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Boat mechanic recommendations

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I've posted previously about my last day on the water last year that ended with an overheated engine.  Due to too many irons in the fire, a terrible work load, and lack of motivation to really find out how bad I may have messed up the boat, it has taken some time to drill down on my possible issues.

Short version is low compression #s 3 & 4.  The engine is a mercruiser 350 magnum ski tournament in a 1993 Malibu.  I've bore scoped the cylinders and looked at what I could and I'm fairly certain I probably need to replace the rings.  I'm mechanical enough and do most of my own basic engine work, but I've never pulled the heads and dug deep into the internals of the engine.  I'm confident I could do it; but based on my work load, etc.  I would probably take a lot longer than have someone else do.

I'm looking for a good boat mechanic in the Sacramento, CA area if any one has any recommendations?  Or, what should I be on the lookout for, good and bad, in deciding on a shop - is it basically the same list as I look for an auto mechanic?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I recently had a hard time finding a mechanic to work on My 1992 Sunsetter. The local Malibu dealer said my boat was too old for them to work on.  

My original dealer in Ventura said he would work on it, but since I've moved its just too far.

My 1992 Sunsetter spent most of its life on the Sacramento Delta, so I'm familiar with the area.

 You should not have a problem finding someone in that vicinity, ask around at the local marina like Tower park or  B&W for recommendations.

There are members on this site that live on the Delta maybe they could chime in and give you some recommendations. 

Tournament Boats ruled the Delta back in the Day  



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Update: Last night I completed partial oil change (not the filter) and put everything back together last night with a modified exhaust system (an 18" hose off of the riser into a 5 gallon bucket so water would not be all over the floor.  I Was able to get the boat started and it actually sounded pretty good; louder than I want but that's because of the exhaust was short and diverted into 5 gallon plastic buckets.  I'd post a short video, but I'm not too tech savvy.

I still want a good mechanic, but I'm wondering what the consensus is about running the boat in this condition?  I'd repair the exhaust system from the risers to the 3" inch hoses in the bilge that go to the transom, but probably not put in any muffler at this point.  I'm wondering if I could get a little use out of it.  I'm swamped at work and I suspect I'd take it out a couple times a month to cruise the lake.  I'm a new boat owner and still want to get more experience before trying to pull skiers or wake boarders.

Your thoughts are always appreciated.

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