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Connector, Warranty or not?!?!?

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Greetings fellow Buanians!

We have the following problem with our Bu:

When we take the boat out of forwards gear and then put the boat in reverse, then we hear a nice "bump!"

Reverse to forwards the same thing. If we take it out of forwards and put it back in forwards, no problem.

Our dealer winterized our boat and told us that the connector (I have been told that the 2 plates connecting the v-drive and the shaft is called a connector) has now "oval shaped holes" where the fastening screws pass through. He said that

he replaced the screws and "glued" or "adhered" the 2 halves of the connector together. Also stated our local mechanic, that does our maintenance in summer due to the long drive we would have to the dealer, forgot to check the

screws to make sure that they are tight.

So....a couple of months back we were at the big boat show here and my buddy wanted to show me on an engine block (happened to be a VW) what exactly and where the connector is.

So the VW guy comes over and asks if we need any help....We tell him the whole story about how our mechanic forgot

to look at the screws. He says "He didn´t forget, he shouldn´t have to." Our mechanic says the same thing. Those screws should be tightened up and there they stay for the life of the boat.

So here´s my question: Has anybody every had problems with their connector and is it a warranty issue or not?

The boat is a 2006 VLX with 340 hours at the end of last year :blush: and has now approx. 365.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope that someone can help me!



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Pistol Pete

It seems unlikely that anyone should have to check those bolts on a regular basis. The only way I could see them being left loose, or, not tight enough is if someone were to check the drive shaft alingment to the motor (which some people/mechanics actually do) and accidentally left them loose.

If the bolts are all now tight, the "slop" should be gone. But, if you're still having this "bump" maybe something else is wrong due to the previous condition. If the "connector" actually has oval holes, something was loose for awhile and may have caused other damage.

Warranty issue? > not if you had someone else work on the boat, maybe.

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