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Question on adding interior speakers to 06 V-Ride


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I am working on installing SX-65 speakers on a V-ride. It only had two speakers at the console by the windshield. I've already read about the PITA of installing the ones by the windshield. I am adding two more towards the back.

1- Where to install the back ones?

I do not like them near the floor at the panel where the transmission is. I would really like them installed in the opening on the sides of the seating area since they will be closer to ear height and less at risk of getting kicked and damaged by my three crazy kids. However, the V-ride just has holes there. Anyone has build an enclosure for these to install in this hole? Suggestions, pictures would be great.

2- Finally, A sub is in the thoughts. Don't have it yet. I am picky with my audio so I will need one eventually. I do want to build an enclosure for the foot rest area. What wood do you recommend? I can coat with fiberglass. I have always used the high density particle stuff in cars because it just sounds better but that would be terrible if any moisture gets to it. 

3- I am also planning on adding a second battery. What brand, (deep cycle I imagine) for running the audio. Also, on a V-ride, is the electrical system of the boat isolated in a way that you can have one battery dedicated to the engine and the other for the audio and other stuff. Still looking into how to install the second battery properly on my boat.


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I'll look into that Qbomb box.

I already have exile SX-65 that I got over two years ago with amp on a very good deal that I just haven't had the time to install. I just started the project today. I do need the sub and I will not install tower speakers for now. 

I also need help on where to get good wiring, fuse boxes and that type of stuff since what I have now is for 1 amp and using 8 gauge. I will need some 4 gauge and all the other typical stuff needed. Not much wire length, just a couple feet since its all by the batteries. Any good place to buy good quality wire by the foot at a good price?


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