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2003 - Wakesetter LSV

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Purchased a new to me boat a month ago.    Ran great, guages didn't work.  Filled ballast, lowered wedge etc. and still powered well.  (trying to justify buying a boat without guages -- haven't owned a boat in 20 years and got a bit eager I guess!!) 

So I put in faria gauges and perfect pass from skiboatpartsonline - the battery, rpm, oil pressure, temp all function.  Perfect pass works great.

(FYI don't get faria for 2003 wakesetter LSV - you'll need to drill out your dash to make them fit -- I believe the offer TRD that fit ... more water under the dam)  

Fuel guage doesn't work - but dont' care right now.

On my maiden voyage with new gauges the temp guage went to 200 and stabilized. Didn't go down or up much based on running or not.   Only did a 10 minute run and dissapointed the family and put it back on the trailer.  This week after that I have changed the:   impellar, thermostat, pulled the transmission cooler to make sure it was clear and replaced the spark plugs.   Hasn't changed the temperature gauge reading at all - still goes to 200 and doesn't move much..   I am testing it on an installed "Flush Pro by Perko"   hose input is plumbed to the back of the boat. Only slight movement was when I took it from idol to about 2000 rmps the temp went down slightly (that didn't happen when I had it in the water prior to changing everything) 

I would LOVE some help... Ron at Skiboatpartsonline sent me the OHM values for the gauges but for the life of me I can figure out how to test them. 

100-250Deg F    Temp (f)        Ohms
Water Temp    100            450
                        175            100
                        250            30


Thanks in advance - I have already learned a ton from this group and appreciate all the information. 



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Posted (edited)

welcome to the crew.  

you didn't mention which engine in the rig...

there may be two temperature sending units: one provides a temperature on/off input for the ecm while the second provides an analog signal for your dash gauge.

my memory is sick but a search of this site will net several discussions that will help you decipher which is where.

for the small cost i'd consider replacing w new. 

don't use tfe/pipe dope when installing as the threaded fitting is the electrical return path on one of the sending units.

also be aware, there have been instances of faulty new impellers where the shaft will spin within the molded rubber veins.

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Test your sender with an Ohm meter.  Disconnect the sender, then read the resistance across the two wires.  Compare the Ohm reading to the chart that Ron sent to you.  The chart should agree with the temperature of the sender.  A cheap IR temperature gun will help you verify the temperature.

Very carefully check your flush kit installation and re-seat every hose from the hull fitting to the water pump.  Any small crack or poorly seated hose can leak.  Since this side is under suction, it will pull air before it pulls water.  No leak is too small, so check carefully.

Just for completeness, you did use a new 160* thermostat, right?

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An IR gun is a must have for anyone who likes to lift their clamshell. I even use it for lake temp. Right now 58.

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15 minutes ago, electricjohn said:

An IR gun is a must have for anyone who likes to lift their clamshell. I even use it for lake temp. Right now 58.

Point it at an empty patch of sky some time.  The sun is also interesting....

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the replies!  I really appreciate the help.  Turns out I made a pretty bone-head move.  I replaced the old thermostat with a new and wrong thermostat.  Fit correctly but didn't operate.  Ordered the correct one and now the temp's are as they should be - a new sending unit fixed the fuel gauge issue. 

Now the only problem is keeping it full of gas. 

Thanks again for the help!

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On 5/29/2021 at 10:36 AM, electricjohn said:

An IR gun is a must have for anyone who likes to lift their clamshell. I even use it for lake temp. Right now 58.

Never thought of taking the IR out in the boat to test the water... 58 is pretty dang cold for this Florida boy.

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