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Water pooling in the engine compartment


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I launched my boat about 3 weeks ago for the first time. 2014 A24. It’s kept in an uncovered spot in the water at a marina in central Illinois because I haven’t splurged $8k for the lift (yet?). I keep the stock boat cover on it but the boat is exposed to the elements until a covered spot becomes available. 
I took it out this weekend (Memorial Day) and as I was going through the pre trip check there was about 6” of water in the engine compartment. I bilge pumped out most of it but there is still about 1” of water that I can’t get out. Boat ran well and we surfed an awesome wave all day!
My question is could that water be from a few storms we had In the area Or is it more common to have a slow leak in the plug or fresh water intake?  I don’t know how water-resistant the stock boat cover is or if this is a common problem. 
Also, any recommendations on a 12V pump that I could use to get that remaining water out?
Am I an idiot for keeping my boat in the water all season?  First tow boat owner here... be stern with me! 

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Ya I thought of that but I’d rather have something smaller that I can keep onboard. 12v plug-in bilge pump?  Haven’t found anything on Amazon... any vendor recommendations?


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https://www.amazon.ca/Water-Circulation-Solar-Micro-Brushless/dp/B01M4LLVLJ?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_11  or get  a Guzzler hand pump from https://www.handpumps.com/guzzler.html  I use one of them to manage the hot tub.  But I'd be doing double time to find the leak!  Or pull the plug while running or  on the trailer depending on where the water pools.

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There is almost no way to completely clear the water in these boats the way the bilge is configured.  It will pool.  It drives me nuts.  If you really want it cleaned out, IMHO the best setup I've seen is using either a diaphram pump, or even a ballast puppy, run with hose down to 1/4" mounted with a strainer in the dead lowest part of the boat.  Sucks it completely dry.

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On 5/24/2020 at 4:53 PM, RyGuyCPA said:

First tow boat owner here... be stern with me! 

OK, but I'm not being mean, just honest.

Your gel coat is going to blister below the water line and you will be back asking us why it happened or if it is covered under warranty.  Don't leave your boat in the water for extended periods without quality bottom paint.

Your steering cable is going to get stiff and need to be replaced because you let water get in it.  Your starter and alternator will die early.  Your oil pan will rust out.  Your dash switches will quit working, or will at least become intermittent.  Your upholstery will mold.  I suppose I could go on.  Don't leave your boat out in the weather under a crappy cover.  It will stay wet all the time, and everything will rot.  It may already have "that smell."

If you plan to trash the boat and then trade it in every year, none of this matters.  If you bought the boat to keep it, think about your investment and pony up for a good covered lift.  If you think about it as an accessory for the boat it won't hurt as badly.  

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Thanks Justgary. I appreciate the honest feedback. First boat, and those are things I wouldn’t have thought of. There are no covered slips available at our marina but I have the option to purchase a lift. Those are all good reasons to consider that lift purchase. 
If the gel coat blisters or I need to prematurely replace some exposed mechanics I won’t be back to ask why... I promise!  I definitely hope to upgrade from my 2014 next year, but that’s a long shot financially. 

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