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2008 WSLSV Steering tilt column rebuild?

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Happy New Year time to get to work on the boat.  I had a weird "stiff spot or break over spot" on my 2008 Wakesetter LSV 247.  I was going to just change the cable but I notices play on the back side of he column, so I took it out.


Is the steering wheel shaft itself supposed to be firm-ish.  It does not grind or bind but is is stiffer than I expected.  Bakes has a whole new unit for about $200 so should I just do the swap and maybe the rack too with the cable?  I assume I can't get that shaft and press the bearing out easily?



steering 2.jpg


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What do you see if you carefully remove the two springs holding the cover down?  It appears to be a friction device or something.  Maybe some junk got in there? 

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The Steering shaft has some friction to it, that’s perfectly normal.
If there’s play in your steering column it’s most likely in the connection between the tilt mechanism and the steering shaft assembly. No need to buy a new one.

Both units are connected by a die-cast two-piece part and held together with allen head bolts (5/32 head). When you re-assemble, tighten this connection down very firmly. That should take care of the excessive play.

It’s this part I’m talking about:


If there’s a sticking/stiff spot in the steering it is most likely in the rack and pinion part of the steering. But with a new cable that part will be replaced anyway. Just make sure, you give the rack enough grease to cover the whole toothed section.

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I've replaced a couple of those tilt units - $100 or so off amazon (few years ago).  In the ones I dealt with it was the bearings that were messed up and then some slop in the u-joint

Hardly worth screwing with.

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Thanks guys that areas seemed tight is was the two bolts on the back side by the rack interface that were loose-ish.  If the bearing has some friction I thinks I'll just grease it and build it back up.  My original problem was at speed I get a weird "pressure then break free spot". not a bind or skip but a weird pressure build up then slip which suck for trying to control while towing.  Hoping that it is the cable.

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