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2002 Tach Replacment

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Hey guys,

I've been watching reading posts for a couple of years. I need some help. I own a 2002 Malibu wakesetter with the perfect pass system. Well, My tach and readout is dead. I'm thinking of just replacing it with a tach. We never really used the perfect pass system. If I abandon the tach/digital gauge and install a tach. Where can i pick up the tach reading at the motor? By the way i have bought several perfect pass tach gauges and i can never find the same year. So if anyone is looking for a tach and speedo let me know. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Call Mark at PerfectPass to repair the existing.  But if you never use it, maybe sell the whole thing?  It would be a mistake IMHO, but it is not my boat. You can drop a new tach in (bakesonline.com) but get ready for sticker shock!  Your boat should have the MDC so you need a KM gauge - hance the cost - but you could hsard-wire in a crap tach by tapping the grey wire (look for it in your PP harness)

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Something worth considering is the value on the backside when you sell the boat.  Although you don't use it, I guarantee most people use some form of cruise control, and while going down the list of candidates, the buy will either eliminate your boat or reduce the price accordingly.  Just food for thought...

Having said that, I upgraded my failing tach/single-line PP display with Stargazer and it couldn't have been easier.

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I looked replacing the pp with the new version and its $1000, its tough coming up with that amount of cash. I did talk to Bakes and PP they never recommend a repair of the existing. Let me check with them again. I would love to get it repaired and fully functional even though never used it. I'll test the grey wire as well thank you guys. By the way we always surf, wake in ski at Parker Az. Its a short run maybe that's why never used the PP feature.


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If it is only a dead gauge I see no reason why just replacing the gauge would not do it unless you have the old Intel /paddlewheel based system.  I got a new Malibu Cruise gauge made for my 20 year old system and it was like 60 bucks.  

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Its a dead gauge and dead digital readout. I purchased different Malibu gauges with the PP (orange numbers) but it was the wrong year and never worked. I guess i posted here to hear everyone's opinions and recommendations. I'm not sure what a Malibu Cruise gauge is? where do i find it?

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Cruise was RPM-only based speed control.  Uses a 2 1/4" gauge with no display.  Works perfectly fine but a PITA to set for multiple riders.  Looks like this.  0e99c30dc6c3cbe653939657b4f92f50_1.jpg

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2 hours ago, Raffi said:

I can use cruise gauge and replace the large tach. Sounds like a decent option and still have the PP feature.

The guts (motor, cable, box etc.) should be identical.  I have a Malibu branded black PP Cruise I'll sell you.

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On 6/27/2020 at 11:42 AM, Raffi said:

By the way i have bought several perfect pass tach gauges and i can never find the same year.


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On 7/6/2020 at 12:06 PM, formulaben said:


I'm actually meeting with him tomorrow to pick this up from him for my 01 Sunscape! he's 3 miles from me. 

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