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2017 VTX 20 Slalom Wake?


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Hi All - I currently have a 2008 185 Searay Sport that my family (wife, 9 yo, 7 yo) have been using to cruise and  ski but I am now contemplating "upgrading" to a 2017 VTX 20 for two reasons -  1. More space for guests / better seating and 2. Better slalom ski wakes.  The VTX definitely has a superior layout and more space so it checks that box but I am reading very mixed reviews on the slalom wake.  We are open water recreational lake skiers, better than average but run pretty slow. my wife and I are 29-31mph, 15-22 off and the kids are more in the mid 20's.  Please comment if you have any experience behind the VTX and in particular the 2017.  I hear there was a redesign for years 2016-18 that somehow was detrimental to the ski wake but i have no idea if thats true.  The last thing i want to do is spend a bunch of $$ and find out this boat doesn't ski any better than my SeaRay I paid 16k for.   thanks!!

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I can't comment on the specific wake characteristics of a VTX as I own a DD slalom boat.  My advice, try before you buy.  Better to know in advance rather than after you drop the $.  Unfortunately, items 1 & 2 are not compatible, the reality is you can get one or the other.  The other challenge is the need to find a good slow speed slalom wake machine, that issue has only been addressed in the latest generation dedicated slalom boats ('16 and newer TXI).  The Malibu boats aimed at slalom are the Response series, the others are aimed at wake sports.  I noticed you are also on BOS asking same question, so seeing that and posting here, I am going to make the assumption slalom is a priority so my try before you buy is very important.  Good luck shopping.   

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We had a 2017, 2019 and 2020 vtx. Check out these threads for reviews, videos and pictures of the boats. 

I don’t think there is any question that the vtx will be a better ski and wake boat than the sea ray, but as wood ski suggests, it is best to demo. Our 2020 was just traded in, if interested I could get you in touch with our dealer too!




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Agree with all said above.

@ahopkins22LSV, great reviews.

My two cents. We have a 2009 VTX with the diamond hull. Not sure the hull design changes throughout the years but ours is by far the best ski wake I’ve skied except behind a dedicated ski boat. I’ve skied many I/O’s big and small and the VTX outshines em all. Plus it’s a great all around crossover for wakeboarding and surfing. Can’t compare to an LSV or another boat similar but the VTX does okay for other water sports.

As for the slalom wake. Hopefully this photo will give you an idea. 3 people in the boat, forward ballast tank full, half tank of gas. I ski at 33mph and 15 off. That puts me just behind the rooster and barely a bump crossing over. My wife skis at 29mph and it’s only a slight increase in wake size.


Wakeboard wave.


Surf wave. Full ballast, wedge, and surf gate out.


Hope that helps some.


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I can try to find a some pictures / videos later but I have and 07 (different hull) and really like it. I am going into my 3rd summer with it and I have no buyers remorse.  We use is about 40%ski / 40% surf and 20%  @hunter77ah  taking some morning wakeboard sets.  I have also skied a mastercraft prostar 205 open bow and didn't feel the wake was that much different but I was going a little slower on the mastercraft. I have a buddy with a 90's malibu echelon that is noticeably flatter.  I normally ski my vtx at 34mph.  I would say I am a beginner skier so take this opinion for what its worth. 

The surf wave isn't going to be as long as the bigger boats but with the appropriate weight IMHO the wave is very respectable and whether I land the 360 is limited by my skill not the wave. 

With regard to space, once you start to get over 5-6 adults with boards and skis it starts to get a little crowded but surf wave gets better and I normally don't ski with that many people since it starts to really increase the bump. 

I don't have any regrets and for me the only upgrade would be to go to a two boat setup. 

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Great info thanks!! Reading reply’s and doing a bit more research I understand now that Malibu has offered two hull options over the years, let’s call them diamond and wake (i know there is some confusion as to the names). Most feedback is that diamond is better for slalom. Dumb question… how does one tell the difference when looking at the boat? I guess I could call Malibu with VIN and ask? here is the boat i am talking about with 360 views (my guess is this is not diamond) ...



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I don't know on that particular year but typically you can tell by the chines on the outside doing a downturn.  From my research it seamed the general consensus was the diamond hull did help with slalom and did not really hurt surf wave since that is at slower speed. I have attached a photo of my diamond hull downturn 



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