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Engine Service Displayed

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Hi guys - I took the boat out after 4 weeks of being in storage. I have a 2012 vride, Engine Service popped up on the display, oil pressure, temp, all good. Only thing I noticed was the battery was running at 12.1 volts. I tried to power down and reset however, same thing, Engine Service displayed. I can’t do anything with the display, cruise control is out. Can I reset this thing? It’s the same display as on the 2008 LSV (tiny ones) 

any advice? 



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You should be able to use the up and down buttons on the Info center LCD display to go to the Setup screen, use the E button to open the Setup screen, use the up / down buttons to and the E button to select Service, then select Fault Codes with the E button to see the active and inactive SPN FMI code numbers.

Once the issue causing the fault is resolved the code will clear after 3 engine coolant heat and cool cycles.  Otherwise, Rinda Diacom diagnostic cable and software can be used to read and clear the fault codes.

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Thanks. I checked no active or inactive fault codes. It still is showing “service required” ? Any ideas? 

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Loose electrical cables or connections are very likely, or faulty harness pins or wires, or even ECM or helm display failure.  You may need to use diacom to diagnose the issue and possibly separate the engine and boat harness to track down the problem.

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Thanks - Update. I have three batteries, upon inspection, the negative lead was off on one battery. I reconnected however still seeing “service required” 

So I guess I will try running the engine to temp, cool down and repeat 3 times? Would that be the next step? Cheers! 

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Give it a try.  Hopefully it will work out ok.  If not, contact your dealer and see if they can use diacom to check for fault codes.

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I will give it a try this weekend and see if it clears. (fingers crossed) 

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