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Considering 09 Response LXi

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I'm considering an 09 LXi. We are novice level slalom skiers 32-34 mph 15off but of course trying to improve. About all we do is slalom and cruise. Have had Nautiques but wanted to get open bow and ZO would be nice. Please provide any insights, known issues, etc. I'm coming out of an 02 SN196. Great boat!

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I ski a 2011 all the time and it’s a great slalom boat. It kinda gets a bad rap because the 03-06 and 12+ TXi is so good but I’ve never once not skied well behind it because it. Honestly I could never really tell the difference between it and my 2013 TXi when I had the TXi. My PB is actually behind the 2011 rlxi. 

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20 minutes ago, FalconE said:

What's the r?

R?  Response?  RLXi Response LXi?

It's a good boat with a nice amount of room and an open bow.  It won't ski quite as well as the '02 196.  That's a GREAT wake.  The RLXi is a very very good wake.  You'll still love it though.

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@FalconE - as stated above, the SN196 has an excellent slalom wake and in good condition tracks very well and are considered one of the best ever slalom boats.  An RLXI is a great open bow alternative an as noted the wakes will be different (shape, size, etc) but not by much although each skier needs to confirm as wakes are subjective.  Comparing to an SN, Malibu's are LHR (left hand rotation) props so backing will be inverse to an SN, engines are GM & if your SN is Ford powered parts would generally more available and SN's are built like tanks in comparison to it's competition.  Another difference, tracking through the course will be different, SN's are considered among the best in terms of tracking and my experience is there is differences across all boats and each needs to be tuned to suit.  You are probably aware, OB boats are much easier to swamp with water over the bow.

The '09 RLXI is the second generation LXI, first Gen '03-'06, second introduced in '07 and a key difference is in the hull change and freeboard.  An '09 should have Zero Off speed control and if it does not have ZO (or PP) I would highlight that as a necessity for your slalom course enjoyment.  IMO the Malibu system is not at the standards of the other two options.  

Good luck, my suggestion is to ski and experience the boat before picking any specific boat to purchase.

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