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Model differences '01 to '07 VLX


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Anyone know somewhere that shows the model differences?  Looking to see if a '07 is worth another $20k than an '01, both in super conditions with low hours.  Taking into account Wakeboarding but the potential to surf.




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20 k premium seems excessive. When shopping a few month back the difference was about 5-10k max. I settled with an 06 LSV 

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Gosh that is a big difference. I am not sure I could pay that premium. You could make the 01 do everything the 07 does for 5 k

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Different hulls.  The '07 is wider, longer, deeper, and heavier.  Deeper V.  Better rough water ride.  More electronics.  Engine with Cats and a bit more power.  The '07 will have more durable vinyl and might look better on the inside.  In terms of luxury feel, it's debatable.  I personally think Malibu luxury feel peaked around '01-02 and has been downhill since then.  Not likely stuff most people will notice though.  '07 has gorilla fins for a bit better tracking.  '07 will respond to weight better when surfing since the '01 rubrail will be right at the waterline if you're going to list it at all.

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My 05 i bought for 35k last summer, just sold my 1999 for 17k. It was for sale for about 8 months. The newer boats are alot better, bigger, deeper, better on the water. 

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The extra width makes a big difference in how spacious the boat feels. For just wakeboarding, the price difference probably is not worth it, but for taking the family out surfing on a crowded weekend it probably is. Silver edition commands a bit of an extra premium. If you want to save a bit of money, the 05 and 06 are the same hull as the 07 and are pre-cat engines.

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I went from a 2002 VLX to my 2010 VLX. The differences in the hull was night and day. Deeper V and bigger inside made it a lot more enjoyable to use in rough waters or with a larger crew. Other then that not much difference. 


Also My 2002 had a manual wedge, the 2010 has a Auto Wedge. It is a nice to have but really doesn't change much on performance.  

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As far as performance in your sport, the 01 for sure will be rougher on a busy day. I choose the 01 for slalom wake as well as wakeboard and surfing. If I wasn’t into slalom, and had more cash, I might have really tested the newer models up to 07 and might have chosen one of those. 

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I'd confirm it's actually a Silver Edition.  I've seen some ads lately where they list an 07 as a Silver Edition, but it's not.  I think all '07 Malibu's had 'silver' on the steering wheel because it was the anniversary, but I believe that all the Silvers were actually Black/Grey/White and on an Extreme trailer with custom rims.  Could be wrong, but that's my understanding.

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On 5/25/2023 at 1:19 PM, oldjeep said:

Were the 2007 Silver editions all hammerheads too?  At least in some models I thought that was part of the package - hammerhead rather than the standard 5.7

mine is 

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