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Axis T235 specs & info.


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Anyone else put in an order? Lets get a thread going like what’s one here for the T220 and T250!!!!

Does anyone know what size the factory hard tanks are and what PNP bags do they use for the 4780lb factory ballast rating? Since they were on sale I ordered the wake makers 865lb rears and 440lb bow bag.


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  • 2 weeks later...

so maybe the boat prices thread was right about things slowing...... was sure I would see several posts  on your thread by now. fwiw I think what you ordered will work perfectly. ( although I hav e 0 knowledge of that !) I haven't even seen one.

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  • 4 months later...

Bringing this question back to the top... Dealer installed 550lb rear PNP bags in my T235 but I thought I read somewhere that the rears were supposed to be 750lbs to achieve the 4780lb max factory ballast rating. To be fair, the 550lbs filled the height of the rear lockers pretty well but I am not sure how the shape of the 550 vs 750 bags compare. Anyone out there with factory spec 750lb Fatsac bags in the rear lockers of their T235? 

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2 hours ago, shawndoggy said:

I have a pair of factory 750s I'll make you a deal on @eatadolfin.



Thanks for the offer but the dealer said they would swap the bags out at the first service if 750lbs bags are indeed correct for this application. Just trying to make sure I am correct about 750lb bags.

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1 hour ago, 555nova said:

I don’t have my boat yet but I bought the wake makers 865lb rear PNP bags for my 235

@555nova I saw that in your original post so I think it makes sense that 750lb Fatsac bags will work if 865lb WakeMakers bags will fit.

FYI, I went out for the first time this week and even with just the 550lb bags the wave was awesome but we didn't have people or lead in the boat to throw in the the bow to offset any additional weight in the rear anyway (only 2 of us in the boat). When are you taking delivery of yours?

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I’ll have to check w/ my dealer.. I was told April build and delivery 1st week of May, but haven’t heard anything for a bit. We still have ice on the lakes and just got a ton of snow this week so I’m not too worried right now..

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  • 1 month later...

I’m honestly pretty disappointed in the initial surf wave. I’m guessing the 865lbs are too much rear weight without a ton of lead or a big crew. I’ll try different weight bias’s this weekend but ultimately I’m going to buy a couple hundred pounds of lead because we will have a small crew the majority of the time and I hate having to dictate where people sit in the boat…….that was a big part of the reason for getting a new boat.

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Don’t confuse old school thinking that you need to sink or list a surf gate style boat that much. You will get too much weight for the gates to do their job. Always check your gates visually. Make sure they aren’t underwater completely. You might find that it’s best with the top of the gates  just out of the water and full factory mid and bow tanks full, that it surfs better with more push and a longer wave. Too many people think these new boats have to have much more weight than they actually need.

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