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Malibu Sportster- Cuts out upon acceleration- Any Advice?


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My 1989 Malibu Sportster has an Inmar 350 CID, 5.7 Liter, Marine Electronic Fuel Injection Throttle Body Injection. (Not sure if it is a Model A, B, C, E, or F)

It starts fine, runs fine. However, when pulling a skier or just taking off from a dead start it hesitates and cuts out. The skier gets yanked for a second and then dumped into the water.

The carburetor has been cleaned and adjusted with no luck.

Someone think it's a Interrupter switch issue (looks like a mIcro switch)

Another person thinks it the carburetor. Suggested it be replaced

Another person thinks a carburetor was added when the original electronic ignition went bad.

Any thoughts you may have to fix this problem would be extremely helpful.

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2 hours ago, oldjeep said:

Bad fuel pump, clogged fuel filter?

Either that or a bad regulator.  It does sound like maybe the fuel pressure is falling off under high demand.

@OldBarefootingDude, have you put a pressure gauge on the fuel port at the throttle body?  The interrupter switch is probably used to momentarily cut the engine out while shifting the transmission.  You can probably just disconnect it if you think something is wrong with it.  Oh, and the throttle body is definitely not a carburetor if yours is an injected engine.

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Michigan boarder

Is it a '99 Sportster?  They didn't make a Sportster in '89.  Can you post a pic of the carb/throttle body?

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If all else fails, swap out your alternator.  When the diode fails in the alternator it does exactly what you describe.  I chased down my entire fuel system including the fuel tank and found nothing but ended up with a lot of spare parts including a fuel pump...

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Accel from rest with a carb is provided by the accel pump which is part of the carburetor.  Might have some debris blocking it.  Carb rebuild / cleaning may help issue.

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When my kill switch started to die, it did the same thing. My friend thought it was transmission cutting out, but the engine never rev'd like a slip. It just skipped a few beats on a couple acceleration occasions, near the beginning of last season. By chance I rotated with the switch while underway and it made the boat stutter and start to die.

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