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Boat won't turn over


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Good morning,

I have a 2008 Malibu Sunscape 23LSV

The boat currently won't start.

I have replaced the starter since that went bad.

I've replaced the batteries and reading 12.63 on both

The engine attempts to crank and then stops mid crank.

I was able to get it started a week ago after multiple attempts and it ran fine on the water but as soon as I turned it off I couldn't get it started again.

I replaced all of the relays.

I verified good batteries, fuses, starter, relays, fuel, spark and air. I'm at a loss. What could be the issue besides an ECU or my PCM?

I do have a few engine error codes 

SPN 66013 CM - undefined FMI


SPN 66014 CM - voltage short or below norm range

Any ideas?

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I would be looking along the harness for the cannon plug (engine to boat harness connection).  I believe they still used them in 2008.  I would carefully pull it apart and look for corrosion, bent pins, etc.  I would also make sure all of your grounds are secure.  This could cause all of the issues, but I've also pointed you to a couple specific things for each.

You can find better details about your codes here.  I believe that was a MEFI 5 system.  If not, you'll find the MEFI 4 in the resource library as well.  They have diagnostic steps too.    https://www.bakesonline.com/media/resourcelibrary/Indmar_MEFI5-5Amanual.pdf

I believe the first one is the powertrain relay.  Might read this thread.  


For the second - I'd inspect the KS for the second one and make sure it is tight and doesn't look like a harness issue.  

The third is also related to the MEFI powertrain relay.  I would swap relays as suggested in the thread above and see if you get new errors.  Make sure to disconnect the battery before doing the relay swaps.

40 minutes ago, Newtomalibu19 said:

SPN 66013 CM - undefined FMI 


SPN 66014 CM - voltage short or below norm range

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Unfortunately yes, I checked the plugs again and found water in the cylinder heads and found that I was close to hydro locking the engine. the single mold aluminum exhaust manifolds internally cracked and were sending water back into the engine. I now need new manifolds and crossing my fingers the engine is salvageable. 


Does anyone know of a good substitute for the manifolds other than the OEM EXTCATS from Indmar? I don't want to go back to that and they are $1,700 each!!! ugh....

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