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Fulton F2 Install


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Thought i would share info and a few pics and info on my weekend project.  I installed a new Fulton F2 3200lb winch (PN FW32000101).  The original Futon XLT Fusion winch was only rated at 1500 lbs and the strap was showing signs of age.  Some things I noticed.  The XLT winch has a stamped steel base and mounted with two bolts.  Because there was only one lower bolt, the base was actually "taco'ing" due to the stress on the single bolt.  To say the F2 has the same mounting pattern would be a incorrect (at least on my Axis's trailer).  The DISTANCE of the mounting holes IS the same though.  SO, i was able to use a square across the riser tube to mark the new holes.  After the holes were marked, i used an 1/4" bit to drill a pilot hole followed by a 3/8" bit for the final size.  I then used a 1/2" bit to debur the holes where the bit punched through.  The F2 does come with hardware.  it contains 3ea grade-5 3/8-16 x 1 1/2" carriage bolts and a flanged nylock nut.  The carriage bolts also has pushnut retainers on them.  To make this work, i ordered stainless 3/8-16x4" carriage bolts.  I removed the pushnut from the supplied bots and installed them on the new SS bolts.  This keeps the bolts stable and in place,  making getting all 3 bolts through the riser bar MUCH easier.  I was able to re-use the stainless washers from the original winch as well. 

Key notes for my install.....order 4" SS carriage bolts and drill 2 new holes.  Easy enough!

F2 observations....even though the base of the F2 appears to be cast aluminum, it seems beefy.  The base does have a slight recess that keeps the pushnut from interfering with the winch mounting securely to the riser.  Having 2 bolts on the bottom mount position will help distribute the load across the base.  I also like that the drum itself has gears on both sides.  This negates any side load stress while winching.  The reversing knob does end up being in a much lower/almost hidden position, but I dont see it being an inconvenience or hindering operation. 

Winch 1.JPG

winch 2.JPG

winch 3.JPG

winch 5.JPG

winch 6.JPG

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