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New Lake House + new Malibu = what gear?


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First, I appreciate the community here tremendously. 

Learned a lot when building and ordering our new ‘21 23LSV. Scheduled to take delivery in March/April and we can’t wait. That’s led me to my big question. 

The Mrs. and I purchased our dream lake house this year and want to know from the experts, what toys/essentials should we purchase?

We’re both interested in wake surfing and I’d like to wakeboard, but we’re both beginners in each of these sports. Any recommendations on gear, toys, supplies, etc. for the boat would be greatly appreciated. We’re new to boat ownership so all advice is great to us. 

For those of you entertaining at the lake, anything outside of boat related items we should add to the list too? We’re the late 30’s no kids crowd so we lean more adult weekend fun vs. family fun day.

Lastly, quality is important. I’m okay spending a little more now to save buying something twice later. That said, if it makes sense to go economical in some areas and all out in others I’d love to learn that too. 

Thanks for you help in advance!

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First a towable tube and rope.  Obrien makes the most durable  in my opinion.  I have 3 kids and bought a 3 person one lots of fun.  https://smile.amazon.com/OBrien-2191505-Super-Screamer/dp/B07JJBVRBM/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1SJHT0P7O9AY7&dchild=1&keywords=obrien+towable+tubes+for+boating&qid=1607312379&sprefix=obrien+towabl+tube%2Caps%2C169&sr=8-2

Don't forget a rope and 12v inflator.

Next you need some boards.  Search Craig's list and Facebook marketplace for some used deals.  You can find some great deals.  Stick with brand names to start out like Hyperlite, Phase 5 and Liquid force then you can get some experience and find exactly what you like.  

I bought a lake house last year and a lot of gear mysteriously "came with the boat"

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We use our Hobbie pedal kayaks a lot, especially on week days.   Depending on your roads, a golf cart.  Definitely a grill.  We have gas and charcoal.   Use the gas 95% of the time.  And a Maui mat.  Your wife's friends will love it.  Get a pontoon to go with it.   Again, electric Bimini for the ladies.

And did I say Waverunner's?

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Don't go cheap on the life vests.  If you need 12 vests for your boat, buy 12 good ones, regular CGA (coast guard approved) ski jackets and not cheapy ones.  I bought cheap ones with my first boat years ago and have replaced them a little at a time and it feels good to have 10 great vests that are about $80 each.  Your guests will appreciate it, and when you are partying and should probably have a vest on they won't mind wearing them (going for a swim off the back of the boat at 4pm when the margaritas started at noon, etc.).  I did a bunch of mens L and XL, same for women's sizes.  My wife and I each have our own that are comp vests (non-CGA) that nobody wears but us.

How big is your lake, and are you mechanically inclined?

Congrats on both purchases, the lake life is the best.

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I would recommend grabbing a few surf boards depending on your crew size, having the proper sized board makes things much easier. I wouldn't go spend a ton on a wakeboard until you really get into item most beginners tend to gravitate to surfing after the first crash.

Not sure about your dock setup but defiantly a boat lift with a canopy. 

Lots of floaties for lounging in. We have a few of the airhead and sport stuff nylon ones they have held up very well over the years. 

Paddle boards are fun depending on what you're into.

Propane fire pit or fire table for the evenings, they put off decent heat without the smoky smell. Costco has decent ones for a good price.  

Spending other peoples money is fun:lol:

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9 hours ago, minnmarker said:

We use our Hobbie pedal kayaks a lot, especially on week days. 

As do we.  We also have some of their eclipse boards.  Those things are fantastic.  It's like a paddle board and an elliptical had a baby.  It's an awesome way to explore the lake. 

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Congrats on your recent purchases!  You are starting out strong!

For the boat:

Get a quality anchor (box anchor), middle of the road wakeboard line ($100ish) and wakeboard 400-600 with open toed bindings in the board size around 140 cm to accommodate yourself and potentially other first timers - may consider a smaller one for females if your crew is small, good surf rope with 2-3 surfboards, pools saddles for floating in a cove.

For the house:

Solo Fire pit is a must if you want to impress, otherwise propane fire shelf is good if you don't want the hassle.  If the house is large enough, then get items that you can play inside as well (foosball, billards, etc).  Hot tub, large deck overlooking the lake with plenty of sitting areas.

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Grab one of those big floating mats for the house.  We have had them when renting lake homes.  They are clutch for floating and boozing.  

Get some proper fender balls for the boat.  Be sure to get some domed numbers. too.  

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45 minutes ago, amartin said:

Kind of depends on what your lot will allow, but I suggest a substantial fire pit - built in ground is best - an real wood fires.  We have a gas fire pit at our primary home and a wood pit at our lake house - wood is 10x better in my opinion.  We spend quite a bit of time around ours.


I'll say I have all three and we spend more time around the solo stove b/c its smokeless.  HUGE compared to our big inground wood fire pit.  All wood .. no smoke!

The solo is also portable so you can use it on the dock or where ever.  

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2 minutes ago, pauley71 said:

I'll say I have all three and we spend more time around the solo stove b/c its smokeless.  HUGE compared to our big inground wood fire pit.  All wood .. no smoke!

The solo is also portable so you can use it on the dock or where ever.  

Maybe I am weird, but I like smelling like campfire smoke.  We burn a lot of oak, and it smells great!

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Plan on having a place to store/hang all of the wet life vests at the end of the day.  I set up a 1" pipe in my garage and hang them all there, we don't even put a car in the garage all summer just to leave room for wet gear and hanging out.

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Thanks to everyone who's shared. The Boat Gear list is a huge help too!

This is what's been mentioned so far.


towable tube


12v inflator

Hyperlite, Phase 5 and Liquid force boards

Maui mat

box anchor

wakeboard 400-600 with open toed bindings in the board size around 140 cm

proper fender balls for the boat

domed numbers



Solo fire pit

beer fridge

zero gravity chairs

Hobbie pedal kayaks

golf cart


pontoon boat with electric bimini


12 good CGA lifevests (don’t go cheap)

30 towels

Water saddles

Paddle boards

foosball, billards, etc

Hot tub

place to store/hang all of the wet life vests


Love the ideas! Keep 'em coming!


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