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2016 Wakesetter Transmission/V-Drive is Toast

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Im in a pickle....I have a 2016 Malibu 23 LSV with the Indmar 6.2 Raptor motor. With 1,800 hours on her and counting, my maintenance schedule is  and has always been on point with no major issues on the boat aside from 1 Cat going bad and constant Surfgate issues. I have a bad actuator as we speak. I am going to attempt to rebuild that. There is no way they are worth the $1000 price tag for one. However, my big problem happened the other day. Went out for a 4 hour session and about 10 minutes from the ramp, there was a grinding in what sounded like the V-Drive. In idle, the boat is perfectly fine. Get back to the ramp and bring it home to the shop to find out there is oil in the bilge also. I check the oil on the motor, all good. Check the ATF (the red stuff) on the V-Drive and it is all good. Looks brand new and perfect level. Check the yellow dip stick and its gone bye bye. Refilled with a quart of 50wt trans oil and can tell its bad. Lots of metal shavings. Sure enough, When I run it on the hose, it grinds terribly. This is where I stopped. Boat is obviously out of warranty now so I will need to get this fixed. Where can I source a transmission or v-drive for this outside the dealer? Is this something I can take on myself? Im pretty good at working on things but have never dealt with a transmission in a boat or a v-drive. As far as how this may have happened I have a theory....I noticed on the throttle that the detent spring that locks the boat in neutral has broken in half right in the middle and wound up around itself so that it is basically shorter by a half inch and the boat will not lock into neutral. It passes right by neutral right into reverse without even stopping in neutral. I am wondering if one of my drivers was in forward gear and skipping neutral and going right into reverse a bunch of times and blew some gears out (or plates or clutches or whatever craziness hides inside a transmission and v-drive) ??? The fix for the detent was easy. I just unwound the spring back to its original length and now it works fine again. It’s hard for me to think that a .20 cent spring killed it.

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On 5/16/2021 at 4:12 PM, TexasTexas95 said:

Check the ATF (the red stuff) on the V-Drive and it is all good. 

Not that it matters at this point... but you had transmission fluid in the v drive?

I guess we need to figure out what part you need, transmission or v drive as they are two different items. 

Can you switch them in your shop? Sure, several guys on here have.

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