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    • Michigan boarder

      Posted (edited)

      These were taken on my home lake.  We had a show 2 blocks from my house, then a party afterwards, had a fantastic night.  Pics not vids, but the act is the boat towing me, me with a strap towing a jumper.  Dock start for me, then I brace hard and dock start for the jumper.  That's the hardest part, the boat is pulling me forward and the skier is pulling me backwards from a dead stop.  While being towed by me she goes over the jump, then we circle around and I step out of my skis all.  It's a pretty impressive act.


      2019 Bear Lake Carissa.jpg

      2019 Bear Lake 2.jpg

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    • Slurpee


      Very Nice IXFE.  It's been a year since I put my DIYMarineNanoCoat coating on.  It still wipes up clean so much easier than before.  Scum and water spots from water that evaporates off the hull  (usually flat surfaces more horizontal than vertical) still happen of course, but a damp rag wipes them off really easily.  With the old Hot Sauce it was a good bit of scrubbing if I really let them set in for a few days or longer.  I'll definitely do this to all my boats going forward.

      Most of the boat is still mirror slick.  The deck sides above the rub rail where my full cover abrades it in the wind have very light scuffing after a year.  I was hoping the ceramic would be a bit harder for the cover to do that to the boat.  I don't have any scientific method of backing this up. But after just one year with the cover on year round outdoors the gel was pretty dull in a couple specific places.  This last year it has only faint scuffing here and there. 

      Since ceramic is basically a sacrificial coat and will wear out over time this is probably an indicator that I need to prep/polish/reapply there soon.

      I'll look into that Car Pro Gliss.  Sounds interesting.

    • jjackkrash


      2 hours ago, Hemmy said:

      It doesn't prevent water spots, but it cleans up nicer than before I had the ceramic.  

      You might try a coat of Car Pro Gliss over the ceramic.  It is a top coating designed to go over ceramic and specifically helps with water spots.  It is slick as snot and works well on cars; I suspect it would work on a boat that's been coated.  

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    • inlandlaker


      6 minutes ago, procos said:

      Does the extra weight in the bow effect the way the boat rides when not surfing?

      IME, it helps a little.  I have a 22 VLX and run a couple hundred pounds of lead in the bow.  I don't notice any negative implications to the handling or driving characteristics of the boat.  The added bow weight when not surfing seems to assist in cutting through some chop however the benefit is nominal. 



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    • 1 hour ago, RyanB said:

      I don’t understand the “must have” of filling the ballast faster. I always fill when we start to think about surfing, usually when we are underway. By the time we stop, get a vest, get the rope on, it is pretty much time to go. 

      As far as adding bow weight, as long as your lift or tow vehicle can handle it, no reason not to stash lead under the cushions. If there isn’t room for bags, make your own by filling pvc pipes with tire weights. I have 300 pounds of lead around my bow tank in my 23LSV. Just added a seat risers as well. Bow rise isn’t nearly the problem it was before I did that. 

      Does the extra weight in the bow effect the way the boat rides when not surfing?

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