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Actuator broke away from bracket

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First time out in my new -used 2009 23LSV - could not get the wedge to stow away in up position and later found that the actuators broke away from their mount and wedge is just hanging there now. Actuators seem to still work. Is there a way to replace the end cap of the actuator so it can be re mounted or do is have to buy all new. Did I drive too fast with it halfway up and cause this to happen

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The end cap will come off and there is a rubber seal underneath. You will have to run the wires through the cap no big deal they are attached to the ram motor via spade clips. At least they were on my ‘10. I slathered everything in silicone to make sure I didn't have to buy a new ram later due to water intrusion. Those MY rams will be harder and harder if not impossible to find. Good luck 

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An after thought. Make sure you don't spin the rams out of sync/length to each other or they could potentially bind. If you are not sure you can run/spin them all of the way in or out to sync them. As I recall when I was messing with mine the final set up saw one of the rams a full turn different than the other ram. I was checking the load on both and noticed that one ram was sloppier than the other so I adjusted it accordingly.

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I was only trouble shooting a wedge fault at the time so I didn’t have to replace anything. I did crack open what I thought might of been the suspect actuator to have a look, so I know what is inside of “stretch Armstrong”. As suggested, I would go straight to Lenco to find a replacement. Barring that check on the Amazon you might get lucky and find the parts and pieces of a defective ram for sale. If you don’t have any luck there, I would take the piece to a fab shop and have them shoot you a price. I would be prepared for sticker shock if you do. A whole new ram might be cheaper. Good luck.

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So I found the new replacement actuators for $225 on bakes but has to be the new 5 lobe. I see mixed reviews about if they will be compatible w the control module. Any experience w the compatibility- I really don’t want to buy a $1400 module 

I am willing to buy new actuators rather than trying to fix the old ones if I don’t have to buy the module 

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