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What can you do?

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Thought it would be a good idea to give everyone the opportunity to share their skill level. I find myself thinking, "Man, that guy must be pro..." So, give it up. If you're a pro - let us know. And if you're only for show - that's OK too. :)

Wakeboarding, Slalom, Foil, Footin', Surfing, Skate, tuber, etc.

Each event has a different language, different techniques, different difficulty levels. Give us what you can do and what you're working toward.

Hopefully this'll turn into a long thread like "What do you do for a living" and everyone will check in.


Wakeboarding has been my sport of choice the last 5 years. But surfing has caught me lately.

Wakeboard - Intermediate: Goofy Foot

- 70' out preferred rope length

- Can get up regular or switch

- W2W jumps HS at 70' out. But only W2W TS at 65' out - should have that down at 70' in the next month.

- TS / HS 180 W2W

- Butter slides HS / TS / 180

- 180 ollies HS / TS

- HS wake to wake method

FAVORITE TRICK: HS W2W grab - can boost high and far into flats.

Working on this season:

- 360 butter slide

- HS 360 W2W

- TS 180 W2W

Surfing: Beginner, just recently dialed in the weight on our boat

- surf without the rope, as long as I want

- pump the wake, back and forward.

Hope to try floaters this weekend and maybe 180's

Skate: Beginner

I can fall alot

- slides, that's about it.

Foil: been once (thanks to pistol pete and Dan P).

Can get up and ride, that's about it.

Favorite Trick: - keep from slamming the foil back down onto the face of the water.

Footin': don't plan on trying it any time soon

I went once, without a barefoot suit. Tried longline start, 3 times Crazy.gif - and had the softball size bruises for a week to prove it.

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I slalom recreationlly, used to do a few tricks, not much beside 180, 360 and side slide. Used to ride a 3' disk with no bindings.


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I slalom recreationally but would like to ski a course sometime to see how good I am. I'm a beginner wakeboarder. I want to try surfing this year.

But I carry a 3 handicap for golf.

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On a slalom ski I can turn!

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- HS W2W

- TS W2W (behind a friend's VLX, but not mine! Frustrated.gif )

- Ollie (also with 180's)

- Butterslides

- HS & TS 180's (not W2W)

- Faceplants & Whiplash falls are my specialties Crazy.gif

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I long line barefoot...no tricks

run the slalom course 55km(34mph) 3.5 balls best @28 off.

This is will be my fourth year running (trying) to run the course and love every minute!!!! Free skiied my whole life....thought I (looked) pretty good until I tried the course....kind of like golf...it has a way to humble you!!!

Love IT!



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goofy or regular all w2w jumps TS or HS. I ride goofy.

HS backroll

HS Tantrum

HS backroll to fake

HS Raley

Hs Crypt

HS backside 360

HS frontside 360

Handle pass 180

TS Backroll

TS scarecrow

TS Backside 360.

TS 180 Handle pass

Switch A half cab Back Roll.

working on: Raley Riding Switch , S-Bend, 313 "if that is the 360 Raley" I'm not sure.

Surfing :

Finally had enough weight in the boat to do it a few weeks ago Sure is fun. I keep thinking I was doing something wrong cause I couldn't go without the rope but when we got the wake right it was easy.


Slalom, Barefoot "about 100 yards off a kneeboard" I have jumped when I went to ski camp when I was 9 but just road over the ramp didn't get any distance but to me it was the best, and most air I have ever gotten. I loved it.

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But I carry a 3 handicap for golf.

I could use one of those too... is he heavy?

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nunchuck skills

bowhunting skills

computer hacking skills


22 off on the slalom, which isn't great, but I'm still a relative course newbie.

Wake to wake, wake 180 on the board.

All kinds of mad crap on the disk.

Surface turns on the slalom trick.

Gawking at girlies from the boat.

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I've been snowboarding my whole life and "discovered" wakeboarding 3 years ago and now I love both.


  • Burton Baron 162
  • 180 w/ Grab
  • 360 w/ Grab
  • 540
  • 720 (I can get the rotation but rarely land it and ride away)
  • Front Flip
  • Rodeo Flip
  • Back Flip
  • Rails
  • Biggest Cliff Dropped - 35 feet
  • Top speed: 58 mph down Whistler bowl holding GPS


  • CWB Absolute Platinum 141
  • 80 ft. rope at 23 mph
  • butterslide, other surface tricks
  • 180 with grab
  • 360 with nose grab
  • Back Roll and attempting other inverts
  • Raley
  • I cannot jump toe side to save my life (workin on it)
  • Top speed: 48 mph whipping out holding GPS


  • Any trick you can name including speedball but I won't land it


  • Can shotgun a beer while surfing


  • Can make the course at speeds too slow to post here

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nunchuck skills

yea but who's the only one here who knows illegal ninja moves from the government?! ... Biggrin.gif

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I just started wakeboarding last year. I'm making decent W2W jumps HS, not quite there TS. I can do wakeslides, surface 180s, get up switch etc. As I become more consistent with my jumps and start trying a few tricks, where should I start?

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Mostly rec, I have hit a slalom course a half dozen times and can run a 15 off pass.


-- Goofy Foot

-- Can get up

-- HS W2W

-- TS W2F (that's Wake 2 Face, for the TLA challenged)

-- HS butter slide


Mostly 5ft off boom, but can long line and cross the wake.


Tried the original Airchair once 14 years ago, no air.


W2W 360's (been years ago)

W2F backroll


been riding a disk since a very young age.

sitting 180's

standing 180's

sitting 360's

standing 360's

Lawnchair 360's

Sea Kayak

got towed on a sea Kayak and was standing up, crossing the wake (someone bet me I couldn't)

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nunchuck skills

bowhunting skills

computer hacking skills



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Wakeboard: I can ride it, but can't tell you the names of the tricks I have thrown accidentally.

Slalom: Recreational for over 26 years ran the course just for the hell of it

Skyski: Riding it for going on 3 years now & learning new tricks every ride!

Started a garage band 21 years ago and have been lucky enough to still be landing some nice gigs to date.



Retail Grocery Store Operator

Computer hacker guru

Master Redneck &

Jack of all trades and master of none!

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.surface 180

.working on a W2W 180


.I can get up


. just started but able to ride without rope

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Only bragging right I have is that I can keep my stuff cleaner than just about anyone.

I'm fairly proficient at most things behind the boat...skiing, boarding, footing, kneeboarding, drinking.

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Edwin forgot to mention he is the king of the greatest wakeboard move ever, the Sausage Grab.

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Too much information Martho Vomit.gif

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Too much information Martho Vomit.gif

You don't even know what the move is. How can you vomit if you have never seen it?

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It's just the way it sounds Mark!

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And, it is just as bad as it sounds Yahoo.gif

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I figured as much. Mad.gif

I like this new redneck symbol fits me real good


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Thanks for the credit Martho, can't believe I forgot to mention that I invented a boarding trick. I landed a huge TSW2WSG today...

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- free skied for years, started sking the course a couple of years ago

- personal best 28off at 34mph (right before I tore up my ankle/achilles - hope to beat it this fall)


- learned on 150ft of rope on kneeboard behind a I/O many years ago

- now mostly short line off the boom.

- skills: deep starts & tumble ups, tumble turns, one foot


- got to classify myself as a beginner


- I can get up and fall quite well

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