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2019 MXZ Interior Speakers Keep Cutting Out


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I have a 2019 22 MXZ that I have been having issues with all interior speakers cutting out often.  Especially after starting the engine (a high amp and voltage reducing event).  Since the boat is still under warranty, my local dealer has already completely swapped out the amplifier that powers all of the interior speakers.  However, the new amplifier has been having the exact same issues.  I am concerned that the system may be poorly designed by having too many speakers being powered by this amplifier.  My boat is still under warranty so I will be reaching out to my dealer again.  However, I am curious if anyone is having similar problems.  If so, has anybody found a solution?

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I have a 2018 VLX that was doing basically the same thing: Interior speakers cutting out after starting the engine. (Speakers were playing prior to starting) The towers would stay on though. Cycling the power to stereo always fixed the issue. I swapped the amps and went to a regular SYN DX6 and it still didn't fix it. Same problem. Decided to try running on both batteries as it always was on 1 or 2 and not both. BOTH fixed the problem. Must be the large rush of the engine starting that drops the wetsounds amps into protect. Give that a try and see what happens.

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I actually have tried setting the battery switch to both batteries thinking the extra amp capacity might help.  Maybe it happens a little bit less but it does still happen.  Its interesting my dealer never mentioned switching to both batteries.  Oh, and when the dealer replaced the amp, they accidentally wired the front speakers to the rear outputs and vice versa.  An easy fix but the amp going into a self protect mode is getting frustrating.  As you know, starting and stopping the engine happens often out on the lake.  I wonder if I could come up with a voltage regulator solution for the amp to try to prevent the volts from dropping too much. 



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45 minutes ago, milehighbu said:

by having too many speakers being powered by this amplifier. 


45 minutes ago, milehighbu said:

Especially after starting the engine

Its not uncommon for an amplifier to reach its low voltage threshold while the engine is cranking. This would be independent of audio load based on the number of speakers being be driven by it. 

A voltage meter at the amp power terminals would show the degree of the voltage dip. Would need to be one that has the min/max memory function, like a Fluke 87 or 88. This way, the tech does not have to watch the meter, plus it will record a voltage the digital display may not show do to the rate of refresh. 

The amp cutting off during idle operation, as in not cranking the engine, could be something different. Id still start with voltage at the amp power terminals. 

Does your boat by chance have the 1/2/BOTH switch? 

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this may sound nuts on a 19 but what about having batteries load tested, you are now talking about amp in protect mode that was not mentioned in original post ( you said interior speakers cutting out and dealer replaced the amp)

 you also said when on both it may have happened less often.  both original 24’s could be bad, going bad, but working better together.  

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