a left hand rotation prop.  Drive train should be smooth and vibration free.  Good luck!  And in case you don't know, that model boat is really well liked by its owners, there are several on this site that love them and tend to be hard to find.

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