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Swiss Pro Slalom Tournament is On Now - Live


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that course is crazy to me.  I dont know how "normal" or "common" that is. But i swear ive seen bigger drainage ditches on the side of the interstate :lol:  Props to the driver.  ZERO room for error on his part.

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And don't forget Malibu sponsored winner Regina.  Some nice data being reported, peak rope load is interesting and provides a bit of insight on each skiers technique or style.  ZO setting choices were interesting to see what the best migrate to.

@Eagleboy99 - "as I figured" may be a touch bold as Fred's competition for the win did miss the gates so that one could have gone either way:-)  Gates are one of Nate's nemesis to which that is how he tends to lose a tournament when capable of skiing more buoys.  Freddie is certainly coming in to his own and is toe to toe with Nate on the top step of the podium and always nice to see a hard fought battle for the top step in any sport.

Pretty stellar weekend in sports for the Brits, in case nobody noticed a certain Lewis Hamilton now stands equal with Michael Shumacher with # of total wins in F1.

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2 hours ago, rakr said:

1000lbs of force... I realize it’s different from a deadlift, but my goodness. Pretty impressive. 

Yeah, that is some grip strength!  The G's one pulls at shortline are amazing.  It would be neat to try that system; bet I'd be lucky to get a third of that even with my lard butt.  :)

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The pull force data is very interesting, although not indicative of the skiers buoy count, but great to see.  Kudo's to the organizers to gather and provide the data, then offer a trophy for the 'winner'.  It does go to show the level of effort taken to successfully ski a short line set and how fit the skiers are.  Consider each set tends to be around 4-5 passes @ 6 balls each, so 25-30 times the line gets loaded and that excludes the exit gates and starts.  I thought the broadcast was very good, great camera angles and some interesting interviews on the dock by Wade.  The insight of the commentators was also very good, nice to listen to a sporting event where the announcers are not screeching over every play.  I recall a couple of decades ago, when ABC had an event that was an all discipline athlete competition, the two sports that rose to the top in the overall aspect were motocross riders and tournament water skiers.

I do have to say, as a very frequent skier, I am in better shape using intense water skiing as a workout regimen as it keeps me in better shape than anything else.  My sorest day of the year is the day after my first set of the year, LOL.  I can't think of a better way to spent 'time at the gym' than a set on the water cutting glass and being outside.  Will never understand why more people don't yearn to ski:-)  

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