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1993 Mistere Euro f3

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I'm new to the site and new to Malibu boats as well.  I have owned a couple of Correct Crafts in the past and am hoping you all can help educate me on a Malibu I'm interested in.   https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/603880806958168/ I am looking at a 1993 Mistere Euro f3.  I'm most interested in the handling/performance.  We are not slalom skiers.  We do a little wakeboarding and mostly tubing.  My son is 16 and he and his friends like pretty intense rides.  So, I understand the Mistere is a longer boat than the Skier model.  It also looks like it sits very low in the back.  Can anyone shed some light on how this boat would perform for this type of use?  Thanks guys.

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Michigan boarder
2 hours ago, Eagleboy99 said:

This is not  a wakeboard boat.  Lots of wood in it, so check for rot.

That is correct, but a true wakeboard boat is a V-drive and will be at least twice that price, probably more like $20k with a new interior.  You can definitely wakeboard behind that boat without any weight.  So yes it's a good boat for wakeboarding, and a great boat for tubing.  With the rope attached to the pylon you'll be amazed at how you can swing it around and put that tube exactly where you want it on either side of the wake.

Also true on the wood - check the engine mounts for tightness...if they spin without grabbing then the stringers need replacement and that's another $8k or something to fix, not a small job.  Personally, I'd never buy another wood-based boat again.  You can get a 100% no-wood Echelon (starting in '93) or 95 and newer Sunsetter for $10k to $13k with a decent interior.

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Thanks for the input.  I'm really wondering how it turns and performs.  I have driven both ski boats and wakeboard boats.  They turn very differently.  Looking for something that handles like a true ski boat.  Any feedback on that aspect?

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It'll behave  like  a ski boat.  Modern ones track better, but this will be easy to drive.  A friend had one, and it was fun to drive.  I don't recall if it would do a "bat turn" though.  ;)

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I've got this model in a 1990 version.  It's not gonna be that great for wakeboarding.  We use ours for slalom skiing and the wake is really good at 28mph+.  You can kick up a decent wake at 18 mph but there isn't really any place to add the weight sacks or whatever anywhere.  Ours doesn't have power steering so you'll have to muscle thru some sharp turns.  It's very fast but not great for a rough water ride.  I don't think you could put more than 5 people on that boat and ski or wakeboard or tube without people being all over everyone unless you attach the tow line to the clip on the stern.  It's maybe a foot longer than a tournament ski boat so there's not a lot of room, even with the bow.  

But then again, an older boat like that and the Malibu brand - can't go wrong for that price.  Did you get it?  Looks like it sold.

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