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2021 Axis A22 (Brand New) vs. 2020 Malibu 22 LSV (Used)

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Good morning folks,

My first wake boat will be chosen soon and I had no intentions of buying a used boat. Some friends sold me on Axis and I was lucky as just this weekend a family had backed out of an A22. The A22 has the M5 engine and $24k of options and is going to cost me $99K out the door with trailer. Someone then reached out to me on face book with the used Malibu that has 60 hours. It has around 35k in options. The owner said he would come down in price to $99k but that doesn't include the tax and warranty transfer. After you add those items the cost is around $106.6k.

Since the price is so close and the Malibu is so new, what should I be considering here? A new boat is a new boat but I understand Axis is Malibu's "budget brand" although 100k doesn't seem very budget to me lol. Which would be easier to sell with the least depreciation should something come up and I have to unload the boat?

How different are these two boats? How much "better" is the Malibu? I know the front bows are different. The axis doesn't have all the touchscreens (more stuff to break?).

I would also save on all dealer fees and prep which is almost $5k of that $99k.

Any input or consideration is appreciate for a first timer. Thank you.


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Depends what is important to you.  Do you want touchscreens in your boat or do you want switches?  What engine does the Malibu have?  If it has the M5/M6 they have had impeller issues on SOME boats, not all.  2021 supposedly that is fixed.  You get an extra year warranty on the Axis and that may be worth it to you if you plan on keeping the boat for at least 5 years.  What are the stereo options?  Do you have people that like to sit on the bow. . . the axis has the bigger bow.  I would personally make a list of both boats and show which options each has and then determine if that's worth it to you.  Price doesn't mean one has more than others.  Malibu costs more.  To me though the biggest thing is the wake, I could care less about all the extras in the malibu.  DEMO the boats.  I've been on a newer 22 lsv I want to say 2018/19 and a 2021 A22.  I would say the wake/wave on the Axis is better but not by much.  I prefer axis for simplicity reasons.  I've been on a couple of Malibu's were the screens have gone out and it leaves you stranded so to speak.  Not saying Axis can't have their own set of issues.  Best of luck to you.  Either boat is a great option honestly.

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Does the Malibu have the M6? Like ajf says, you should demo them both or at least the Axis to make sure the M5 has enough power for your needs. 

Also, the Malibu should have all the new boat growing pains worked out with 60 hours on it. Usually the first 30 hours is when adjustments are needed or assembly issues are resolved.

If I liked the colors of both boats and assuming the Malibu has the M6, I'd take the Malibu. Not sure what I'd do if they both have the M5.

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Well... it's not an easy decision then. I assume Florida, your lake season is all year so waiting for the Axis vs getting the Malibu now is a small consideration. I am an old school thinker and do like the simpler side of the Axis, seemingly easier to fix since it has switches instead of the Malibu malivue setup. 

You could look at the financial side, which on holds its value better? On onlyinboards a 2020 22 lsv sells for $95-$100k while a 2020 Axis A22 sells for $80k-ish. They do/did have different MSRPs.. just a data point for you.

So I guess it really comes down to which color you like best...lol. Both great options. Me? I'd get the Malibu, personally like the styling better. 


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First of all , congrats on finding a boat that is available and fairly priced. Both of them. My first wake boat was an axis . Sold it and then considered all the extra touches the Malibu offered. I ordered a new axis . I was torn between the two but mostly couldn’t justify the cost difference. I believe you are basically comparing the a22 hull to what amounts to a t22 hull plus the extras in Malibu . I guess I’d say if the Malibu has a nicer stereo and cool touch vinyl and some other items, I’d be tempted to go with the lsv. Out west, in a regular world, not now, an lsv might hold its value better. 60 hrs is nothing on a boat as long as your dealer is great. 
Have fun , as a new owner myself , I’ll say this, all last year I said , “ I should have done this years ago!” We had the best summer ever on the boat 

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Thanks Livinlogs, my first wake boat so as mentioned I think I'm going with the longer warranty to enjoy it worry free (hopefully)!

We got lucky with someone backing out as they told me 2021 is finished and it would be October before we saw a new order come in.

Trying to finalize the deal this week! Fingers crossed... 

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Good luck lmoretti, you can't go wrong here..both are great boats.  I recently picked up a 2021 A22 and love it.  The warranty and new car smell is priceless (if you ignore the ROI)...the other nice feature of the A22 is the picklefork bow if you have people that like to sit up front like I do.  That is the reason the A22 significantly outsells the T22 even though they are the exact same boat except for the bow (and the A22 being ~$2.5k more because of that).  The malibu does have the more plush upholstery (I find the A22 plush enough) and fancy computer (nice for the pre-built profiles, but also it's own headaches, so I prefer simple)...but the core features (wake, motor etc..) is the same



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