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New to Forums- hello and some Questions 2009 Response Lxi


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Hello all! Just new here to the forums and cruising around. 

Wanted to share some photos of our 2009 Response Lxi 383 Hammerhead we bought a couple of years back! 

Has been such a fun boat and never have I driven a boat that handles the way this boat does. Reminds me of a sports car on the water! 

The community where we live has some stipulations on boat size- so the 20-6 Malibu was a perfect fit and the kids love skiing, tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding etc. We dont like the engine hump from being a direct drive which has made us consider multiple times of selling the boat, but we have not  driven or been on another boat that handles the way this one does. 

10/10 fun factor for watersports

6/10 comfort - hard to stand with bimini top and hard to move around boat with engine hump 

5/10 social factor IE hanging out and socializing with other boats, the low profile also makes it hard to tie-up with other boats (Fourwinns, Ebbtides, Colbalts, etc) 

Thanks everyone! 


Some quick and easy questions maybe you Malibu veterans can help me with-

What tower do i have? Is this a Titan3? 

The interface for the factory radio stinks. Having the radio integrated in the factory gauges/control panel is cumbersome. There is 3 control panels for the radio, one on the deck, one on the drivers instrument cluster to the right of the wheel, and one in the walkway to the bow.. these old LCD screens are problematic and hard to read- replace with Malibu parts or gut the system?  would really like bluetooth option 

Should i be changing the impeller annually , or how many hours ? 

Where does everyone recommend advertising or getting a real world value on the boat if we got serious on selling it? We dont know of a KellyBlueBook for boats? Is there one? 

I cant find too much on scheduled or recoemended maintenance for the 383, any one have info they can share? we have just done 3 oil changes/winterizations/heater flushes at the dealer the past 3 winters for indoor storage 

located in Missouri , so we use the boat from April-September and it sleeps in storage the remainder of the year. 


thanks all in advance! 



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tvano thanks! 

Also- there is a hole in the fiberglass platform with a little latch. 

I'm not sure what this is for ? some type of manual wedge access ? this is new to me.... we just use the boat and dont know too much about the hole and the wedge thing or how it works? Is it considered "down" in the photo? or up? 


sorry for all the questions I am still learning


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Welcome to the Crew!  Beautiful boat!  Yes, I think that that tower is a Titan Series 3.

The "hole" in the swim platform was indeed for access to the manual wedge.  But, you do not have a wedge.  That appears to be a Scarpa Suppression Plate (for barefooting):  SSP.

I change my impeller every spring.  Others are comfortable keeping their's for up to three years.  But, it's a $30 part, and takes minimal effort to change. 

For an idea on the value of your boat, you could look here:  Ski-It-Again 

Or, you could look here:  Only Inboards

For maintenance, check your manual:  2009 Owner's Manual

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You definitely bought a barefooter's boat.  Big engine, tower, SSP, that thing is built for pulling footers.

Because of the SSP, you can ignore the platform trap door.

Depending on hours, condition, other options, etc, it's not unreasonable to expect to be in the upper 20s, to lower-mid 30k range for that boat.

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Big factor in resale price is wether it is equipped with ZeroOff or not and of course engine hours.
Post some more pics and infos and I’m pretty sure you’ll get some good feedback on what you can expect to get for it.

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