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Water Leak Response TXI

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I have a 2012 TXI and am taking on water in the locker that leads to the open bow. It has  a drain plug that attaches to engine compartment and its shut so the water is not directly coming in form there. Although there is some water coming from the bilge area. I have fixed all basic leak like the paddle wheel and the lake temp and depth sensor. The only thing I can think of is the fins under the boat? But how would it get into the locker area?  I like leaving the boat on dock for a day or two but its taking on to much water

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The only way I get water in my locker is by taking water over the bow. You can put the boat on a trailer and fill the locker with water to see where it exits.

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We have the same boat and ours routinely gets water in the locker under the black plastic mat in there.  The drain leading to the cooler compartment is useless (flow seems to go the wrong way).  Most of the water in ours comes from water over the nose, but it also seems like water can move from the back of boat up there and then gets stuck or caught.  Malibu should have put another drain directly to outside in there (like under engine).  Its the low spot of the boat.  We use a cup to scoop it out as it accumulates.  I also leave that door propped open to help dry it out.  I was told its a nuance of the model. 

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So what I found was 2 things. The storage locker has cracks in it. I filled up the whole underneath with water hose and the stupid worthless plug had a small leak so I silicone that, but found one large crack and 2 smaller ones on both sides and thats how the water gets in. . So i got some black flex steel spray and coated it . I will take out tomorrow and test it.  I agree with you Malibu completely goofed up and didn't put in  a main drain in the storage, my 2006 LXI had one. The main leak I am still trying to track down.

Good thing about filling it up on the trailer you can find all of the leaks pretty easy, most are from the screw holes that hold the prop strut etc.... but they are s small doesn't recall cause a big problem

Hey does your boat have a power wedge?

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I see no reason you can't add a drain through the hull where you want one.  Many threaded garboard drains are available.

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No, we do not have a power wedge, it has the manual "floating" flip down wedge.  

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