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2010 dash removal

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I would like to remove the dash pod that houses the gages and Malivu screen. I am trying to check all the connections and just want to get access behind them. Does anyone have instructions on removing the section of the dash they are in?  I saw a couple bolts under the helm but they appeared to be holding the whole dash in not just the pod portion. There is also a single screw above the screen but it did not appear to do anything to allow the screen to come out after I removed it. Not sure if the screen snaps in. Don’t want to break any clips or other parts. 

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One single Phillips head screw center mass in the top of the dash pod. Plus the 2 lower nuts 7mm IIRC left and right side of the steering wheel. I used like an 8” extension on my 1/4” handle drive to reach the nuts. I had to pull up slightly on the upper dash pad and then roll the top out. Then I had to carefully try and roll the whole pod out while not breaking off the the epoxied on bolt bases that are on the underside of the pod. Those are what the nuts came off of.  You have to reverse the disassembly procedure while not scuffing the lower dash pad with the studs. I put plastic caps on both ends of the studs. I also replaced the nuts with nylocs. Do Not gorilla grip the nuts or they will rip the epoxy right off of the pod. JB Weld will be your go to if they are already broken off like mine were. Run them down to a very slight resistance. The cables were labeled on mine so no issue there, but the blue RCA is whimpy so tread lightly on it. I “installed” access holes in the FG helm so I could access the nuts that held the upper and lower pads together for later access while I had it apart. Thank god!

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Alternately it is the screw on the top and the 2 screws holding the Malibu logo on the bottom.  Your 2010 should have the same dash my 2012 has and there are no nuts or studs on mine



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