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Wetsounds System very Limited


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Just dropped my Malibu 2023 23LSV in the water today and the stereo is weak. I upgraded my boat build stereo system with every possible option including a second 12" subwoofer. The stereo system has almost no bass. There is no equalizer but rather only a tuning option for each set of speakers. Even if I have the subwoofer zone turned all the way up there is literally no base coming from it although the subs are mildly vibrating. This can not possibly be tuned correctly!? I mean my 2017 Ford truck with a stock radio sounds a lot better than this thing. My 2012 Malibu 23LSV stereo system with 1 single 12 inch sub was 10 times louder and the bass hit 10 times harder than this system. What's wrong and what do I do to get it working properly. 

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Take a video of the issue with a good description of the input sources and conditions being used when it occurs and send them to your dealer so they can simulate and solve it.  Most stereo problems are caused by poor electrical connections, voltage, or input source issues.

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I am 99% sure there is an equalizer screen - I will try to remember to get a picture this morning when I get to our boat. Are the subs firing? I think there is a sub on/off option too. As CS said, I would double check the amp connections and make sure there are no codes being flashed on the amps. The Malibu logo should be lit up blue if functioning correctly.

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It does seem like there are connection issues with your set up, but Unfortunately the stock setups do leave some (me) saying meh.

there is zero tuneability with the factory amps, and Malibu choked off the power to the speakers like they baby proofed a house for a newborn.

The construction of the factory sub boxes (although improved over the years) are still pretty weak and generally not sealed well prompting that feeling of “that’s it ???” From the subs.

I’ve heard rumors in the 2023 that the black box wiring has RCA connections that would allow signal for aftermarket amps without the use of adapter connections. 

its a thought pill to swallow but my guess is even after the dealer or you troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing you may still have the “that’s it ??? ” feeling about the audio package.

if you posed the question of I’m ordering a 2023 23lsv what sound pkg should I choose before purchasing , my response would of been as follows.

2 pair of factory tower Rev10 and interior speakers, no subwoofer

order after market SYN-Dx6 and SYN-Dx4 with signal adapters am that will allow you to customize the signal frequencies and gain controls . (Sell the factory amps for a couple hundred $$ on Facebook or here in the classifieds)

purchase a JL 1200.1 amp and 2 JL12w6 subwoofers, build or have a shop build identical sealed enclosures for them to fit under the helm and in observer compartment. You will have to place an order for the factory subwoofer grill as there will be no hole cut out under the helm.

now this set up isn’t to compete with the party cove Bro soundsystem with 10 pairs of revs 6 subs and 20 batteries, but  it’s loud enough to give you hearing damage and jiggle your internal organs from the bass.  




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I have 1 woofer and the 4xrev8 and the sound is pretty fully and loud.   There’s definitely an EQ when you use the android tablet, top left Music icon, turn on radio, and the EQ / Mixer buttons are at the bottom.  Your experience is not what it should be.

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DLind.......did u figure out your problem.   I have a 2023 and the system is very lacking.   I'm getting full sound thru my sub and it's terrible.   Dealer said there isn't anytbing wrong and everyone else says differently.   Dealer say they are waiting on a software update and westsounds say I have to contact malibu.   Definitely not satisfied that I paid this much money for something that isn't correct.

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 This is posted on the Wet Sounds Tech Tip page on Facebook for those that are having issues with the tune send a email to [email protected] im an admin on that page but you can also reach out to me here and send me messages or tag me in topics here.


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On 1/23/2024 at 9:20 AM, WetSoundsTech said:

 This is posted on the Wet Sounds Tech Tip page on Facebook for those that are having issues with the tune send a email to [email protected] im an admin on that page but you can also reach out to me here and send me messages or tag me in topics here.


There was a very helpful tip in that comment thread on facebook that pointed out that the sound playback settings in Spotify need to be set to "Loud" to get the best performance from these OEM DSP units, especially from the subwoofer(s.)  I checked mine and sure enough, the playback was not set to loud and updating that made a substantial difference in the sound in our T220, especially from the sub which was the piece that bothered me the most.  

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