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2016 23 LSV Start Up procedure question

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Hey everyone, just picked up a 2016 23 LSV and I’m super stoked.  Only had it out one time for a short test on the water, so I am not too familiar with the boat yet.

I have a question with the power boot up procedure of the boat (if there even is one that’s).  I ask because the screens have acted funky during start up.  I turn the battery switch to 1+2 and do a quick press of the power button.  Both screens flash as they are coming on and the main 12” screen starts with the “Malibu” start up screen.  Then both screens go black.  I let it sit for about 10 seconds and nothing happens so I press the power button again and both screens flash, which the lower 7” screen flashing the engine pass code screen but it goes black again before I can enter the code. 

I repeat this process by basically pressing the power button until the screens stay on long enough for me to enter the code and then they seem to work fine.

This doesn’t seem normal to me and I’m wondering if I am doing something wrong or not giving it enough time to boot up.  Previous owner mentioned it might be because the batteries are low on charge. 

thanks for any help! 

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I have never owned a 2016, but I am confident that is not correct.  I would try it on fully charged batteries and see if it acts differently.  Also might want to try either battery 1 or battery 2, not both.

Congrats on the new boat and Good Luck!

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Yeah, that is not normal. It sounds like either a bad power switch at the helm. Cheap and easy to switch out. A bad connection or connections somewhere on the batteries, grounds or battery switch. Or bad batteries. I’d start with validating all connections and the batteries, switch and grounds since that costs nothing. 

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Sounds good, didn’t think it was normal.  I’ll check connections at the power switch and the batteries 

are you supposed to hold the power button at initial boot up or is it a quick press? Or does it matter lol? 

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Just a secure press in. It’s a click on / off. I’ve not pushed it hard enough to click it on before and that causes some weird stuff sometimes. If it isn’t a clear click on, click off the button probably needs to be replaced then. 

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Ok.  I may try charging the batteries and checking all the connections to see if that fixes it.  When we water tested it, it did not act weird, it was only when I got it home and it was on the trailer that it started acting funky 

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I have a 15 and it flashes the logo on both screens for a few seconds and then goes black for around 20 seconds then both come on and the 9” displays my passcode screen if it’s enabled.  There has been a time or two that I have mimicked what you were seeing by simply not waiting long enough for the boot up to finish, and second guessing if the power button was pushed then cycling that.  I have even pushed the start button instead of the power button and waited like 2 minutes wondering why I was dead in the water 😂.  That said if you find yourself in that second guessing loop it’s a good idea to fully cycle (turn button to off and power switch to off for 10+ seconds) the power switch and start from scratch.  You will want to do that power cycle to clear engine codes/alarms as well.  Simply using the button will not suffice on its own.

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