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2004 monsoon low rev vibration

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Hey all,

Firstly thanks - appreciate so much the time you all take to help each other out. 

Ive got a 2004 Malibu wakesetter xti with monsoon direct drive. 

This weekend I noticed above normal  vibration at idle and then slowness at takeoff especially when pulling a skier. A bit slow to plane but once at speed felt fine and no trouble maintaining 36mph slalomer. 

Any thoughts? Friend thought it might be clogged carb or fuel filter. 

Thanks again. 

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I'm betting your engine is fuel injected, not carbed. But I do agree about checking the fuel filter, however I don't believe your boat had one from the factory. If you look in the back above the fuel tank and trace the line, you might see one. Next thing to check is there is a screen filter on the inlet side of the fuel pump. Take the hose off and use your phone to snap a picture of the screen. If it's dirty, take the pump off and clean it. Also if it's dirty, make note of what it is dirty with... then work on finding the root cause because it should not be getting dirty.

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Normally, vibration coming through the steering wheel is caused by a problem in the steering system and vibration in the deck is an issue with the drivetrain or running gear.

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Check that a plug wire didn't fall off or come loose from a spark plug. The above suggestions about a fueling issue are more likely but I've had very similar symptoms from a loose plug wire causing it to run on 7 cylinders...plus it's an easy check.

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I have a 1998 VLX and just had 2 injectors go bad, and one was dirty. I cleaned the dirty injector with a Universal Auto Car Fuel Injector Nozzle Flush Cleaner Adapter DIY Cleaning Tool Kit Set from Amazon. With the engine running remove each injector plug to see if the engine idle changes. I changed everything in the ignition system (I do mean everything), every sensor, as well as checking the screen on the fuel pump, and changed the fuel filter before trying this. I did have the fuel filter screen get trash in it before, but I had a noticeable whine from the fuel pump. Check the fuel pressure with a pressure gauge, they are $35 on Amazon , if it is above 35 psi it is not the filter or pump.  

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