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Fuel Pump Issue and Question

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Hey All, I have a 2008 247 with the 383HH and we took it out with Friends on Saturday like we normally do. We pulled off to the side to let the kids do a rope swing. After I tried to start up and it only turned over. It would sputter but not much else. So this had me thinking either fire or fuel issue. We messed with it for about 20 minutes with no success. I turned off the power completely to let things reset I double checked the kill switch a couple of times to make sure it was not an issue. I turned the power back on and it fired right up. I put it in gear and almost got on plane and lost all power. It sputtered a few times and then died. I messed with it a little more and someone came by and they graciously offed to give us a tow. So we get back and I put it on the lift and am disgusted and do not want to even look at it. So we enjoy the rest of the afternoon from the dock.

Yesterday I go back to figure out what is going on. I check over everything I can find and everything looks good. I put a fuel pressure tester on the fuel rail and fire it up. It fires right up. I run back and I have a steady 57-58 PSI, not the 60 it is supposed to be but OK. It runs for a few minutes then it dies. I look at the fuel pressure and it is at like 5psi. I let it sit for a minute, turn on the key and I have pressure again, roughly 55psi. I try it and it fires right up, then after about 20 seconds I watch the fuel pressure drop like a rock to about 5 psi and the engine dies. I tried a couple of times real quick after that and would get no pressure. If I let it sit for a bit I could get pressure back, only for it to go away again quickly.

So pretty clear sign it is a bad fuel pump. My question is I bought this boat in early 2019, in the maintenance records it shows the fuel pump was replaced in Sept 2017 (Not sure the hours of the boat then) then the previous owner traded it in Oct 2018. I have put roughly 100 hours on it since I have had it, so if I say they put 70 hours on the boat in a year (725 hours when I bought it over 10 years). That pump has roughly 170 hours on it, any ideas why it may have died such an early death? Seeing that it is a $500 part I would expect it to last much longer than that!! 


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I had the brand new plug wires on my M5 go out at 16 hours during the break in period, it happens. Brand new 12” screen bubbled up as well. Act of god, rebuilt parts, poor foreign build quality or just bad luck pick one. I would be thankful that that is all it hopefully is. 

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I think Indmar started using two fuel pumps in 2008, a low pressure and high pressure pump mounted next to each other.  A faulty low pressure pump or clogged filter screens in the pump can dramatically reduce the life of the high pressure pump.

Faulty or worn fuel hoses, a clogged inline fuel filter, a stuck anti siphon valve, or a cracked pickup tube in the tank can also contribute to fuel pump failure. 

Even running the boat with a low fuel level or running with old or contaminated fuel can cause excessive wear on the fuel pumps.  Using fresh fuel and fuel conditioner can really help extend the life of the fuel pumps.

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Thanks for the replies!! Now for the next question. It is looking like most everywhere online is sold out of the full fuel pump (Checked Skidim, Bakes, greatlakesskipper, malibuparts, etc...) but several have the pump that you can switch out in the housing. It looks like it is this part PCM ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP RA080025A First. Is this the correct pump? Second does anyone have a cross reference to a pump I can pick up locally at somewhere like Napa? I am pretty sure it is a GM part but without a part number or the exact make and model a lot of people are parts houses are worthless now a days.

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