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Multi-gauge / Oil pressure alarm

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Have a problem with my 2002 Malibu Sportster LX; My multi-gauge does not work at all and my oil pressure alarm beeps constantly. Computer checks out fine and I have replaced the mult-gauge. Have had two mechanics tell me the oil pressure sender near the oil filter works. Relay at the back of the engine has also checked out.  At a loss on where to go next. Any advice?

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7 minutes ago, MarkSexton said:

My multi-gauge does not work at all and my oil pressure alarm beeps constantly. Computer checks out fine and I have replaced the mult-gauge.

So are you saying you replaced the old one with a new one that works, or that the new one doesn't work?  How are you able to confirm it is the oil pressure alarm?

To be sure, are you talking about when the engine is running, or at key up?

BEEP CODES — the 4 maintenance items that can trigger the beeper are:

  •  High engine water temperature (>203*)
  •  Low oil pressure (<6 PSI)
  •  High transmission temperature (>140?*)
  •  A diagnostics trouble code
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Engine is running and runs smooth. The under dash alarm/switch started beeping and multi-gauge quit working. Boat mechanic said he thought it was oil-pressure sender but that checked out as being okay. He then instructed me to have the computer tested. Shipped it off to Tanis Research and Design. Computer checked out fine. Recommended I have the oil pressure sender replaced. Told him that I had already had that checked out so he recommended replacing the multi-gauge, which I did with a brand new one. Still same results; beeping alarm and none of the gauge functions on the multi-gauge are working. Gauge has power, no broken pins. Multi-gauge reads: Engine Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Volts, and Fuel level. None of them move at all.

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Replace the oil pressure sender (because comp company said to) And while you are at it replace the oil pressure switch Because that it likely the problem.

Also verify the kill switch is fully depressed. The original design has a clip that holds it in, that gets weak with age and has trouble holding the button in. The new ones have a clip that holds the button out. 


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I am thinking we have the same issue. Mine us 02 with the 325. Will do it cold so not temp. Replaced sender and switch. 14.4 volts to battery. Tried removing oil to ecm connector while running, and same with temp to ecm sender while running. Fuel pressure tested ok. All happened after broke the oil stem thing while changing fuel pump. Engine runs great. Quick edit: I should try removing the transmission temp sensor I guess as a last resort. One thing I haven't tried.

Steve B.

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