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2013 24 MXZ Monsoon 572 Super Charged -- High Intake Air Temperature (IAT)

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We purchased this boat used and we are slowly learning about it.  We recently had an error code that shows our Intake Air Temp is too high which caused our engine to go into limp mode.  I hooked up our TechMate tool and I saw the IAT climb to 220 and then the warning is turned on.  So...  I am trying to figure out why the temperature is going so high.  I THINK it has something to do with the intercooler and/or coolant .

I cannot find in any manual and I cannot find any images online but I am GUESSING that my coolant for our intercooler (assuming there is one) needs to have fluid.  Can someone take a look at the attached image and let me know if what I have marked is the intercooler reservoir?  If it is, what type of coolant should I use in there?

I purchased the boat used and it was shipped during winter, as far as I know this reservoir was empty, it is possible they emptied it before winterizing and getting the boat ready for shipping or maybe there is a leak.  I will try filling it up and seeing if it solves my IAT issue and if it stays full.

I appreciate any input!

Thank you!

2013 Malibu 24 MXZ Monsoon 572 SS Engine.jpg

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Unfortunately, I am new to this supercharged engine and I do not have a manual that helps with the supercharged portion of the engine.  I think you are correct about the pump, is the supercharger cooler portion a closed system or does it draw water from the lake like the engine cooling system?  Since there appears to be a reservoir I am leaning towards this is a closed system but I don't understand how the closed system would then be able to offer much cooling.

Any help, advice and even someone who can point me to where I can get a manual that covers the supercharger section of my engine would be very welcomed.

Thank you in advance!


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The charged air coolant is circulated by an electric water pump from the reservoir, to the intercooler, to the heat exchanger, and back.  The Sea water pump causes sea water to flow through the heat exchanger to control the temperature of the coolant.

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