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What prop do I need?


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My dealer told me that they order high elevation prop for everybody. But my location is not high. Dealer told it is good amyway. What prop do I really need and whats the difference between them? 

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Search this forum some more. There’s about 2 dozen very good threads. 

I’ll tell you this. You can make an okay boat awesome and a great boat ho hum with the prop. 

It’s the single biggest performance needle mover you can choose. 

but if you want answers here. You have to tell us your boat and your elevation. 

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I was going to ask this same question.  I have a T220 on order with the M6 engine.  My dealer recommends the 2249 prop (high altitude/torque).  My lake is on the east coast at an elevation of 600' above sea level.  

I've searched other posts but haven't come up to anything definitive.  

I worry about the torque prop because I'd like a good top end speed and I'd also like it to be reasonably quiet when surfing.  

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I’m at the same altitude with a ‘19 25LSV. The M6 has crap tons of power. The sheer size of the prop means you can run more pitch with no slip. The 2805 is fantastic for me. Lots of top end. Low rpms when cruising and surfing. And it’s always performed perfect.

Dealers order that high altitude prop for two reasons.

1) they’re stuck in the old days where the engines were smaller and the props were smaller.  And we did crazy things with ballast. 

2) there are a bunch of buyers who sack it out, invite the whole block onto the boat where they all sit in the back, set the wedge to Vert. And want the boat to move. 

1 is forgivable I guess. 2 isn’t. The boat has to be used right. 

Get your dealer to agree to let you try out the speed prop and make an exchange if you like it more. For that matter the stock prop should be on the list as well for trying out. 


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Mentioned was sound level surfing.  When the M220 came around on Wake Days I fell in love with the LT4.  Besides the obvious power to me it seemed SOoooooo much quieter than the M220 I rode a few weeks later with the altitude prop and an M6.  I am a bit of a mechanical geek and notice things that many don't care about but the difference was noticeable.  Fuel consumption will be better with the "fastest" prop the motor will pull comfortably.  

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On 10/17/2021 at 4:30 AM, Livinlogs said:



2 hours ago, hethj7 said:

What boat and what engine?

The boat is Axis T250. I Will bE using it ate sea with no altitude. Dealer want to put 17x14 1733 High Altitude

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I had the same question a while ago for a 2022 25 LSV M6 (similar size and weight to your T250).  As other have said here, and based on a all the info I could find plus my demo in the 25 LSV with the M6, I would suggest the standard prop, if not even the speed prop.   It is hard to image you needing the High Altitude/Torque prop under your conditions.  Deciding between the standard and speed prop might depend on your expected use.  If you will primarily surf, the speed prop will likely work.  If you plan to do a good amount of wakeboarding will a full 12-16 people plus sacks for a monster wakeboard wake (some will argue that it would be more wake in that case then needed), you might want to consider the standard prop.  For my 2022 25 LSV I plan on going speed prop.

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We ordered our 2021 23LSV M6 with the torq prop, it was a mistake! Surfing at 3,800 rpm We bought a ACME 3077 (standard prop) which was much better surfing 3400, but my vote is on the speed prop ACME 2805 surfing now at 3100 rpm and the M6 has more than enough to handle it. (5people plus rear 650 p&p ballast bags, wedge 5)

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