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2005 Lsv23 v drive pull


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TL:DR - anyone have tips to get a v drive out of a 2005 lsv23?  It's so close,  but blocked by the wall and very full gas tank. 

Had the old wakesetter out yesterday.  I was surfing along and the boat just stopped.  I rode the wave up to the boat and it was making ap screeching sound, motor still running.   Told (screamed) at my sister to shut it down. 

Started the boat, started fine, but as soon as you put it in forward or reverse the engine would die. 

Checked around and the v drive had no oil. Dipstick seemed dry.  Ugh.

Threw a quart of 30 weight in and let it sit a minute, as the howling wind hurtled us towards the rocky shore...

Started her up, died in forward again,  tried in reverse and it went!  Tried forward again and it went. It was rather loud,  as you can imagine. 

We weren't far from the marina, so we putted over there and pulled the boat. 

On the way in I noted that some gray oil was pouring out of the tube on the v drive.   Apparently the oil tube had been sitting on the screw clamp for the gas tank and over the years it finally wore through.  Might explain the oil in the bilge...

Well,  I got my hands on a new hydraulic oil tube and threw it in. Hooked up the fake lake and ran the boat.  Started fine, but when I put it in gear (on the trailer) the screeching sound was intense!

I figured that the v drive bearings are shot and so I'm pulling the drive to get rebuilt. 

All the bolts came out nicely,  but I can't quite clear the transmission gear shaft.  I took off the two front parts, still no go.  Tried to separate in the middle,  no help.  

Any tips, videos, diagrams,  suggestions,  experience, hope?

I could maybe move the gas tank a little,  but it's full, of course, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort if i can't make it past the shaft .

Thanks for your help. 

Sucks the season ended early.  Trip to Powell is canceled I guess.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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I pulled the drive from my 2006 23LSV a few years ago to install  PSS shaft seal.  it isnt to hard - just takes patience and time.

I used my cherry picker (engine hoist) with a 3' boom expansion thay I made from apiece of square tubing.  a gantry crane would have been easier but I ain't got one. 

if i recall, unbolting from the transmission was not difficult.  unbolting the shaft coupler was a PITA but it can be done.  then I slung the drive with some straps and lifted it out with the hoist.  I pt some thick cardboard in the floor of the boat and set the drive there once it was free. 

sounds like you are getting a ne or rebuilt drive based on your description of the problem.  I reccomend replacing the shaft seal while the drive is out. 

good luck!  at least this happened in Sept and not in June! 


I d9nt recall having issues clearing the shaft when I pulled the drive. if thay is your issue,depending on how close your clearance is, you may be able to move the engine and transmission back using the motor mount alignment adjustments. 

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That makes sense, I think I need about 2 inches, maybe 3.

I'll take a look at the mounts to see if I can move the engine back.  

Thanks for the tip on the shaft seal. 

I bought the boat in June,  so it's kinda like it's June for us lol.

Thanks for the reply.  It's so close, just can't quite get it past the transmission gear shaft.  

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Are you completely sure your intense squealing on the trailer wasn't from your strut bushing being dry? Putting boat in gear with that dry will wake up your nearest neighbors. 

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Ya know...

I did think of that, but my brother in law talked me out of it.  It was so scary that we just shut it down quick.

Maybe I will reassemble that sucker, wet the strut bushing and see how it goes.

Thank you.

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