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    • I’m not sure what kayt425 thought, but I for one was very disappointed in the Malibu offerings at the boat show. I went specifically to look at the 25 lsv. After hearing about all the great things about it here on this forum, I was all but dead set on getting one. However, after looking at it, there just wasn’t anything to get excited about. My intention isn’t to offend anyone as I’m sure the on water performance is great, but I’m just speaking specifically on the limited observations that you can obtain from an indoor boat show in the middle of winter.  Nautique, Tige, and Supra all looked so much better and gave you more of a premium feel than what I got from Malibu.  Malibu almost seemed like a “budget” boat in comparison. That’s a real shame because I truly did want to validate my decision to move in that direction, but not sure I’m quite ready to do that now. Maybe a demo on the water when it warms up will change my mind though. 

    • I think I going to call BS on these videos :-/... I really wanted them to be "accurate" but this evening we went out and demo'ed a new 23LSV and with the stock setup (with some PnP bags but not sure how big they were) and I used the  "default surf settings" (10.6, full ballast, wedge down)  the wave looked NOTHING like the 23LSV in the video.. not even remotely close (and therefore I walked away  extremely disappointed.) The boat we demo'ed felt like it needed a TON of weight in the front to add any length to the wave. The wave was med height but looked very short and far to angled out to the side (instead of behind the boat) and no curl at the end, I tried speeding up all the way to 12 and that was still marginal. Wedge was all the way down (raising it any obviously made things worse.)  I was expecting an awesome surf wave from a the new 23LSV w/ stock ballast+PnP and I walked away confused and questioning this boat. (knowing what I know of dialing in a wave if felt like I needed less wedge, more speed (but I tried up to 12mph) and a ton more weight in the bow (I was questioning if the bow tank actually filled but it said 100%.) Everyone was around the middle of the boat (3 adults, 2 kids) and even when I went to the bow it didn't help much.)  Our 2008 23LSV w/ stock ballast + 800 piggybacks, power wedge all the way down and GSA @ 11.0-11.6 MPH is a significantly better (longer, higher, cleaner) wave (much closer to the video.)  Someone please tell me their stock 2018/2019 23LSV puts out a wave on par with the video so I can have a bit more confidence in a new boat and that something was just not right today during our demo.

    • Andrew63


      On 2/9/2019 at 9:56 AM, rakr said:

      I got a new screen this summer on my ‘13. The new MTC seemed to have a “cross hatch” pattern on the screen. This was most certainly different from the screen on the MTC that was original to the boat. 

      The new MTC seems to require either a longer or firmer press for the screen to respond. 

      Im not sure when this was changed, but hopefully these new screens will have a longer lifespan? 

       Not sure anyone out there has concrete information on this change, whether it was intentional, or I received a MTC that randomly had a different screen. 

      My replacement screen in 2015 has the diamond cross hatch pattern, didn't stop the delamination bubbeling starting aroud the top again.

      Real concerned when these replacement screens are no longer available & we have boats with limited functionality.

    • Thanks Slurpee.  Any plans to the box that you built for your W6?  I thought about trying to build a ported box for Revo.  

    • Slurpee


      JL 12W6v3D4 ported driven by a JL HD750.1 in my drivers compartment. More than enough low end. Very tight and clean and loud.

      But honestly put some real power to your existing sub. Triple check the enclosure is robust, rigid, sealed well.  All of those will also steal power from your output. 

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