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Fuel Injectors for 2001 Sunsetter LXI?


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Thinking about picking up new injectors. My boat has Rochester 17124187 26lb, 12.3 Ohms.  This came as OE on my boat. I bought it the boat new in '01 and never changed them since. I also have seen others state that their boat came with Rochester 17095004,  24.4lb 12.5 Ohm, or Rochester 17121068 24lb, 12.1 Ohm. These are all closely sized so I suspect all may be ok here.  I don't think any of these are available new at this time? I looked on Rochester site and it didn't seem like I could buy them.

I guess I can also send them out for service and many guys seem to have done that. 

I searched through this site and see a few options called out here. Seeking some first hand knowledge if any of you have bought other injectors for the Monsoon engine. 

Options I found:

1. I saw Racetronix 01D0568. This certainly looks correct and lists GM 5.7L engines for 2001, but spec  states is 21lb/hr flow. So I am not liking this one much. But I did see Item #: 01D102x,   01D102B , 26.5 Lb/Hr LT4 Delphi Multec Fuel Injector (FJ614 / FJ614S). This one looks good (at 40$ each). Looks correct but doesn't list Ohms and appears to be "out of stock". Finally, I see 01D056x - 24.5 lb/hr Disc High-Z Fuel Injector (FJ164S-01), listed as 12.2 Ohms and In Stock...so I think this is my best bet if I can't get the 26.5 lb flow one here.  I did send them an email asking when/if the 26.5lb unit would be in stock.

2. Bostech MP3022 maybe...but I couldn't find the flow or resistance data anywhere.

3. Fuelinjectorconnection, if you type in "17124187" yields "FIC 24ln Indmar Injector" set for a healthy 440$. These do not look anything like the injector in my engine so I am not too happy with it.

4. Typing my part # in Napa Online gets Echlin injector Part #: CRB 218084 at a cool 90$ each, but has no stats associated with it. I guess you buy and pray. The injector picture does look like mine though.

Maybe some of you guys have some better info?

Thanks - 


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I may get them cleaned. But, one thing I have learned owning this boat 20 years, is that things get old and fail. I have started replacing some items BEFORE they fail. At a minimum I want to buy a couple injectors as spares. I may even buy a whole set and change them out. My starter and generators have not failed yet, but I may change them too. I don't want to argue about cleaning versus replacing - obviously cleaning is always an option. I am seeking data from people who have actually replaced their fuel injectors and believe they found a good solution/replacement.

BTW, I also found:  BWD 57151 (285$ for a set) on Ebay which apparently crosses to my OEM part, but again, I couldn't find resistance or flow anywhere on the internet for that injector.  


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My understanding is that the 26# injectors were for the Gen-III Corvette engines, so you must have an LS1 rather than a Monsoon.

Anything close to 12 Ohms resistance is probably good.  The ECM is not going to care about the difference in current between 12.1 Ohms and 12.5 Ohms.  The resistance difference from nominal is less than 2%, and is most likely due to differences in coil wire diameter and length used by different manufacturers.  Yes, the inductance may be different, but even if they balance the inductance with a capacitor it is likely to be a 5% or 10% part anyway.

The Standard Motor Products FJ614 injectors are listed at $58.89 each at RockAuto.com.  I would carefully compare shape (specifically, length and diameter) of any injector before I bought it to make sure it will fit.

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Nope - Fuel injected Monsoon. Not LS1. And these were my stock injectors. 

Thanks for the RockAuto tip...Just checked there...my injector crosses to FJ164. Site states:

Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 17106258, 17120254, 17121068, 17121927, 17121947, 17124187, 17124248, 217313

This looks like a good solution. 


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Went through the same thing trying to cross reference. Lots of options that were close with not much information behind them. 
Ended up sending mine out for cleaning and have been pleased. The “remanufactured” set I bought was junk. 

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i  have an LS1 and am going to get mine cleaned this spring - have some odd hesitation that I can't get rid of, seems to be about the last thing to try.    I feel like cleaning is much better than replacing on a boat - they can't have even 10% the use of a car

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1 hour ago, DWhynot said:

Where should we send our injectors for cleaning, calibration and flow matching?  Group Buy?!?

I would be in for this as well.  Feel like I'm still leaving some power on the table even after the fuel pump swap last year.

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