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Boat Hoist


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Will a Floe vsd 5000 be sufficient to hold a 2014 Malibu LSV 23?? Or anyone using a 5000 hoist for LSV?? TIA

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EDIT - Just realized this was for a hoist and not an aluminum boat lift. My bad. No experience with hoists outside of occasional use here and there down south.


Temporarily...probably with limited use. Long term...nope. I had a 6000lb lift and that seemed a bit light to me once the boat was loaded up (w/ my 2014 23 LSV). It was totally fine, but I can't imagine going with a 5000lb lift. I have a 4500lb pontoon lift and that wouldn't come close to holding my boat.

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I have a Floe 5000 VSD and I wouldn't even try to put a 23 LSV on it.  Bad idea.  I had a VTX on it which was 3500# dry weight and I could tell that was getting to the top of the lift's capacity.  It struggled at times.  If you read the Floe manual it says they're actually only rated to take on 85% of the weight, so the 5000 lift actually is only rated for 4250#.  When I asked my rep they said it "could" hold 5000# but it would have to be perfectly evenly distributed weight on all sides which is almost impossible to do with a v-drive boat.  



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Great point Sixer.  The Floe manual does mention that the lift can only hold half the rating on the front, and half on the rear.

I have an older floe V-4200 (4200 lbs).  Im not sure if it has the 85% rule, as I did not see that for my older one.  But it wouldn't surprise me.  My 21 XTI (mid engine) is fairly balanced.  Dry weight listed is 3300lbs, at the scale is ~3700-3800 with tower, equipment, fuel, etc.  The only reason I use the 4200 is that my boat is a 2005, the hoist was sold to me for cheap, I knew the owner, it was built and already sitting roughly where I needed it, and it held a Regal I/O of very similar weight for 8 years.

That said, no filled ballasts on the lift (pain in the butt), no people when its lifted except for me to tarp it, and I inspect the cable every year and re-torque the cradle bolts mid summer after one slipped slightly.

Even still, I wouldn't sell the combo to a friend.  Go big even if its twice the price.


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Many dealers use the 80-85% rule on floe. Super nice lifts but it seems to be the one brand that doesn't really over rate their lifts 

Basically ALL other mfgs tend to unofficially rate/test their lifts at a minimum of + 500 lbs  more than the max listed /sticker rating as they assume people can't judge weight correctly.. 

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