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Latest Date to Winterize North Texas?

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For those North Texas Malibu Owners, when is the latest date you recommend winterizing?

My spray date is Oct. 10th.  Expecting boat by the end of the month. Would love to surf for a couple of weeks of possible.


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Depends on when and how long it freezes and where you store your boat.

I don't winterize mine until 1st week in November in Minnesota most years.  But it is stored in my garage, which while un heated doesn't get/stay below freezing until Dec/Jan

Best bet is to know how to winterize so that you can do it immediately if the situation calls for it.

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There are only 4 twist knobs that you have to unscrew to drain the M series engine. I "winterize" multiple times a year as we ski/surf as late as we can. If I see temps below freezing, I drain the engine. Then we go use it again if the weather allows. See this thread:


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Thanks!  Extremely helpful. 

So on a 2022 with M-6 there is no need to drain or blow out heater?

Also, how late are you guys in North Texas generally waiting to winterize?

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While you are usually ok until

 Late November, I usually winterize late September or Early October because the interest in boating wanes toward absolute Zero in September and it’s no fun to work on the boat when it’s cold. 

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58 minutes ago, 4mc said:

Thanks!  Extremely helpful. 

So on a 2022 with M-6 there is no need to drain or blow out heater?

Also, how late are you guys in North Texas generally waiting to winterize?

Heater is part of the closed cooling loop, no need. 

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I store our boat in Granbury and start watching low temps in early November and usually start pulling drain plugs around 11/15.  We still continue to use the boat after that but I just re-winterize after each outing.  Usually takes about 15 min to pull all the plugs.

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We are slipped on Lewisville. Usually "winterize" after the Halloween surf. Mainly cuz less crew. Winterize is mainly draining everything and changing the oil. But sure enough Dec or Jan will have a couple of 80 degree weekends and we'll go out in spring suits and play He-Man. Then drain it again. Really only takes a few minutes. Most years are no big deal but last year we had an extended freeze so gotta be careful.


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That is good news.  So in  nusthell.

1.  Pull all plugs and drain.

2.  Make sure all ballast is empty once on the lift (no extra steps just empty after surfing as usual).

3.  Get oil changed at end of season.

4.  Re-attach plugs, throw on a wetsuit and surf anytime the weather is good.

5.  Repeat (except oil change).

No antifreeze needed for any step.






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