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Trailer bow eye hook


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The spring gate on my winch strap is pretty much useless. Hasn’t been an issue until this weekend when I put the trailer in a bit too far and didn’t get it in the bunks right. Backed in to align it and the boat started floating off. Safety strap was on, but still caused me to jump out of the truck pretty quick. 

anyway... it looks like the hook is getting crushed by the roller. Additionally it looks like I can raise the post (two bolts on the post) so that the roller would be high enough not to crush the gate. Any reason to not do this? I’m thinking 1” maybe 2” would do it. 




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Mine does the same thing to the strap hook when I pull it in tight, look like you are missing that additional piece of metal on the spring that would keep strap from jumping off the hook, a new winch strap would have that. I cant think of any reason not to adjust it some as long you would still be pulling the bow down, against the roller when you tightened the winch, you dont want the bow bouncing around while you trailer.


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Just now, REHinH20 said:

You can also order a new strap with hook included.  This in addition to rolling it from bottom like John suggested, might solve all your issues.  I always rest a little easier after a new strap is installed.


Just be aware that particular strap is super thick and won't fit on a standard winch drum.  I bought one just like it a couple of years ago and had to return it for the more standard thickness.

This one is the standard Fulton replacement


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On 7/22/2020 at 12:47 PM, John I. said:

Any reason the strap can't leave the winch hub from the underside instead of over the top?  Looks like a simple fix. 

I rolled it all the way out and back in. It now is leaving on the bottom. The catch for the winch is now backwards, so it won’t catch when winching in, just out, since I am winding the opposite way to get it in. It looks like the catch was designed to be flipped. I undid the bolt flipped the catch over, and put the spring in the eye on the opposite end. The “catch tooth” was on the top and is now on the bottom. I am wondering if someone inadvertently installed the catch upside down from the factory. 

the gate isn’t even close to the roller and a new strap is on the list. 

thanks crew! 



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