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12 TXI - Cruise Control Presets and Editing Them

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2nd season in our TXI and we have figured out all the gauges/settings except the cruise control on the center Malibu screen in front of the steering wheel (with the cruise, red dot, speedo, two arrows and E buttons).  Thought it would be nice to have some common speeds we use set up on that since they are right there and you just select and activate with the red button.  There are already presets in there like "go home" or "wakeboard 1" etc...  Figured out how to edit the names and save, cannot figure out the button sequence or how to change the speed setting for an existing preset??  Owners manual (page 2-11) does not cover it, it only talks about editing the names.  Hoping some veteran Response owners can help??

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I figured someone has used these and knows how they work, I surely can't be the only one.  We have been setting the speed with the Zero Off gauge and that works fine.  These presets are right there on the center Malibu speed control display and I didn't think it would be that complicated to adjust/set them (HaHa).  Its a mission now to solve and understand.  Maybe one cannot adjust these?, but why would they even be there?  

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Update  - Resolved.  After skiing the other day with a clean mind (and a fresh beverage) I sat and played.  I believe the cruise was turning "off" after editing a given preset which prevented me from saving the speed I wanted to use for the next preset I was trying to edit and save.  You can edit information without the cruise being "on" but then when you save it defaults back to whatever was previously used.  I made sure the cruise was turned "on" and active each time (for each preset).  Then I set the speed, selected the preset I wanted to use for that speed and saved it.  It worked.  Each of the presets I put in now have different speeds and they all work when I tried them.  For only having a few buttons the system is not user friendly and the manual does not really explain exactly how to do it.  For those wanting to add ballast settings plus wake shape for a rider I'm sure its a challenge.   Hopefully it helps someone else out. 

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