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Running with Slightly Bent Prop


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Ok, I know the safe answer here is “hell no” but thoughts on running the boat for a few hours with a small curve on the tip of one of the blades assuming no vibration?  I hate to do it but have lake day plans prior to being able to get it fixed or buy a spare.  Rough water while trailering had the prop meet one of the bunks. First time in 40 years on the water that’s ever happened! 🤦🏻‍♂️

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As you have already stated the safe answer is no.  Just because you can't feel it does not mean that it is not putting unhealthy loads on whatever is keeping it from being felt.  With a loaded boat there is a LOT of torque and HP involved so even though there are not high RPM's there are some pretty large forces involved.

For sure if you don't get away with it you will hate paying the bill.



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I have done it many times as my spare has a slightly bent fin.  It the vibration that will losen the packing and damage your vdrive.  If it runs well without the vibration go for it.

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Do you have a picture of the damage?  As you say my 1st reaction would be to tell you no. Don't do it.     It may be minor enough to get away with it.  Did you try it with a full ballast and wakesurfing?   As others have said could still be doing damage depending on the amount of out of balance and still not feel a lot of vibration.   

Another option if you are close is to ask your dealer if  they may have a few around they could loan you for the weekend.  Might let you try one out with a deposit.  Sorry you do not have a spare.   

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I did it this summer. Yeah, I just barely dinged a prop right before a vacation. Our local prop shop said they could maybe get it done but wouldn’t make any promises which is fair. I ran through all ranges of RPMs to feel for vibration and had no so I went on vacation and ran it. Will I pay for that someday? Idk maybe but if there is no vibration the engine doesn’t know the prop is slightly bent. 

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7 hours ago, Nitrousbird said:

Put your spare on.  Don't have a spare?  That's called a life lesson - I had a life lesson on a spare before as well and now I have a spare + weekend saver kit + another spare.

cause he wants to go this week not next month!!!

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21 hours ago, Eagleboy99 said:

I'm pretty sure Acme or OJ would overnight a prop using Fedex.

This relates to my current damaged prop issue. I was just thinking having a spare on hand would be wise...  I currently have a 3 blade on my 2012 response Txi. I am not an engine guy so I’m unclear on the specifics..  what Specs should I order on a spare prop for my ski boat?? Thanks in advance! Brad 

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Thanks for the feedback. Probably playing it safe and not taking it out until I get it fixed. I’ve been talking with Acme about prop options that will plane my boat but haven’t committed to a model yet. That will be my main prop and then the one I have on currently will be the spare. 

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