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ZF to Livorsi throttle replacement 2008 VTX

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Reaching out for some advice - real quick:

End of last summer our ZF throttle failed. No longer clicks or locks into neutral. So, you could basically put it directly into reverse if you accidentally pull back to hard. Ordered a new Livorsi replacement throttle directly from Malibu for $960+/-. Supposed to be plug and play but is not. Confirmed it was the correct Livorsi replacement throttle for MEFI 5b. Have gone back and forth with a representative from Malibu and the boat has been at a Malibu dealership for several weeks. They've tried swapping some pins on the connectors but still can't get it to work. If you plug in the old ZF shifter, the boat works but is sketchy to operate.

Has anyone else had this experience of the replacement throttle not being plug and play? Not trying to complain just grasping for anything at this point.

Thanks in advance!

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18 minutes ago, oldjeep said:

FWIW - the failure on your ZF throttle is likely a .10 e clip


I wasn't going to ruin his day any further... 

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Thanks ladies, the snark is super helpful.

I actually followed the advice on the "neutral lock out" thread prior to purchasing the new shifter last fall. When I disassembled the original ZF shifter there was a broken circular plastic sleeve that appeared to be the root of the problem and not the .10 e clip. That being said, I felt more confident purchasing from Malibu then trying to rebuild replace the plastic mechanism. So, my bad on that.

Malibu now has the following disclaimer on the replacement shifter website: Regarding the installation process, most of the time installing this shifter will be plug and play, there are a few exceptions on some models and years however. If you install this shifter and it doesn't work then you may need to move some of the pins on the plug -- please contact us for help if you install it and it doesn't work.

So - I've contacted Malibu and they have no answers. If anyone else has been through this with a hammerhead, mefi 5 ecm, and econtrols throttle please speak up. thanks in advance.

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Multimeter should tell you what you need to know.  On your disassembled zf find the common wire that goes to the 3 blade switches and figure out which pin it goes to. Then using the continuity function on your multimeter map the output for forward, reverse and neutral pins.  Then check the same on the livorsi.  And I would make an ugly lady;). 

Alternately, ask nicely and maybe someone has an extra busted zf and would provide the plastic piece that is broke on yours, pictures help.

Be aware there are a couple different zf throttles, some have a neutral rev switch and some don't.

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