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Which tube/towable?


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I don't intend to stir up the hornet's nest--but, what tube do you suggest for pulling 3 people. We have a two-person standard-style, sit-in tube that gets pulled out at the end of the day for the youngest ones (who have usually been very patient watching everyone elso wakeboard to this point). We will be spending a week on Lake Powell in July and although we will be mostly wakeboarding and wakesurfing, I need to have something elso for the group to do when the water gets a little choppier. There will be three families, with several young children. I would like some suggestions on recommended tubes/towables that are recommended for all ages. What is your experience with the different styles? Sausage style? Sit in, or cockpit style? Laying down on stomach? And, no, I don't plan on getting a Sumo Tube--or destroying the nice water for everyone.

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We just picked up a SportsStuff Super Mable. The kids seem to really like it. Being a 3 person towable, means that you can ride with 1, 2 or 3 people and still keep the weight centered. Also can be towed in 2 different directions, one being a more wild ride since the rider(s) will be on their knees versus on their behind.

The downside is that it is huge and weighs a ton. It probably weighs 30 lbs dry.

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Most of the kids at my dock like the flat tubes, with no center hole. We can get like 6 kids on the big flat one. They have a blast.

We have a medium sized flat one. The nice thing about it is that it doesn't take long to fill it up or deflate it since it's got one of the really big valves & only 1 air chamber. We used to have tubes that have multiple chambers & I got sick of the time it took to inflate/deflate those, so when we bought this one I was adamant on that part.

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Walmart specials always work for us. It's amazing what they charge for some of these new inflatables these days.

That said, why tube when you can surf on the wavy days instead? :)

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My 07 vRide came with the Aux input plug already installed. It's under the throttle assembly down where the circuit breakers are, right next to the 12V power plug. It's a 3.5mm mini jack so you can connect an iPod or anything with a 3.5mm jack.

Check Costco and Sam's Club. We have picked up our last 2 there. My kids love the Sea Doo brand. Sits 3 and is fun for young and old.

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We have the following...

Sit in cockpit style...two person patriot, three person patriot.

tube style with covered hole...Sevylor Wild Thing (green and yellow I think)

The younger kids love the Patriots as they are sitting down in a cockpit of sorts and feel a bit safer I think. The Sevylor tube is now 5 years old and going strong. The tube is covered in a heavy canvas and has a neoprene pad on the top side where you lay/sit/kneel etc. Has had up to 4 kids on it with no problem. We have had many other tubes that have lasted only a year or two, this one has outlasted all those others.


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We have bought our last 3 tubes at Costco. Two of them were completely shredded when we took them back and said they didn't work out for us :lol: They exchanged them with no questions asked!

We have one of those 1/4 pipe tubes and it can hold 3 kids or 2 adults. It only gets used once or twice a year when we take our cousins out, but they love it! It also make for a great lounge chair for people who want to float/tan on the water.

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We have the Great Big Mable, which is the 4 person version. Our 4 year old loves it, and our almost 2 year old went out for the first time this past weekend. Kids go in the middle, with an adult on each side. It's flat and has a back rest for everyone. With the large surface and a decent driver, I think the thing is almost un-flippable. The only possible issue is bouncing someone off over a series of rollers if they aren't holding on.


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Just don't get the one with the hole in the middle, we have had our HO three person "FLAT Design" for 6 years now and prior to that I have given all our other ones away. We don't use it very often, only during camping trips when the water is very choppy and you can't do anything else.

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I sure appreciate all the comments. I will probably get a 3 person Mable. I wouldn't mind a kite tube for those obnoxious guests. Once they have worn out their welcome, pull out the kite tube which would be, "reserved for special occasions."

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I sure appreciate all the comments. I will probably get a 3 person Mable. I wouldn't mind a kite tube for those obnoxious guests. Once they have worn out their welcome, pull out the kite tube which would be, "reserved for special occasions."

Super Mabel...lot's of fun. We have many tubes, but that's about the only one that gets ridden these days.


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Just say no. :)
Thumbup.gif Well Auto, I know you don't believe in using bunk-lube nor transom tie-downs... :unsure: ...but you just redeemed yourself. :lol:

I don't mind people pulling those d@mn things in the middle of the day but lately I'm seeing more and more people out early in the AM and at sunset ruining the glass. What happened to being considerate to those who require smooth water for their watersport? Bash.gif

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Got a Super Mable at Costco on sale (still a good deal now at reg $199 price) for $169 a couple weeks ago, and we really like it. Seems fun for both kids and adults.

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