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2006 23' LSV Malibu Decal Delete


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Hello everyone, 

I am working up a post for all the upgrades and repairs I have already made to me "New to me" 2006 23 LSV Wakesetter. The boat is slowly becoming "our" boat and we are dialing it in to a really great boat as we upgrade and repair all the little things. 

One items on my list is to remove all the tribal decals on the boat. They look kinda dated and I am not really the barbed wire kind of guy. :)


  • I know many of you here have removed your decals, but I am concerned that on an older boat like mine the area under the deals will be obviously brighter than the non-decal areas. I am worried there will be a ghost image of the decal that will be very obvious. Anyone else have this issue and how did you level that out so it looks right?
  • What is the best way to remove the decals and not damage the finish on the boat?



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Heat gun is how I took mine off. I plan to replace them with new ones, but I haven’t got around to it. I think it looks good and I didn't have any ghosting. E60DA987-372A-470B-B904-2DCFDFD9A584.jpeg

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there is a sweet spot with the heat that it will come off very clean and too much heat will be a mess.   I would not use solvent unless it was a last resort.   If there is ghosting you would need to most likely compound then polish a good portion to blend it and possibly a wetsand, cut polish depending on condition of the boat.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I am doing the same thing on my 2006 LSV 23. I would love to get some advice. I bought this boat with just under 200 hours this year. The boat is in great condition but needs some TLC and freshening up. 

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I had the same graphics and removed them a few years ago. 3m makes a vinyl graphic removal wheel that is basically a rubber eraser. It will work to help remove this. Or you can do what I did and use goo gone, plastic razor blades and heat. It took forever. And then wet sanded starting at 450-2000 and compound, then polish. Took a lot of wetsanding by hand to remove the ghosting..... If I did it again I would 100pct wetsand on the rotary. Gel coat is reallllllly thick and you're not hitting any corners.

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  • 8 months later...

Thanks to the advice on here, I finally got around to removing all of my tribal decals on the boat. I am very happy with the look now. We used plastic spatulas and a heat gun and they all came off with a little elbow grease. We used mineral spirits to get all the decal residue off after. There is a very faint ghosting on the sides and some more obvious ghosting on the transom that I will need to compound to blend a bit better. Even with the ghosting, I like the look much better.

I am not a huge fan of the Malibu Chain link decals that are left so I will probably order some new ones and take those off as well in a few weeks. 



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I just ordered some new Malibu logos to replace all of the old chain-link logos we left on the boat for now. I ordered some black on chrome shadow letters from Domed Numbers using the Malibucrew discount. I will post some pictures once those are installed. 

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