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2005-2008 VLX Heavy Weighted Setups


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For those with the 2005-2008 VLX hull and are heavily weighted (4K-5k lbs total ballast), what are your setups?

Looking at a 2007 to replace my 1998 VLX and would like to weight it as heavily as possible but still keep all the ballast hidden.

The 2007 has the 4 factory tanks, so I assume the wakemakers plug and play (820lbs) in the rear... whatever sacs will fit under the seats midship?... any way to add bow water weight?

Would love to see what ya’ll are running!

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I have 300lb lead up front, Factory tanks full, Wedge down, PNP 1,100s depending on amount of people 50-80% full. The V23 vs V25 is 2 different monsters. The V25 likes bow weight the V23 would dip the bow easy. 

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2011 vride. same hull.  1000s rear, 300 under port coffin.  300 lead in rear under seats, 200 lead in bow plus full MLS.  (Mine has bags at center and front vs tanks, but weight us probably close. Floating wedge and GSA.

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I have a 2005 VLX (SV25).  I have have a surf wake that people on our lake .with 100K boats envy.  What I learned is more weight is NOT always better.

My Current set-up:

Full 4 tank MLS

750s piggybacked rear

400 bow

Manual Wedge

Swell H3X+ (#1 up and half way out) - Mounted on upper hull just below the wakesetter decal.

Acme 1235


I tried a 650 bow bag and we didn't like the wave, plus I wouldn't let anyone else drive because the bow sat dangerously low.  I have a 650 I will sell :-).

I have also played with double suckgates in various locations.

My fall project was GSA or Infinity tabs...I will not be adding these as I firmly believe my wave will go backwards...but the convenience would be really nice.





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Thanks all... for those with 1000+ bags in the rear, which ones are you running?  Wakemakers claims that their 820lb bags will max out the locker and the bigger bags wont bring any additional weight.

I may go with a bag on the port side under the seats... the cooler on the driver side kinda screws that up so I may just do lead on that side to even out the port side bag (and the batteries that are on that side as well).

My plan was to run the bow sac up front, the W706... some sites say it is 650lbs, others claim 1000lbs 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I had 750s which worked great with my suckgate.  When I added GSA, I found that I needed more weight in the rear and less in the bow due to lift from the tabs. I supplemented the 750s with 150 lead under the bags on each side to dial in the wave to my liking.  After a season using that setup, I purchased Sumo 1000s (got a steal at wakemakers on open box items.) I moved the lead forward under rear seats, 50 port/starboard, 150 in vdrive tray and 50 in observer locker.  The 1000s fill up the lockers more than the 750s did.  I'd guess between 850 to 900 based on dialing my wave with both setups using the same bow weight. So, IMO, Wakenakers is probably fairly accurate with that statement, I think it's a bit more than 820 but can't be sure.

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