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removing tha strut bearings

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ive got a 92 sunsetter and i have to replace the strut bearings

there is a 2 small lips in the shaft hole 2 inches in on each side that keep the bearings from going in more than 2 in.

is there some special tool that malibus use to remove these bearings?

ive tried a little "heat and beat" but i really dont want to damage the strut

ive also cosidered renting a blind hole puller

anyone else have a suggestion?



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Mine solution was low tech because no one in New Mexico even new what a strut bearing was much less how to remove one. I took a hacksaw blade and gently sawed through the bearing. I used a small flat blade screwdriver to pry the cut area inward until I could get a decent grip with some needle nose pliers on it and it came out pretty easy. On one side I accidentally cut too deep and made a small shallow groove in the strut but doesn't seem to have affected the new one. I did this two years ago and they're still working.

I did have the strut off the boat when I did this which requires a lot of work. Hopefully there is something easier that you can use while the strut is still attached.

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The fastest and easiest is to take the strut off and use a press. They slide right out, and then you'll use the same press to insert new ones.

otherwise....uh, well....tough sledding in August?


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sorry theres a few things i forgot to add

the strut and propshaft are already off of the boat

I cannot push it straight thru due to the 2 lips that keep the 2 bearings from going in further than 2 inches

i like the idea of cutting it with the blade

please keep the ideas coming this is what i need to get so i can get the job done easier

thanx for the help so far


p.s. heres the reason the shaft and strut are already off

poor prop

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I cannot push it straight thru due to the 2 lips that keep the 2 bearings from going in further than 2 inches

thanx for the help so far


I would verify that - I've not seen that issue, but it's been awhile since I did a '92 too.

If it truly can't go through, perhaps a punch can catch enough edge from the other side, or you'll have to cut it.

Before you invest ALOT of time in it....compare pricing on the two bearings to the price of a complete unit....you may find it cost effective to just replace the strut....complete.


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ok i got 1 off

cutting was not that bad

but as far as the lip i must apoligize

its not a lip its just a edge in the center where the strut goes from a smooth machine look to a rougher unmachined look

also the bearings are aprx 20$ish and the local malibu dealer quoted me 195.00 for a new strut, new bearings it is =)

ill tackle the other one in the morning

thanx for all the help


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