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2019 23 LSV w M5Di Prop Selection

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I would like to purchase a spare prop for my 23 LSV. I m currently running the 2773 at sea level and interested is getting the RPM's down if possible. I have been searching and reading this forum for hours to get feedback on what prop other are running on a 19 23 LSV with the M5 and cannot seem to find much. I assume it's because the M5  was not the standard motor in 19 and now they have changed the gear ratio so the 2020 so its not comparable either. 

I have been speaking with Jim at ACME and trying to get some answers to his questions. He asked how much ballast I am running. I currently have the wakemakers 580's and have 600lbs of lead in the boat. The question I cannot seem to find the answer to is how much each factory ballast tanks weighs. Does anyone know the answer to this?

My family surfs 90% of the time and would love to hear from other that have this exact same setup. After doing my research I have narrowed the props down to the 2247 & 2279. Jim didn't think I could run a 2279 and said the 2247 could work but it would be good to get some feedback from others with the exact same setup. He was very adamant that the boat had to be the same model with the same the same motor. 

It would also be great to know if anyone is aware of a dealer that has a good prop guy that has experience with this setup. 


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I was hoping some else was going to find that pot of gold and save me some beer money. :cheers: I have pretty much the same set up with 570s and a 750 up front and the 2773 re-cupped to .150 from .105. Re-cupping dropped the rpms by about 100rpms as near as I can tell. The only reason I got it re-cupped was the fact that it was getting fixed anyway and was not going to cost me extra for the work. As a alternative to another prop, probably not worth the money when you could apply that cost to a new prop. If there were no other options for me... I would probably go with the 2247 over the 2249 because of the more aggressive cup. The 2279s numbers look more like a go fast prop in comparison to the other 2 in my mind. I was looking at 15.5 inch props as well, but don't want to potentially have to deal with prop burn issues. I think I am going to run it for one more summer before I commit to another prop or a 25 LSV. I hate you guys for forcing me to keep up with the Jones's! :)

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12 hours ago, rosska said:

The question I cannot seem to find the answer to is how much each factory ballast tanks weighs. Does anyone know the answer to this?

A call or email to the technical support team at Malibu will get you this information. I was able to get the part number, capacity in gallons, and stated weight of each of the tanks in my boat. With the data from Malibu I was able to adjust my calculations to match Malibu and then balance my ballast to their optimal ratio.
I can't help with your prop selection since my boat configuration is significantly different from yours, but for ballast take a look at this:

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M5 was the standard motor for the second have of the year (started with PCM offering).  Anything after March-April timeframe.  

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22 hours ago, rosska said:

The question I cannot seem to find the answer to is how much each factory ballast tanks weighs. Does anyone know the answer to this?

I got this from Malibu engineer. Had to e-mail and they replied with this. My dealer had no clue but did give the contact info.image.thumb.png.8a0dcfa37e0895d1fa8e04d13a028c4a.png

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Thanks! This is helpful. Jim could not believe this data is not published anywhere.  I’ve emailed Malibu and haven’t received a response yet. I also asked if I could speak with someone who understands prop options for my setup. 

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